More Unwanted Phone Calls By Dave Mulligan Nothing Shows On Call Display. Criminal Conspiracy He Is Too Poor And Stupid For Such A Feat. Gordon John Sauck?

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Gregory Carr

Apr 8, 2022, 3:14:53 PM4/8/22

Dave Mulligan leaves a series of unwanted phone calls. Nothing shows on call display. Their 400 pound fatso Uncle Mike Mulligan lives with his wife Glenda in Airdrie, Alberta 105 Tanner Close SE he works inside sales at Kal Tires. Myself and the Mulligan twits used to work together at Best Personnel. They sent my retired self a email offering work I politely declined good temp agency. The Mulligan protective custody dorks were fired for laziness and spazzing out and insulting the owner and clients and other reasons. Joe Mulligan is a convicted sex criminal and a petty thief and fraudster and a alkie morning drinker. Dave Mulligan has no record for sex crimes but he is as useless and evil as his younger half brother. Their sisters have disowned them why not Mike and Glenda and Chris Jones and their crone Mom? She has no idea who got her pregnant. Search their names on Youtube or the edm.general and van.general on USENET or Google Groups for more info.

Gordon John Sauck always claims that his website and email were hacked he makes up phony police file numbers he and his ugger douchebag sister and his drug addled friends threaten all sorts of violence but never throw so much as a punch despite ample opportunities to do so. Glad Gordon John Sauck and his wife are totally stressed out and his business failing.

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Joe Mulligan Dave Mulligan Stupid Morons Sisters Disowned Them Protective Custody.
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Gregory Carr
7 Apr 2022, 02:58:14 (yesterday)

Stupid rantings by Joe Mulligan and his older half brother the pudgy Dave Mulligan the drunken, stoned, gambling addict morons who shoplift toilet paper.

You can Google Group search their names in edm.general and van.general
and on Youtube for more info.
has their pics.


Dave Mulligan the admitted CERB fraudster and pot dealer makes death threats to ppl.

Dude has never won a fight in his life. Makes profanity laced comments about law enforcement. Dares people to call the police especially the New Westminster Police. Police usu. don't do anything about his illegal oafish behaviour so he is probably a police informant. He was caught drinking smuggled wine at a beer garden in New West once but the cops didn't do much. Can't block his phone calls because he uses No Caller ID and according to Bell that can't be blocked which is lame Bell. He is a red faced alcoholic and gambling addict who has repeatedly been evicted for non payment of rent as is/has his brother Joe Mulligan. They have shared a cell phone for years which of course Dave dropped into the toilet once ruining it. his picture is on his convicted sex criminals brothers web page. Joe Mulligan told me he walked up to a "granny lady" and pulled her pants down. Both are scammers and fraudsters who owe money to people all over town.
More stupidity and crimes admitted to by Joe and Dave Mulligan.

These guys do their time in protective custody. Joe Mulligan is a thief. Joe Mulligan ratted out all his high school friends. He went to Centennial in 1997 in Coquitlam. Joe Mulligan is the only person I have ever met who was stabbed at his high school. They don't have any friends they have known more than a year. They are both alcoholics and gambling addicts. Whiny, lazy, bums, with bad backs, too stupid to do paperwork they are also scammers and fraudsters. They are racist towards Blacks and use the N word in private. They claim to live in the 13th and Kingsway area. They are chronic liars constantly trying to defraud ppl. Most of their family has disowned them. They don't know who there Dad is. No vehicles. They claim to have wives, girlfriends, mistresses, children but their web prescence shows no indication of any of that. The only pictures they have show them with bar waitresses and bartenders who of course are friendly because they want tips and the bar owner/manager wants business. They go to Hooters but not strip clubs go figure. They are scared of Surrey and won't go there. They are around 5ft 5inches and Dave is pudgy. The only fight Joe Mulligan has won is beating up his brother which he has done a number of times in public and private.

Pareen G (Canadian Red Cross)

Apr 7, 2022, 9:43 EDT

Dear Greg,

Thank you for your request and for your support of The Canadian Red Cross.

According to our records, a receipt was previously issued. As such, I have requested that your receipt be re-issued to you. Your duplicate receipt will be sent by mail to your address on file. Please expect your new receipt within 2-4 weeks.

Note: Please find enclosed a screenshot of your donation.

The organization charity registration number of the Canadian Red Cross: 11921 9814 RR0001

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you again for your generous support.

Pareen G

Agent, Donor Experience
T 1-800-418-1111
Canadian Red Cross
Canadian Red Cross | Croix-Rouge Canadienne

Surrey Food Bank Society <>

Tue, Mar 29 at 5:52 a.m.


Thank you for your generous donation to the Surrey Food Bank. We truly appreciate the support.

An official receipt for income tax purposes
will follow in the mail for donations $20 and above.

With gratitude,

June Gambrel
Interim Executive Director

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Surrey, BC V3W 8J6
Phone: 604.581.5443
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Date of Donation: 2022-03-29 5:52:08 AM
Order Number: 10030396
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Donation Total: 200.00 CAD

Name on Card: Gregory Carr
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Greg Carr
Surrey, BC
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