Convert App is a multi converting software for everyone.   
Convert Live; Converts text files in DOC, DOCX and PDF format, tables in XLS and XLSX format, and presentation files in PPT and PPTX format.

To translate text in a picture or photo:
Click Visual on the page.
Click the Select file link or move the image to the service window.
The translation language of the text in the image is automatically detected by the service. If the language is not detected, select from the list.

The exchange rate is a system in which the value of foreign currencies against the country's own convert currency is determined. As a result of the exchange rate, where supply and demand situations are at the forefront, monetary values may change daily or even instantaneously. How and how all these changes affect the country's own currency in market conditions is determined as a result of the exchange rate. Especially in accumulation and investment transactions, it is very important to follow the exchange rate and to make transactions accordingly. At the same time, individuals or institutions that trade in foreign currencies need to follow the exchange rate a lot. The answers to questions such as how much is the dollar and how much is the euro will also be answered at the exchange rate.

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