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Richard Hughes

Jan 31, 2018, 8:53:24 AM1/31/18
Hi all,

I was informed by AMS (the manufacturer that makes the XYZ sensor
that's the core of the CH2 device) that the AS73210 (aka MTCSiCF) and
the MTI08D are end of life products. The replacement for the sensor
the vendor offers is the AS73211, which at £75.83 makes it more than
10x the price of the old sensor even in quantity.

The somewhat-related new AS7261 sensor does look interesting as it
somewhat crosses the void between a colorimeter and something that can
take non-emissive readings, but it’s a completely different sensor
electrically to the one on the ColorHug2, and mechanically to the
now-abandoned ColorHug+. I’m also feeling twice burned buying
specialist components from single-source suppliers.

Being a parent to a 16 week old baby doesn’t put me in a position
where I can go through the various phases of testing, prototypes, test
batch, production batch etc for a device refresh like we did with the
ColorHug->ColorHug2. I’m hoping I can get a chance to play with some
more kinds of sensors from different vendors, although that’s not
going to happen before I run out of ColorHug2’s and not before I start
getting my free time back. At the moment I have about 50 fully
completed ColorHug2 devices in boxes ready to be sold. When they’re
gone, they’re gone.

In the true spirit of OpenHardware and free enterprise, if anyone does
want to help with the design of a new ColorHug device I’m open for
ideas. ColorHug was really just a hobby that got out of control, and
I’d love for someone else to have the thrill and excitement of
building a nano-company from scratch. Taking me out the equation
completely, I’d be as equally happy referring on people who want to
buy a ColorHug upgrade or replacement to a different project, if the
new product met with my approval :)

So, 50 ColorHugs should last about 3 months before stock runs out, but
I know a few people are using devices on production lines and other
sorts of industrial control -- if that sounds familiar, and you’d like
to buy a spare device, now is the time to do so. I'll repost this
email on my blog tomorrow, but I felt you all should be the first to

Of course, I’ll continue supporting all the existing 3162 devices well
into the future. I hope to be back building OpenHardware soon, and
hopefully with a new and improved ColorHug3.

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