HP Palmtop 200LX and Accurite Travel Floppy

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Saif Al-Badri

Jan 2, 2022, 10:15:05 PMJan 2
Hi Palmtop folks, I need your help in getting the updated driver for the HP Palmtop 200LX and Accurite Travel Floppy (passport card PCMCIA) that supports double speed upgrade for the 200LX.

I saw some people online saying they got an updated driver via email from Accurite, the company is gone since 2017 and there is no way for me to contact them (which I tried already).

I would be very appreciated if anyone is kind enough to send it via email or share a download link that would help me a lot. I went through many used and new drives then I had to fix one used drive I got of eBay just to find the stock driver that is on the PCMCIA is incompatible with doublespeed.

Here is an old post for John saying he received the updated driver from Accurite. I tried contacting John with no luck.

Thanks again!


Ted Heise

Jan 3, 2022, 7:56:15 AMJan 3
You might try asking on the HPLX list, it's still alive...


Ted Heise <the...@panix.com> West Lafayette, IN, USA
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