Clansuite Serverpack for Windows v1.7.3 (07.02.2010)

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Feb 7, 2010, 12:55:44 PM2/7/10
Hi folks,

there is a new version of the Clansuite Serverpack for Windows
available (07.02.2010). It's an integrated Serverpack, combining the
latest release of XAMPPLite 1.7.3 and Clansuite (0.2alpha dev) SVN-
Revision 4068.

This release of the serverpack uses the new build script
for the windows environment created by Florian 'xsign.dll' Wolf .

The release brings two major changes.
Firstly, the Serverpack is not provided as a zip archive anymore.
It is now a precompiled executable file.
Secondly, the installation procedure changed from a two-step
installation to a one-step installation. Maybe you know, that old
serverpacks used a two-step installation procedure of webserver
and clansuite. Now, the installation of Clansuite is performed
when installing the Serverpack. Speaking in more common terms:
this pack runs right "out-of-the-box".
Just run "setup". It's one step - No more, no less.


We would we glad to hear from you. Please provide feedback:,233.0.html

Regards, Jens

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