Open Event Project: Call for Contributors / GSoC

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Mario Behling

Jan 16, 2019, 4:54:02 AM1/16/19
Dear all, 

we recently switched to the next version of Open Event on Yay! Congratulations to all developers and special thanks to Abhinav Khare and Areeb Jamal who are leading the efforts!

We often see messages of developers who say they are interested to join a project and want to contribute. This is great! Welcome! We need you.

Here is a way to get started quickly in the Open Event project. Start learning about the system by solving some bugs and help to bring the project forward. As we just switched there are a lot of small issues to take care of:

With the announcement of another GSoC season, we also have many people are interested in the program. Sure! 

So, how to get accepted into GSoC?

Rather than writing a detailed introduction on the chat and mailing list and writing huge proposals we always recommend to contribute to the project to show their dedication. Previous code contributions are the most important criteria to get into a development program with FOSSASIA. So, get into code :-)

Open Event will be an important project again this year in GSoC. To learn about the current roadmap, please find more details in the labs tracker:

Thank you and happy coding,


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