Error in setting structure viewer of PDFgui

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Aug 24, 2016, 10:12:15 AM8/24/16
to diffpy-dev

     I noticed in the PDFgui user guide that one can plot the initial/final structure via seting the structureViewer progrem.But when I put the following information to the "Edit->Preferences"menu of PDFgui:
            structure viewer executable:eterm
            Argument string:-iconic -e ATOMEYE %s
            structure format:xcfg.
something happens. It displays "error executing structureViewer xterm."
     What should I do ?  is the ATOMEYS wrong?
     Anaconda Cloud has been used to updates PDFgui.The OS is windows 7.

I'd appreciate any help



Pavol Juhas

Aug 24, 2016, 4:01:38 PM8/24/16
On Wed, Aug 24, 2016 at 02:25:49AM -0700, ou wrote:
Hi Oumingyang,

What version of AtomEye have you installed?
Can you start the AtomEye program from a command line?

Note that the AtomEye instructions at
have Unix (i.e., Linux or Mac) and Windows/Cygwin part.
Your setup seems to be for Unix, which is not going
to work on Windows 7. The recommendation for Windows/Cygwin
is to create an atomeye.bat script with the content between
the dashed lines at the link above and use that script as a
viewer executable. The argument string should be then set
to a plain %s .

That said the Windows/Cygwin version of AtomEye provided at and
seems outdated as it requires old DLL libraries that are not included
in Cygwin anymore. I was not able to get it running on Windows. If
you have no luck either, you could try some other structure viewer,
for example Jmol. Some tips on the Jmol use with PDFgui are here:

Hope this helps,

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