NOTICE: Calibration Fixes

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Richard Hughes

Feb 8, 2012, 1:06:25 PM2/8/12
Hi all,

I spent last night making a calibration program to ensure that each of
the new batch of ColorHugs passes a QA test.

As an exercise, I imported all the ti3 data from serial numbers 0 to
49 and was surprised to see that several of the devices differed from
what the new QA tool would accept. Looking at this raw data some more,
it appears that a few black readings were off by several orders of
magnitude in the ti3 files. This is fixed in firmware since 1.1.2, but
the original ti3 files were used to generate the ccmx factory
calibration data shipped on the device itself.
I've removed the invalid black readings in the affected ti3 files and
regenerated the ccmx calibration matrices for the affected devices.

So, what do you need to do:

* Find out the ColorHug serial number by doing "/usr/libexec/colorhug
* If your serial number is one of
- 000007
- 000009
- 000010
- 000018
- 000020
- 000025
- 000036
... then you need to run "colorhug-ccmx --repair" on the new LiveCD
and then just click 'Repair'. The new calibration data should all be
automatically downloaded and applied to the device.
Other serial numbers are not affected, and no repair is required.

If the device still doesn't work as you think it should, then please
email me offlist and I'll make sure that the pre-scale and post-scale
are also both correct.

Thanks and apologies for the inconvenience,


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