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Tom Poindexter

Dec 12, 2001, 1:00:28 PM12/12/01
For those of you who haven't yet heard, Google now has Usenet archives
online since 1981. Awesome!

I though I'd supplement the 'First post....' section of the Google
announce with 'First Tcl' related posts. Below is my results of
searching Google for some important Tcl related posts. Please
make corrections if necesasry and add your own to this thread.

Note that even Tcl is mentioned on the Google Archive announcment pages
as the langauge behind Google Groups predecessor, DejaNews. Follow the
link on the page above labeled "May 1995 First mention of DejaNews"

'First Tcl' list:

First Usenet Mention of Tcl

First Usenet Mention of Tk

First Release of Tk

Call for discussion, voting for newsgroup comp.lang.tcl!

First comp.lang.tcl post

First day summary of comp.lang.tcl

First comp.lang.tcl New Tcl release announcment:
(Tcl/Tk previously announced in

First Tcl FAQ

First Tcl Workshop/Conference announcment

First comp.lang.tcl.announce post
first software announcement on c.l.t.a

Ego-related: My first comp.lang.tcl post:

Tom Poindexter

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