Alan Baker A Faggot Queer Like Popless Jake Virtannen The Useless.

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Greg Carr

May 5, 2021, 5:48:40 AM5/5/21
Yes beer league Kitsilano guy I am scared, terrified of the sissy boy who refuses to put up a profile pic. Alan Baker checking out the dick in the locker room. Whoever this is popless fag Jake Virtannen who never won a NHL fight would kick his ass easily.

Alan Bakers address 2252 W 1st Street, Vancouver, Ca. twerpy, weak Alan Baker the fag hag has made himself known.

2234 1st Avenue W # 302 Baker, Alan 604-731-1026 yeah the guy who started the post in stated you lived on that block birdy twerp twerker. I am impressed you race cars. I used to be into auto racing have no idea why I lost interest. nice race car you have. It is sponsored by Bakermedia so you own Bakermedia. You are 59 years old and haven't aged well. I would type 4 eyes but hey I wear glasses as well. You remind me of Gordon Sauck his thing was helping with building some type of super motorcycle although he has removed all traces of that from the Internet. He says his house has been totally vandalized twice and that his business in Newton IAVS Canada has been the site of frequent criminal acts. Various ppl have threatened to waste the guy and his wife. He has stated he and his wife are totally stressed and circling the toilet of bankruptcy. Both of you are weak and not aging well. Unlike Gordon Sauck I can find no evidence of criminal gang history in your life or past. He sucks at crime trust me. Both myself and Gordon Sauck are under investigation by Surrey RCMP. some homosexual named Alan Baker lives with a fag named Malcolm Dailly in Aldergrove. the company if you look it up has a Alan Baker on its website. yes he is queer. Owns a great place in Kelowna is semi-retired so needs a Alan Barker to help run his business.

Malcolm Dailly Alan Baker
25 November 2011

Our sincere condolences to you Andrew with the loss of Perry may you get comfort from the precious memories you both shared together. We both knew Perry for over 20 years and he was always a wonderful and kind person, he will be greatly missed.
May he rest in peace.

Phone Numbers & Email Addresses
Phone Number Email Address Fax Number
Office 604-455-0662 604-455-0663
Alan Baker 778-895-1987
Malcolm Dailly 778-895-1986
Andrea, General Manager 778-908-3665
Mailing Address
9033 216A St
Langley BC V1M 4C9 this is a homosexual ABOMINATION website for casual sex by fags of course Malcolm Dailly picture appears. He apparently graduated from Killarney High School in 1964.

Alan Baker, My Creepy Internet Stalker!
Yikes. He's spent the last 48 hours researching me.

They should make internet stalking illegal, I think Alan Baker has had
practice researching the little kiddies he likes to molest.

Anyone thinking of hiring this internet stalker Alan Baker from Vancouver,
BC should certainly give him a psych eval. As according to this website
people that

stalk others on the internet more times than not leads to pedophilia. Alan
Baker is obviously bordering on or has become a child predator.

Yikes. If something happens to me please make sure the local, and Canadian
police no that I was being stalked online by Alan Baker, A Macintosh bench
tech from Vancouver, BC.

Please post this every newsgroup so your children know to avoid him and thus
remove themselves from danger.

I would have to be a total hypocrite to say that Internet "stalking" should be crime and how would it be enforced in any case? Could a bot search program be considered stalking.? Companies routinely data mine would that be stalking?

Alan Baker the fag of course supports Popless Jake Virtannen the fag athlete of Celebrities gay bar on Davie St. fame.

Alan Barker used to be in track and field in 1974 JOCKO HOMOS OUT OF SPORTS.

A few times Alan Baker on USENET/Google Groups has denied being a faggot what a self loathing ABOMINATION a fairy queen lying twink. You can't trust the gays. Avoid and shun them at a minimum.
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