unexpected entry in tokenentry table

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Sep 20, 2020, 3:36:56 PM9/20/20
to Axon Framework Users

I am using Axon frameowork 4.2, whenever I am starting my application and try to process a request I always see an entry in tokenentry table with PROCESSORNAME as 
"org.axonframework.extensions.kafka.eventhandling.producer", can someone help me understand why this entry in table.
I am using JPA event storage and axon kafka extension as I am using kafka as my event bus.


Steven van Beelen

Sep 21, 2020, 6:03:05 AM9/21/20
to Axon Framework Users
Hi Ashwini,

First and foremost, I'd like to ask you to point future questions to our https://discuss.axoniq.io/.
This mailing list will be discontinued starting next week, which might have the result that your question will no longer be answered sufficiently over here.

Now, when it comes to your question, you are noticing Axon's requirement to store the progress of handling events in what's called a `TrackingToken`.
These TrackingTokens are stored in the TokenStore, which eventually will end up as a serialized format in the token_entry table.

The processor_name you're spotting there is the default processor name Axon uses if the user didn't specify a processor name.
A sensible default in this case is the package name, as any class would at least have one of those and it follows a reasonable grouping of event handlers under the same package (and thus processor).

If you want to adjust the name, you will either have to define assignment rules in the EventProcessingConfigurer for your Event Handlers or you can use the @ProcessingGroup annotation on your event handling classes.
The latter is typically clearer, as it makes it very effident to your developers in what processing group the event handler he/she is dealing with at that moment belongs to.

Trusting this has clarified things for you Ashwini.


Steven van Beelen
Axon Framework Lead Developer


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Ashwini Kumar

Sep 21, 2020, 7:20:39 AM9/21/20
to axonfr...@googlegroups.com
That clarifies things. Thanks Steven

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