No UFOs - so where these thousands and thousands of authentic photographs of UFOs come from?

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May 31, 2008, 11:58:26 PM5/31/08
These readers who ever photographed a UFO vehicle, know perfectly well
the feeling of frustration. They personally saw a characteristic
outline of a silver disk in the sky, which they knew from stories to
be a UFO vehicle. They pointed a camera at it and shot a photograph.
However, then it turned out that captured on a photo were just strange
shadows and strands of light. No one believes that they actually saw
and photographed an extraterrestrial UFO. So-called "sceptics" used
this opportunity to scoff at them openly, claiming that they must be
very drunk to take a balloon or a natural phenomena for an
extraterrestrial UFO vehicle. The final outcome is such that the
former UFO photographers close themselves and make a solemn promise to
themselves that NEVER again are going to photograph anything that is
non-typical, and also that they will tell no-one about any
extraordinary thing that they may see accidentally.

Let us return to these shadows and strands of light which UFO
photographers typically capture. Have these captured shapes really
nothing to do with the silvery discs of extraterrestrial UFO vehicles
which the photographers see with their own eyes? The objective answer
is YES, these shapes have everything to do with UFOs. In fact the
shadows, strands, and patches of light represent the same UFO vehicles
that the photographers saw, only that perceived and recorded with a
"technological eye" - which every camera is. In turn this
"technological eye" works on completely different principle than real
human eye. Thus, such "technological eye" sees some objects, including
UFO vehicles, completely different than these objects are seen by a
human eye. (How different can be the appearance perceived by the
camera lens, each one of us can check this by taking a photograph of
himself or herself in a street automat for passport photos, and then
comparing the photograph received, with his or her own reflection in a
mirror - this is why most of us on the passport photographs look like
escapees from a prison. We can also consider photographs of bullets -
cameras can see and capture these, but human eyes are unable to do
so.) There is a whole array of reasons for these differences between
the sighted and photographed UFOs. Let us list here and describe at
lest these most important ones amongst such reasons.

1. Lights and glows induced by the propelling devices of UFO vehicles.
The UFO propulsion systems work on electromagnetic principles. Thus,
the propulsion systems of these vehicles are able to induce a whole
range of subtle lights and glows, many of which remains invisible to
human eyes - but are registered on photographs and on videos. Because
photographs and video films keep enhancing the power of such lighting
phenomena in relationship how these phenomena are perceived by human
eyes, on photographs these lights and glows overcome all other shapes
which in human eyes define what UFO vehicles are for us.

2. The huge variety of principles of operation which UFO vehicles
utilise in flights. If we show to some medieval monks our present
airplanes and helicopters, the monks would also be unable to make a
sense from what they see. This is because e.g. how to compare jet
planes with propeller planes and with helicopters. A similar problem
is with UFO vehicles. UFOs are NOT just a single kind of starship, but
a huge variety of different sizes, designs, shapes, principles of
operations, etc. In fact UFOs are constructed in as many as three
different "generations". Each of these generations is composed of
several drastically different designs, such as the "discoidal
vehicles", "four-propulsor vehicles", "personal propulsion systems",
and "tractor beams". Also each of these generations can fly in one, or
in two, or in even three so-called "conventions of flight". In turn
these "conventions of flights" of UFO vehicles differ between each
other much more than the present jet airplanes differ from the present
propeller airplanes. In addition to this, in each of these three
"conventions of flight" the UFO propulsion system can work in at least
three different so-called "modes of operation". In turn these "modes
of operation" of UFO vehicles induce much bigger differences in the
appearance of the same UFO vehicle than for the present jets would
cause the viewing e.g. night flights with working jet propulsion
systems (i.e. with jets blasting fires) and night flights of jet
airplanes with extinguished engines (i.e. jets flying on principles of
gliders). To this we need to add, that there are eight different
"types" of UFOs, while each one such type looks differently. Each out
of these types can couple magnetically with similar types, or with
different types, into a huge number of various flying "configurations"
of UFOs. Furthermore, the magnetic propulsion system used in UFOs can
be implemented in several different designs and forms, e.g. as a
discoidal vehicle, as a four-propulsor vehicle, as personal propulsion
system, and as the so-called "tractor beam". On photographs all these
variations can generate completely different shapes, lighting and
glowing phenomena, appearances, etc., etc. No wonder that neither
present scientists, nor ordinary people, are able to make any sense
from all these appearances, nor understand all of them. (Actually
present scientists typically even do NOT try to make any sense in all
these shapes, as the present official science is incompetent and
unprepared to research intelligences other than human one, which (the
intelligences) do not cooperate with scientists who try to research
them - as this is explained more comprehensively in item #B1 of the
totaliztic web page "ufo_proof_pl.htm" (with the formal scientific
proof for the existence of UFOs), and also explained in the post
number #151E to blogs of totalizm - addresses of which are provided in
item #K3 of the web page "explain.htm".) Only the so-called "Theory of
the Magnocraft", means the theory of the Earthly starship with the
magnetic propulsion system explained on the separate web page
"magnocraft.htm" (about the "Theory of Magnocraft") allows us to
introduce the sense and understanding in these countless variations of
shapes in photographed UFOs.

3. Action of a whole range of aggressive "vision distorting factors".
These factors are listed and described comprehensively in item #J3 of
the web page "explain.htm" (about scientific interpretation of
authentic photographs of UFOs). The action of these factors boils down
to the distortion of shapes of UFOs perceived by our eyes and
registered on photographs. A best example of these factors is the so-
called "magnetic lens" that appears in practically every UFO. This
lens induces optical consequences which are similar to consequences
that we would notice if we watch UFO vehicles either through an
ordinary lens, or via a "curved mirror". Means this magnetic lens
distorts UFO shapes, hides or defocuses various UFO features, and can
even cause a complete disappearance of the entire UFO vehicle from our
view. And we must remember that the "magnetic lens" is just a single
one amongst a whole array of extremely aggressive "vision distorting
factors" that are described below in item #J3 of the web page
"explain.htm" (about scientific interpretation of authentic
photographs of UFOs). In turn each one amongst these factors can
distort the appearance of a UFO to a degree that is equal of that
caused by the action of a magnetic lens. No wonder that when we
photograph a UFO and then compare the outcome to shapes registered on
other photographs of UFOs, such a huge number of various shapes and
outlines is obtained, that so-far people were unable to find any sense
in all of them.

Fortunately for us the "Theory of the Magnocraft", described, amongst
others, in volume 3 of monograph [1/4] - "Advanced Magnetic
Devices" (see the totaliztic web page "xext_1_4.htm") and also
summarised on the separate web page "magnocraft.htm" (about the
"Theory of the Magnocraft"), provided us with a key for decoding
puzzles of this huge variation of shapes and appearances of UFOs
registered on photographs and on films. Due to this key we now are
able to interpret exactly what subsequent photographs and films of
UFOs really captured. In turn these interpretations reassure us that
all authentic photographs of UFOs are consistent with each other,
means that all these photographs captured the same kinds of
interstellar space vehicles with the magnetic propulsion system, only
that the vehicles were photographed in various lightning conditions
and in various views, when working in different conventions and modes
of operation, etc., etc.

For use of readers, on the web page "explain.htm" (about scientific
interpretation of authentic photographs of UFOs) it is documented that
actually there is a high consistency and sense in this huge variety of
shapes captured on photographs of UFOs. In this way the web page
"explain.htm" additionally proves that UFO vehicles are physical
vehicles which have strictly defined design and operation, only that
they are still too advanced to be understood by an average human
scientist. (In fact, the knowledge about UFOs in a typical present
scientist, can be compared to a knowledge about our present jet
airplanes in a typical medieval monk mentioned before.) In order to
document this sense and consistency in shapes registered on
photographs of UFOs, the web page "explain.htm" (about scientific
interpretation of authentic photographs of UFOs) provides most
representative amongst such photographs. Photographs shown on the web
page "explain.htm" are so selected, that they illustrate each one
amongst most vital situations in which these interstellar starship can
be captured. For each amongst these photographs the web page
"explain.htm" provides also the scientific interpretation as to what
this photograph actually shows according to the "Theory of the
Magnocraft". Principles of carrying out such a scientific
interpretation of UFO photographs are explained comprehensively in a
Polish treatise [4c] (see the totaliztic web page "tekst_4c.htm"). Fee
copies of the Polish treatise [4c] are available through the web page
"explain.htm". The treatise [4c] contains an extended and in-depth
interpretation for a significant number of UFO photographs that are
shown also on the web page "explain.htm". (Photographs that originate
from treatise [4c] have the symbol "4c" at the very beginning of their
physical name - e.g. "4c_b11_1_z.jpg". Treatise [4c] also provides
sources of origins for a majority of these photographs.)

Some photographs shown on the web page "explain.htm" (about scientific
interpretation of authentic photographs of UFOs) were send to me by
readers for the scientific interpretation according to the "Theory of
the Magnocraft". Wherever I had the required information, I provided a
source from which a given photograph originates (means also the
information about the owner, or even a contact with the owner of
copyrights for a given photograph). In turn in cases when I do not
know this source, I simply provided only the photograph, together with
the scientific interpretation. But I would be obliged is these readers
who know origins of photographs from sources unknown to me, write to
me providing details as to where a given photograph appeared or who
have taken it. This is because I would like to contact the authors.
Thanks in advance.

The explanations presented above, which explain the origins of this
huge variation of shapes and appearances registered on authentic
photographs of UFOs, are adopted from item #B4 of the totaliztic web
page named "explain.htm", updated on 1 June 2008, or later. The web
page "explain.htm" contains also 26 authentic photographs of UFOs,
each one of which represents an entire different class of photographic
documentation for the UFO existence, each one of which is provided
with the scientific interpretation that explains what this photo
actually captured, in what conditions it was photographed, in what
state was the propulsion system of that UFO vehicle, etc., and also
each one of which is certified by the "Theory of the Magnocraft" that
it is really the authentic photograph of an extraterrestrial starship
popularly called a UFO. The latest update of the web page
"explain.htm" should be available from following addresses - if it was
not sabotaged in there by UFOnauts that recently rampage freely in the
internet and also all over the Earth:

(Normally I would provide here a list of addresses to the web page
"explain.htm" on web sites of totalizm. Unfortunately, starting from
May 2008, UFOnauts managed to sabotage my Google profile in such a
manner that now I am unable to provide any link to web pages of
totalizm on my threads. Therefore, these readers who wish to review
the web page "explain.htm" and see these numerous authentic
photographs of UFOs that I am interpreting in there, should type the
key words "Jan Pajak explain.htm" (but without quotes) to the
search engine, and then visit any address of the web page
"explain.htm" that this search engine is to provide.)

Please notice that links to the web page "explain.htm" can also be
found on blogs of totalizm which are accessible through the following

With the totaliztic salute,
Jan Pajak

P.S. Motto for this thread: "Everyone can criticise and deny, but only
very few are able to create and to explain. In spite of this, in our
civilisation criticising and denying is rewarded, while creating and
explaining is punished."

The thread belongs to a longer series of discussion threads that I
authorise and that concentrate on providing and discussing the
scientifically verifiable evidence, proofs, and explanations for the
existence of UFOs and for evil activities of UFOnauts on the Earth.
The aim of all these threads is to provide scientifically-based
explanations and verifiable scientific evidence for the continuous
(although secretive) aggression of UFOnauts towards people from the
Earth. It is my hope, that by attempts to provide these rational
explanations, I manage to reverse the trend to-date that rationally
acting UFO researchers were scoffed at by agents of UFOnauts only
because representatives of scientific fraternity either were scared to
present evidence and proofs regarding UFOs and UFOnauts, or ignored
the evidence that was known to them. In turn by reversing this trend,
I hope to inspire people for defending themselves from this open
aggression of UFOnauts against people from the Earth.

cmdr buzz corey

Jun 1, 2008, 12:37:22 AM6/1/08
On May 31, 9:58 pm, wrote:
No UFOs - so where these thousands and thousands of authentic
photographs of UFOs come from?

Thousand and thousands of "authentic" photographs of UFOs and not one
clear concise detailed picture of a UFO.

Jun 1, 2008, 12:54:27 AM6/1/08
On Jun 1, 4:37 pm, cmdr buzz corey <>

YES these authentic photographs show very clear pictures of UFOs - see
them at the totaliztic web page "explain.htm" (you can find links to
it through blogs of totalizm:

Jun 2, 2008, 11:28:28 PM6/2/08
By the way, this thread is a continuation of the thread from
and another thread from
, both of which indicate various evidence for the continuous although
well camouflaged destructive activity of UFOs and UFOnauts on the
Earth. This thread here (on scientific interpretation of authentic
photographs of UFO spaceship) is also discussed in the Polish language
at the address
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