Bay Area Visual Astronomy

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Welcome to Bay Area Visual Astronomy (BAVA), a mailing list for visual observational astronomy in the greater San Francisco Bay Area (within 100 miles).  Whether you are a novice or a highly accomplished observer sharing expertise,  all are welcome. Please introduce yourself to the group, and use your name in your posts.   For astro-imaging in the SF Bay Area try The Astronomy Connection Google Group.

Posting suffixes:

OI: Observing Intent - place OI in front on the subject line to notify the list of your intent to observe at a specific location, including pertinent information.  Example - OI: Fremont Peak State Park 1/1/22.

OR: Observing Report - place OR in front on the subject line when posting a report of your observing session.  Example - OR: A Night In Orion.

FS/WTB: For Sale and Want To Buy (visual astronomy related items only).  Example - FS: 10x50 Celestron Binoculars.