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lisa lorenzin

Sep 26, 2021, 2:20:38 PMSep 26
to durham-m...@googlegroups.com
Hi all,

I have a pile of ancient networking and security appliances headed for
electronics recycling and wanted to see if anyone here wants any of it...
It's all old lab kit that my previous employer didn't want back.
Everything ran the last time I touched it (but that could be 10-15
years ago, especially for the rackmount stuff!).

NetScreen IDP bypass / NS-IDP-BYPASS (2003)
NetScreen 5GT / NS-5GT-001 (2003)
Juniper NetScreen 5GT Wireless / NS-5GT-121-AV (2005)
Juniper NetScreen 5GT / NS-5GT-101 (2007)

Juniper SSG 5 / SSG-5-201 (2006)
Juniper SSG 5 Wireless / SSG-5-SH-W-US (2006)
Juniper SSG 5 Wireless / SSG-5-SH-MW-US (2007)
Juniper SSG 5 Wireless / SSG-5-SB-W-US (2007)

Netgear DS108 8-port dual-speed hub
HTI 16-port switch
Netgear FS524 24-port 10/100 switch
Netgear DS516 16-port dual-speed stackable hub

NetScreen 10
NetScreen 500
2 Infoblox 1050-A
Juniper IDP 250
3 Dell PowerEdge 1650
Sun Netra X1


Free to good home - ping me if you want any of it. Comes with appropriate
power supply or power cord. I can throw in Ethernet cables if needed, too.

For the associated 9v / 12v power supplies for the smaller kit, I'm
guessing they are still usable even if I end up recycling the associated
appliances - would those power supplies be useful to donate to the space?

Be well,

lisa lorenzin | li...@1000plus.com
"syn! .. syn|ack! .. ack!" - the mating call of the internet

Fillip Emelyanov

Sep 26, 2021, 9:21:42 PMSep 26
to Splat Space

If no one has said anything yet, I would be happy to take the appliances off of you, I will try to experiment with them and things like that, so, if they are still available, I can definitely take them off your hands. 

Thank you,

Fillip C.

Lisa Lorenzin

Sep 28, 2021, 10:27:55 PMSep 28
to Fillip Emelyanov
Hi Fillip,

Nobody else has spoken up, so it's all yours! :) Moving the Space list to bcc...

Want to swing by my house this weekend and pick it up? Or I could possibly meet you in Durham on Saturday, late-morning.

Be well,
Please pardon brevity - sent from my phone
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