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Oct 16, 2023, 9:44:11 AM10/16/23
to Framebuilders
After arriving home from our recent European tour I am thinking  of making a sports tourer  for my wife using the Rohloff that is currently on her touring bike. Since this would  only  be frame#3 for me I have a few questions I hope you guys would be willing to address. 
I will  need either sliding dropouts or a Rohloff style one and a chain tensioner.I have looked  at the sliding one from Paragon & Ceeway. The Paragon looks  interesting  but not sure there is room for adding mounting  holes for rack and fenders. The Ceeway one also looks interesting  but no chain tensioning. 
So if I  was to fabricate dropouts a few questions come to mind.  I could easily  draw it and cut and shape it by hand or if I  wanted to have it lasercut how would  I  submit a drawing?  As a former woodworker I am not at all familiar with CAD.
Forgive the bit of rambling as I am still a it jetlagged!


Oct 16, 2023, 9:47:41 AM10/16/23
to Framebuilders
I just saw on of my other posts that had a reply  talking  about Sendcutsend. So that part is solved!


Oct 16, 2023, 10:21:23 AM10/16/23
to frameb...@googlegroups.com
With sliding dropouts many position the rack eyelets further in respect
to the axle as is usual for standard luggage racks. If the parts aren't
stainless the paint interferes with sliding.

SDO's also complicate the mounting of mudguards and brakes as
everything moves. Which is why I much prefer an EBB

My standard solution is to drill the seatstay at 39.9mm c-o-c and braze
in a M6 allenbolt to use with the oem2 style torque plate. Works with
standard frame-ends, no mortgage required

Marten Gerritsen

Gerritsen & Meijers, Ingenieurs
Framebuilding & Imports

Dorpsstraat 132
9605 PD Kiel Windeweer

Tel: +31 598 491865


Hahn Rossman

Oct 16, 2023, 10:22:23 AM10/16/23
to tnort...@gmail.com, Framebuilders
The rocker drop outs that paragon sells are really great for that kind of application.
Hahn Rossman

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