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Milen Dyankov

Sep 14, 2020, 11:06:02 AM9/14/20
to axonfr...@googlegroups.com

Hello Axon community,

I know this mailing list has served many of you very well for quite some time now and the news about discontinuing it can come as a surprise to you. But it's for a good reason. On behalf of the whole AxonIQ team I'd like to invite you the new home for those priceless discussions

Please join us at https://discuss.axoniq.io 

Why the change?
In a nutshell - to increase the value of the discussions. As both AxonIQ's product line and community grows, it's getting clear the "one mailing list fits them all" approach is not very scalable. On the new platform the conversations can be better organized, rewarded (one day with more than just likes), bookmarked, ...  You can build your reputation, earn badges, gain more privileges, ... (If you are unfamiliar with Discourse I highly recommend you to follow the instruction in the greetings message our axonbot will welcome you with)

That's of course just the foundation - the first milestone of our plans for growing a strong, engaged and friendly community. 

What about the mailing list history and current discussions?
Don't worry - nothing will be lost. The whole history of this mailing list (up until yesterday) is already imported in a read only "Imported from Google Groups" category. 

New conversations - starting today we ask you to initiate all new discussions on discuss.axoniq.io. Please use the category that best fits your topic. If nothing seems to fit, please email devrel[at]axoniq.io and we'll create one for you or guide you. The mailing list settings have been altered so new members will not join automatically. If they request to join we'll point them to the discussion platform.  

Ongoing conversations - it's impolite to interrupt so those can be continued here for the next 2 weeks. Keep in mind though that on September 28 we'll convert this mailing list to a read only and then export and import all messages from here into the discussion platform. That way you will have the whole history in one place. If an ongoing discussion is not finished by then, please email devrel[at]axoniq.io and we will move it to a category where you can continue the conversation.

We created this new place because we think it'll serve us all better. But it's up to you to make it really great and feel there at home. Use the "Site Feedback" category to let us know what you like or don't like, what could be improved, optimized, simplified, ... We are huge fans of the "continuous improvements" approach so don't hesitate to contribute to the space.

Thank you for your engagement so far. We are super grateful to have you as a community member and we hope you'll enjoy discuss.axoniq.io even more! 

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