Green-India: Ecology and Higher Consciousness

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Welcome to Green-India!

We are here to explore the linkage between higher consciousness and ecological living. For twelve years (2006-2018) Green-India served as India's first and largest Google group on sustainability, driven by concern for climate change and resource depletion. During this period group tagline was "India's Energy Future and Sustainable Living." 

In October 2018, Green-India's focus was changed to "Ecology and Higher Consciousness" and scope expanded to include ideas related to higher consciousness - such as reverence for Nature and how consciousness creates reality - along with traditional discussion topics such as those relating to green building design or renewable energy generation.

The group started with energy efficiency professionals, renewable energy experts, academia, entrepreneurs, architects, inventors, environmentalists, and ordinary citizens concerned about climate change. Now, anyone with an interest in higher consciousness and Nature is welcome to join.

Discussions on climate science, policy, activism, petitions, environmental degradation, resource depletion and other negatively oriented topics are no longer permitted. Instead, I wish to encourage sharing of more positive stories, especially personal accounts as part of the ongoing shift to a benevolent age with right brain thinking and the feminine energy of love, care and holism.


Gmail users may join by sending email to If your primary email account is not Gmail, please write and I would add you directly.

- Manu Sharma