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Feb 20, 2009, 11:20:41 PM2/20/09
to earthsurfer
I just got a balance board yesterday and after having fun with my Wii
for a day I decided to try earthsurfer. What a hoot! After just a few
minutes I figured out that it is really fun to try and stay on a
highway at 250mph. if it was possible to add some kind of
interactivity to the objects in google earth (it probably is, but I
don't know how) then it would be pretty easy to sense if you are
staying on a road, and keep track of how accurately you stay on it so
you can have driving competitions. I have some sketchup skills, does
anyone know any simple tools for adding interactivity?

I was also thinking that a soaring game would be a natural. You could
make it so dark areas on the map would simulate hot air rising on
them, so if you steer your glider into a rising thermal it lifts you
up as long as you stay in it. Soon as you leave the thermal you are
gliding, gradually losing altitude. You could also make it so that
mountains would have simulated wind traveling over them, so if you are
on the upwind side of a hill it lifts you up, and the back side sucks
you down.

Thank you so much google geniuses!

David Oster

Feb 22, 2009, 2:17:30 PM2/22/09

I'm glad you liked it. A message like your really brightens my day.

-- David Phillip Oster

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