Facil CSV import to TelVue B3300

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William McFarlain

Jul 27, 2011, 12:11:49 PM7/27/11
to fa...@googlegroups.com
I am wondering if anyone has had any experience importing CSV program schedules from Facil into TelVue for play out.

Right now I am doing some testing and I am getting some signal source errors, and could use some help or clarifications.

At the moment I am getting an error in TelVue saying the SignalSourceDetail does not contain a file name that could be found.

At the moment I am testing with a program whose file name in Facil is disclaimer_014.mpg. This is also what I put in the Signal Source Detail, I have also made it the programs title in Facil just to be sure.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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William McFarlain
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Dave Becker

Jul 27, 2011, 1:13:16 PM7/27/11
to fa...@googlegroups.com

Hi, William.


Do not change the Title of your program – that has nothing to do with the problem and will just make your schedule look very strange!


First check to see that the export file has the file name you entered in the Signal Source details.  Just open the CSV file – it will open in Excel by default if you have Excel installed.  If not, you can look at it with a text editor.  The Signal Source Detail should appear in column N, the 14th column.  If the file name you entered is not there, contact me directly and we’ll work it out.


If the file name is there, is it a complete path starting with the server name, then folders, then file?  It should be something like” \\ourserver\programs\1234.mpg “  Facil lets you set defaults for the path and extension to make it easy to enter a complete path.  In the newest update, there is also a browse button that lets you navigate your directories to the file and select it, copying the full path into the Signal Source Detail.   I’m assuming that Telvue expects a full path - the “file not found” message suggests this might be the problem.


If you have a full path in the export file and you are certain that the path and file name are exactly correct, then you should contact Telvue and see if they can shed any light on the issue.


Let me know what happens.


Dave Becker

Becker Software

(520) 991-0909

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