Brackets Moves Forward (HELP WANTED)

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Adam Lehman

Aug 24, 2021, 6:28:32 PMAug 24
to Brackets-Dev
Oops. I completely forgot about this mailing list. My apologies for not sharing here earlier.

Some of you may remember me as the founding Product Manager for Brackets. I've since left Adobe and am actively working to transfer Brackets to the community prior to Adobe pulling the plug on September 1. There are over 1M monthly active users that will not be able to access the 1500+ community created extensions if no action is taken.

There is an active fork of Brackets over at brackets-cont/brackets. Brackets is a pretty complex project as it mixes both web technologies and a native shell for Win, OSX and Linux. If you are up for a challenge, please join us there.

Beyond the project, we still need to setup a community-owned version of and get a new extension registry up and running. Unfortunately, Adobe is not willing to help, so we're on our own.

My web dev skills are a bit rusty. I can handle the main website, but I could use a little help with the extension registry. It's a fairly simple NodeJS app, but it has been long neglected. The site runs on Node 10.x (4 major version behind) and has several outdated npm dependencies.

I've manually downloaded all 1,500+ extensions. There is no risk to losing anything, we're just trying to make the transition as seamless as possible and not have an outage for users on Sept 1.

As a TLDR, I totally agree that tools like Visual Studio Code are awesome. The goal of
Brackets was never to replace the corporate-backed industry standards. However, there are a lot of features and innovation in those tools that came directly from the Brackets community.

I'm not sure what the future of Brackets will be. Right now we're focused on keeping it online and preserving what the community has built.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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