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Welcome to DelawareCounty.eCycle, Delaware County's first free exchange group.  Whatever the name it goes by, Freecycle, Freeswap, eCycle, ReUseIt, or others, the idea is a convenient and environmentally-friendly way to find a home for the Stuff (click to watch a great video) cluttering up your life.  Simply post 'Offers' of things you no longer need but which still have useful life in them, and choose, from among the responses you get, a recipient who can put your item to use.  But you're also welcome to post 'Wants', that is, to ask your fellow list members for an item you need.  Note:  everything must be free - no selling, no trading.  For selling and trading in our area, visit OneontaAreaSell'nTrade.                                                                        

Need to reach the moderator?  Cut and paste, remove spaces and add the indicated punctuation: dcec.mod at gmail dot com   If you experience difficulties with any part of the signup, mail delivery, or posting processes, please let us know at that address.

Note: If you have Yahoo mail, please be sure to immediately add the moderator's address (see above, in green) to your Contacts.

If you've joined the group and have chosen to receive e-mails, but you're not getting them, it's because Yahoo is directing the group's e-mail into your spam folder:  Check your spam folder, and make sure to add delawarecountyecycle at googlegroups dot com to your contacts - again, remove the spaces and add the @ sign and the dot.

Please visit & join our sister group: 

Delaware.County.Cafe' - a place to keep up with local events,  advertise your own, or throw a question out to the community.