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Thank you for joining the FOSSASIA developer announcement list. We are always excited to get new contributors from around the world on board.

The goal of this list is to connect to contributors, to direct developers to channels of their interest and to distribute information about FOSSASIA projects and events.

So, how to get involved? First, if you have questions and would like to chat with someone, please join us on our Gitter channel and become a member in the GitHub org.

Next, please connect with FOSSASIA projects by executing the Star-Me script in your browser console.

The best way to start contributing in the community is to begin solving issues in our code repositories. Please read the blog post about "Best Practices" to learn how to participate in development.

A list of our major events is at and you can learn about the community on social networks:

Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: VK: YouTube:
LinkedIn Group: LinkedIn Page: Weibo:

If you are interested in coding programs please check out our project list on FOSSASIA Labs and our ideas page to get started.

A good way to keep yourself up to date with what is going on at FOSSASIA is to follow our blog. And, we also have a newsletter, where you can subscribe.

We are looking forward to collaborate with you on Open Technologies!

All the best,

Hong Phuc