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Adesh Shivkar

Apr 21, 2010, 3:48:53 AM4/21/10
to Adesh Shivkar

Common Name : Russet Bush Warbler  

Scientific name: Bradypterus mandelli - formerly included in B. seebohmi

Status in the Region: Uncommon & Resident 

 Place: Grassy Meadows of Khecheopalri Lake, Sikkim state, India..... alt.approx:1800 mts

Date: 2nd April 2010

Equipment: Canon 40 D with Canon 100-400 mm IS lens



After some confusion over its taxonomy Bradypterus mandelli is now named as Russet Bush Warbler and a separate species. This elusive skulker formerly placed in the "Old World warbler” assemblage, is now placed in the newly-recognized Family Megaluridae….. B. seebohmi was formerly known as Russet Bush-warbler, but that name is now restricted to B. mandelli, formerly included in B. seebohmi as a subspecies but nowadays considered a separate species.


.. Not an easy species to photograph as it is often heard than seen…..infact so far I haven’t seen any images of this species from India (I also searched on the net). However, the characteristic call (Zeeiirrr ut…. Zeeiirrr ut) is unmistakable. It was 1st described from Sikkim, and numerous specimens from India were identified with it (Brooks, 1875).


While we were scanning the grassy bed of “Khecheopalri Lake” in West Sikkim (alt. approx.1800 mts), we heard this unmistakable call and located the bird in a grassy patch just about 20 feet from us. Apparently there were more than 2 birds calling out each other (and it responded immediately to our playback). This particular individual was hidden in the grassy clump (about 1 feet in height) on the grassy meadows of the lake and was moving like a mouse, peeping once in a while to scan the area. This lake is surrounded by dense moss laden tree forest with thick fern secondary undergrowth. After locating this bird through calls, I remembered hearing this call in Neora valley, Lava (West Bengal – alt: approx.2000 mts) too, a couple of days back (28th Mar’10). However, very little is known of this species in India and elsewhere in its distribution….

For the groups which don't allow attachments......here is the link to the photograph...




To here the call of this species, click here…


To know more about Russet Bush Warbler, click here…





Adesh Shivkar
Mumbai, India


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Adesh Shivkar

Apr 21, 2010, 3:51:08 AM4/21/10
to Adesh Shivkar
Err....sorry..... I do this so often :-(

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Saurabh Sawant

Apr 21, 2010, 8:31:20 AM4/21/10
to adesh....@gmail.com, Delhibirdpix
It's a treat, Adesh. Brilliant.. Thanks for sharing.

Saurabh Sawant
"The foot feels the foot when it feels the ground."


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