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Dave Becker

Nov 17, 2009, 5:52:54 PM11/17/09
to Facil Software
60 Facil users have already joined the discussion group in the first
couple of days and I hope it will prove useful to every one.

A couple of suggestions to make this work even better:

* - Please sign your posts, and your replies to posts, with your name
and organization. That doesn't happen automatically and it's going to
be a lot easier to get to know people and follow the discussion if we
know who's who.

* - Don't bring up a new topic in a reply to a message. Replies
should only address the topic of the original post. Make a new post
for your new question/topic so that it is listed as a separate topic
in the group and doesn't get lost under that unrelated original

This is a user's group, not a Becker Software group, so I won't be
participating in most of the discussions - only if I absolutely can't
restrain myself! I do plan on posting an occasional tip or suggestion
when I find that a number of users have been asking the same question
or running into the same issue.

I'm looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say!

Dave Becker
Becker Software
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