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The Conjurers Discovered By Matron [X.61] (23 November 2020, 11:12 am EST)

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Curtis Eagal

Nov 22, 2020, 6:34:04 AM11/22/20
The Sun, then Saturn, both entering a new sign to close a lunar cycle, as described in the Preface paragraph 25, occurred on 18 December 2017, progressing into Capricorn (a train derailment in Washington state coincided); the following passage concerned the subsequent return of a reign of Saturn, rather than its return from retrograde, which means again entering a new sign, as it will be going into Aquarius on 17 December 2020 (12:05 am EST). Four days later Saturn will conjoin Jupiter (at zero degrees 28 minutes Aquarius), on 21 December 2020 (11:14 am EST), with the Moon at 26 degrees 48 minutes Pisces, poised at the head of Aries as described in I.51 line 1 (the Moon will reach Aries at 5:33 pm EST that day); this simultaneously will present the 'fading' of Saturn from the final line of II.65, confirmed by the fact that the prior condition of Mercury being in Sagittarius will immediately precede from 1 to 20 December 2020. The third line of II.65 has the riddle of 'fire in the ship,' while its 'plague and captivity' could easily mean the ongoing lockdowns to mitigate the spread of the covid-19 pandemic virus.

The third line of I.51 mentioning its wicked time returning for a long cycle implies Saturn having periods where it is in direct motion, between its retrograde periods lasting about four-and-a-half months. Since Saturn returned from retrograde on 28 September 2020, to have its next retrograde circa 23 May 2021, this is a long cycle of over seven months; a direct-motion period of similar duration will be from 22 October 2022 to 17 June 2023; the intervening direct duration from 10 October 2021 to 4 June 2022 is slightly longer, however the timing for I.51 line 1 clearly indicates the Winter Solstice of 2020. Therefore, it is most likely the 'long cycle' remark merely means a non-retrograde period, i.e., after a return of Saturn, as occurred on 28 September 2020.

Beginning with VIII.2 pairing Condom and Auch, Saturn's return from retrograde matched the latter reference, 28 September for Saint Paternus (d.150), bishop of Auch; Saints Cosmas and Damian (martyred under Diocletian circa 283) for 26 September are the patrons of pharmacists, modern-day purveyors of prophylactics. The 26th is also feast day for Saint Vigilius (d. 506), bishop of Brescia in Lombardy – and it was on 26 September that Barrett was nominated to the Supreme Court.

Obama's pick of Merrick Garland had been ignored in 2016, citing it being an election year, despite primaries not yet having occurred: thus his presidential power in his second term was curtailed or shortened, with promises this standard would be upheld in a later similar situation.

The 'reading the Bible' comment in V.83 suggested Saint Viator (d.390), a martyred lector, whose feast day is 21 October, the same date the Democratic senators boycotted the Barrett confirmation process.

The confirming vote on Barrett proceeded on 26 October, closely coinciding with the lunar conjunction of Neptune, providing a primary component for III.3's perplexity of Corinth and Ephesus, suggesting a bewildering entanglement between Neptune (worshipped at Corinth) and the Moon (honored at Ephesus).

As the 3 November date for the presidential election approached, it was reported that asteroid 2018VP1 was also approaching, for a possible Earth impact projected for 2 November 2020, yet lacking sufficient data for certainty. November 2nd coincided with the feast day for Saint Justus of Trieste (d. 303), martyred by drowning in the sea, synchronizing with VIII.84, which correctly foretold the simultaneous massive exodus from Paris in its final line, intending to avoid a further covid lockdown; that quatrain also focused on Sicily, potentially implying Saint Sylvia, patron for pregnant mothers could be involved, with a 5 November feast day.

The first line of X.61 suggests a sequence of consecutive days, where one is notably missing. This is done through again alluding to saintly feast days: it starts with Betta, close to 'Pettau' (using the letter 'u' as the lower loop to make the capital 'P' into a 'B') for Saint Victorinus (died 304), whose was bishop of the Pannonian city, supplying a 2 November feast day; Vienne is for Saint Domnus, its bishop who died in 657, with a 3 November feast day. Next "Emorte" means "And death" in Italian – Saint Charles Borromeo, born near Milan (and died in 1584), has a 4 November feast day: as archbishop he enacted reforms to appease Protestant criticism, which included ceasing the selling of indulgences, and removing ornamentations, which he carried out - even for his own family's tombs. Skipping over November the Fifth, the line ending with Sopron implies Saint Leonianus, originally from Pannonia, who became a hermit near Atun and died 570, with feast day on 6 November. Those days were said to have in common a desire to deliver Pannonia to the Barbarians: the 8th of November was the first full day Biden was acknowledged as apparent president-elect, with a Pannonian connection through being the feast day for Saints Castorius, Claudius, Nicostratus and Symphorian, as "Four Holy Crowned Ones." Their story circa 305 is they were carvers from Sirmium (Yugoslavia), who while collectively working in Pannonia refused to carve a pagan statue of Aesculapius, which was allowed, but they were imprisoned for refusing to sacrifice to the gods. Diocletian had retired as co-Emperor, and appreciated their work; his officer Lampadius had been persuading them to perform the pagan sacrifice, but when he died suddenly his relatives blamed the four Christians, so to placate the bereaved, Diocletian had the four carvers tortured and executed, along with another carver named Simplicius.

The subtle omission of 5 November correlates with an incident when major networks dropped a speech by the incumbent, citing disinformation regarding the election. The conflict appears revisited in X.7 line 2 for 7 November, the initial day Biden's status as president-elect was announced, using the feast day association with Saint Auctus of Macedonia, which appears to counter the widespread celebrations with an aspiration towards universal subjugation, connoting bringing under a yoke.

The nine Supreme Court Justices, including Barrett, would initially consider a case critical for the Affordable Care Act on 10 November, feast day of Saint Andrew Avellino, with associations to both Naples and Sicily that could satisfy the second line of III.25. The 10th was also the day of a lunar opposition with Neptune: so this could be a secondary instance of the confusing entanglement between the Moon and Neptune for III.3.

Using Washington, D.C., coordinates, it was found asteroid Juno, the symbolic matron, in Scorpio, was reaching a House cusp simultaneously with a grouping of Jupiter-Pluto-Pallas around 22 degrees Capricorn during this period. The implications for how this could be applied to the final line of X.61, where a 'matron discovers conspirators' was modified as the repeating coincidence progressed through some modifications. The 18 November feast day for an unusual religious figure, Blessed Grimoaldo of the Purification, seemed to have relevancy, since the cataclysmic event ending the sequence seems to correspond with the first event of the Garabandal trilogy, The Warning (as in V.83), or Preparation (VIII.84), described as a 'purifying' event (towards perceiving a later Miracle, projected to coincide with the feast day for Blessed Imelda, on Ascension Thursday 2021): the seer has it as three, or several, nights of global trembling, in tandem with Epistle paragraph 24, as well as Earth tottering from Isaiah 24.

Blessed Grimoaldo of the Purification (1883-1902) was a student of the Passionist Congregation, beatified by Pope John Paul II on 29 January,1995 - an event cited as a miracle involved a four-year-old in a tractor accident, whose father prayed for Grimoaldo's intercession, with the child inexplicably escaping mortal injury (2 July 1994). Grimoaldo was born on 4 May 1883 at Pontecorvo, Italy, as Ferdinando Santamaria; he would become the eldest of five, in a family that was in the rope-making business. From an early age he was devout, becoming an altar server at eight, the next year participating in the religious service of the Congregation of the Immaculata; at twelve, he catechized his peers. A neighbor testified he had observed Grimoaldo levitating while in prayer. The Passionist Congregation were in a local monastery, which he could not enter until sixteen; he became a Passionist novitiate at the monastery of Saint Mary of Pugliano on 5 March 1899, taking the religious name 'Grimoaldo of the Purification,' honoring the patron of his hometown. Conditions were austere, requiring sleeping on straw and wearing a rough black tunic. He made his vows on 6 March 1900, and distinguished himself by charity and cheerful piety. He began seminary studies at Santa Maria di Corniano near Cecceano, but before his ordination a severe headache from 31 October 1902 was later diagnosed as acute meningitis. While in bed on 18 November 1902, Grimoaldo correctly predicted he would die that very day - "His Divine Majesty is here, He has come for me today, and I, together with Him, must go to Rome for Cardinal Aloisi-Masella. I must be his companion in death." The cardinal, as foretold, died four days after Grimoaldo. His parents (Pero Paulo Santamaria and Cecilia Ruscio) and several others saw Grimoaldo's apparition after his death, in separate occasions. The Spanish meaning of Grimoaldo is 'Confessor'; the Germanic derivation has connotations of resounding thunder, and wearing of a face mask. His religious name designating a confessor and purification is particularly ominous when considering his feast day as potentially pivotal for timing of The Warning, since Marian visionary Conchita of Garabandal said it would be a 'purifying' event, to prepare people by recalling their sins, which would allow them to see the later astral Miracle.

On the 19th of November 2020, three lunar conjunctions occurred with the Jupiter-Pluto-Pallas grouping, coinciding with a feast day for a trio of saints, named Severinus, Exuperius, and Felician – these were martyred by Marcus Aurelius in 170, at Vienne, in Gaul, recalling X.58's invocation of Gaul, albeit inconclusively. The fact that Grimoaldo not only foretold his own death date of 18 November, but linked it with the later death of a specific cardinal passing four days later provided a built-in focus on the 22nd of November, when the Moon would reach Ceres. And at that point, the conditions of the final two lines of X.61 appeared to coalesce through the astrological chart. Saturn closed its gap with the disintegrating Jupiter-Pluto-Pallas convergence, forming a close alignment of four; and the Moon made an auspicious conjunction with Saturn at the Ascendant on 19 November at 11:22 am EST, with symbolic matron Juno at the Midheaven point, a position of vantage to observe or discover the Jupiter, Pluto, and Pallas 'conspirators' having risen above the Ecliptic.

The third line of X.61 predicts enormous violence through 'pike and fire,' which in the 22 November timeframe suggests the Pisces Moon opposing fire goddess Vesta in Virgo (both precisely at 11 degrees) at 8:24 pm EST, potentially providing the 'fire' aspect for line 3; then, for a tertiary instance of III.3's Corinth-Ephesus perplexity, the Moon makes its next conjunction, with Neptune, symbolized by a pike-like trident, on the 23rd at 10:32 am EST, positioned at 18 degrees 11 minutes Pisces. Vesta rests alone on the other side of chart, in rough opposition. This is a much more likely condition for the meaning of line 3 than their dual trines (Neptune trine Juno, and Vesta trine Uranus) of the 13th.

Yet the activating trigger indicated by the 'matron discovering the conspirators' arrives shortly afterwards, 23 November 2020, 11:12 am EST, when matron Juno reaches the Midheaven point, while all four of the closely aligned celestial characters will be slightly above the Ecliptic (risen from the Ascendant), when it is about half a degree from the Aquarian cusp.

This Capricorn alignment of 23 November 2020 will consist of: Pluto at 23 degrees 5 minutes; Jupiter at 24 degrees 45 minutes; Pallas at 25 degrees 47 minutes; and Saturn at 27 degrees 46 minutes.

The 23 November date is feast day for Pope Saint Clement I, who circa 100 was ordered by Prefect Aufidianus to be drowned in the sea with an old anchor tied around his neck – this could apply to the imperiled papal 'bark' implied by the third line of X.58. Also honored that day is Saint Rachilidis (d. 946), a Benedictine hermitess whose cell was near the monastery of Saint Gall in Switzerland, a possible pun with the accompanying Gaul 'wobbling' reference in the same line.

The celestial source of the 'enormous violence' and other predicted cataclysmic effects is mysterious for this timing, seeming too late for asteroid 2018VP1 and too early for asteroid 2000 WO107 (half a kilometer in diameter, expected to pass safely on 29 November, at about eleven times Earth's distance from the Moon), but the notion of both colliding and exploding together in the upper atmosphere makes the notion of the Taurid meteor shower being involved superfluous, Conchita of Garabandal having compared the Warning's physical source to 'two stars colliding.' The real-world conditions that have coincided with several points of this lengthy analysis continue to deteriorate the expectation of a typical political transition: although legal avenues have been met with dismissal for lack of evidence, overt attempts have been made to eliminate entire categories of ballots from certain counties, while documents acknowledging the apparent winner remain on hold, referring unconvincingly to the 2000 election establishing some precedent towards this stalemate (the 2000 dispute involved a difference of a few hundred votes in a single state). The certification process itself may be derailed, with efforts to substitute faithless electors being taken seriously by few, due to illegality in some states, but perhaps by 23 November 2020 at 11:12 am EST there will be some clarity concerning the unsettling situation III.25 portends.

Par pique et feu enorme violence
Les conjurés découverts par matrone

Through pike and fire enormous violence -
The conjurers discovered by matron

Au fond d'Asie on dira terre tremble
Corinthe, Ephese lors en perplexité

One will say Earth trembles to the depths of Asia -
Corinth, Ephesus then in perplexity

Curtis Eagal

Nov 24, 2020, 12:10:57 AM11/24/20
While the conditions for 23 November 2020 at 11:12 am EST fit the latter portion of X.61, the chart lacked other elements suggested elsewhere. Just like the 9-11 attacks occurred when Mercury was at the Ascendant (derived from IV.28 and VI.97), that was a local condition that was transpiring at the same generalized time of day during the early September 2001 period, requiring the information from X.72 regarding Mars reigning after retrograde and the 12 September 1494 birthdate of the Angoumois King François 1er to assist with pinpointing the precise date, an endeavor I failed to adequately pursue against such arguments as Angolmois not possibly inferring Angoumois. Given the Corinth-Ephesus notion making lunar conjunctions and oppositions with Neptune critical, because the Moon next conjoins Chiron 24 November at 8:23 pm EST (with Jupiter then at the Seventh House cusp, or Descendant), activation earlier that day, before the Neptune connection becomes lost, should be considered for having those elements extraneous to X.61.

First, at 10:14 am EST on 24 November, Venus in Scorpio will come into opposition with Lilith in Taurus, both at 3 degrees 49 minutes; simultaneously Uranus near Lilith, at 7 degrees 44 minutes Taurus, will be at the Fourth House cusp, or Nadir. Since Venus is directly beyond Libra, this could explain the 'Under the Balance' reference from the final line of V.42, which previously had no correlation. Likewise, because asteroid Lilith is associated with wind, its opposition with Venus could provide the 'contrary wind' of VI.45, a quatrain that has not yet been considered.

Le gouverneur du regne bien savant
Ne consenter voulant au fait Royal
Mellile classe par le contraire vent
Le remettra à son plus déloyal

The thoroughly crafty governor of the realm
Not intending to consent to the Royal deed;
Melilla fleet through the contrary wind
Will consign him to his most disloyal

Despite a document newly advancing superficial features of a transition, it is no secret efforts to overturn the result of the recent election remain underway; apparently a concession would be the Regal move that is being avoided according to line 2, which would uphold the tradition of a peaceful transfer of power as performed by prior temporal 'kings,' whereas the alternative bears an unseemly tyrannical aspect. The latter portion of VI.45 suggests a karmic response. Melilla is an autonomous Spanish city on the northern coast of Africa, bordering Morocco; its name derived from the Latin word for honey ('mel') reflects the location being known for beekeeping – two ancient coins minted in the city depict a bee, with inscriptions RSADR and RSA, both for its earlier name Rusadir, when it was a Punic and Roman territory. Rusadir can be translated as 'Cape of the Powerful One,' so the invocation of the 'Melilla fleet' could be figurative for divine intervention. I have no theory for what the final line portends.

For feast day connections with 24 November, there is Saint Romanus of Le Mans (d. 385), a priest of Gaul who converted local sailors at the mouth of the Gironde River, providing yet another Gaul potential connection for X.58. Also on the 24th is honored Saint Alexander (d. 361), who was martyred at Corinth. This saintly connection prompted me to investigate whether another saint in this long sequence was associated with Ephesus, as an adjunct to Neptunian and lunar observations: for 28 October Saint Abraham was found, who died in the 6th century, archbishop of Ephesus, whose followers opposed the Iconoclast heresy – that day in 2020 was the previous instance when the Moon was beyond Neptune, heading for Chiron, paralleling its current position. Neptune conjoined the Moon on 27 October at 4:41 am EST, with Barrett being sworn in later that Tuesday morning.

A further Ephesus synchronicity is that the day after the Democratic senators boycotted the Barrett confirmation proceeding, 22 October, is when the Eastern Orthodox Church honors the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus, coinciding with lunar conjunctions of the 'conspiratorial group' of four including Jupiter, Pluto, Pallas and Saturn. The story of the Seven starts circa 250, when they hid in a cave at Mount Anchilos near Ephesus, praying while preparing to surrender to Emperor Decius, for the offense of refusing to sacrifice to pagan deities; but they fell asleep, and were buried alive, by the cave opening being sealed with huge stones – an inscription at the site told of their fate. Much later, during the reign of Eastern Roman Emperor Theodosius II (408-450), the landowner Adolios decided to reopen the cave for use as a cattle-stall. The Seven, long thought dead, awakened and sent one among them to find food, who was confused at seeing crosses on local churches, since the region had become Christianized. Local merchants wondered where he had obtained coins minted during Decius' reign, but he brought witnesses back to the cave, where his companions explained they thought they had slept for a single night, rather than centuries. There was an ongoing religious controversy where resurrection of the body was being denied, and Emperor Theodosius arrived to hear the testimony of the Seven, which supported faith in resurrection; after speaking with the emperor, the Seven died. Theodosius wished to have the Seven buried in golden tombs, but they appeared in his dream requesting burial in the ground or the cave; the cave was nonetheless adorned with precious stones, and a church was built over the site.

When Juno reaches the Midheaven point on 24 November 2020 at 11:10 am EST, a quirk that appears in the chart is the Part of Fortune (derived from the relative positions of the Sun and Moon) forming a trine with the alignment of four risen above the Ascendant, closest with Saturn. The Ascendant will be at zero degrees 7 minutes Aquarius. The alignment in Capricorn will then consist of: Pluto at 23 degrees 7 minutes; Jupiter at 24 degrees 56 minutes; Pallas at 26 degrees 5 minutes; and Saturn at 27 degrees 51 minutes. The rapidly shifting Part of Fortune will be at 27 degrees 50 minutes Taurus, essentially making a trine with Saturn.
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Curtis Eagal

Nov 24, 2020, 5:31:14 AM11/24/20
There is another reason why the 24th of November would be an ominous date for the 2020 Warning cataclysm, since that is when a total solar eclipse was visible in Jerusalem during the Crucifixion timeframe in Year 29.

<< A total eclipse of the Sun occurred on 24 November, 0029 UT Old Style, with maximum eclipse at 09:24 UT. The Sun was darkened for 1 minute and 59 seconds by a dramatic total eclipse covering a path up to 109 km wide. This was a sight worth seeing, and was visible across eastern Europe, the Middle East, and south Asia. The partial eclipse was visible from Europe, northern Africa, the Middle East, and south/west Asia.

The total eclipse lasted for 1 minute and 59 seconds. Maximum eclipse was at 09:24:46 UT.

This is one of several eclipses which have been linked to the crucifixion of Christ. >>

Interactive map for the total solar eclipse of 24 November Year 0029 –

From my "Some Passover In November" post of 15 June 2003:

<< …more likely is the
total solar eclipse in year 29AD, 24 November, whose point of totality
was very near Jerusalem, where it would have definitely been observed
dramatically. It has been noted that presuming the Jewish lunar
month began with a New Moon, the Last Supper would have been the time
of a Full Moon, during which a solar eclipse of any kind by definition
cannot occur. However, the Jewish hierarchy was under Roman dominion:
it is known that following Roman methods, the reigns of kings and
emperors were antedated to Tishri One (Jewish New Year) of the
previous year - this could easily account for the entire Hebrew
calendar being out of synch with the seasons.

The question of the particular lunar phase at the start of the month
appears again to point to Rome, since although the Roman months
originally began with a New Moon like that of the Hebrews, by the 5th
century BCE the Romans ignored lunar phases, concerned with an
eight-day marketing week…
So Roman occupation and
interference with the Hebrew calendar makes it impossible to know
whether that month began (incorrectly) on a Full Moon, so that the
Last Supper was the time of the New Moon, when a total solar eclipse
can happen. >>

From page 15 of my book "A Temple Of Many Mansions":

<< …if the Hebrews were on their proper lunar calendar, the Passover would have been the time of a Full Moon [14 Nisan], when only a lunar eclipse is possible. The actual 'Crucifixion Eclipse' obviously took place on 24 November in year 29, quite visible in Jerusalem since its maximum was in Saudi Arabia (near the current capital of Riyadh): the line of totality beginning in the North Sea included what would become the German-Polish border (flashpoint of the Second World War), western Romania, Turkey, Syria, the border between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, curving out from the Arabian peninsula towards central India, into northern Bangladesh, and ending not very far into China. This November date was not in the proper month for Passover because as a Roman territory, occupied countries had their calendars antedated to render the Emperor's birthday the commencement of the year; Romans had deviated from the lunar calendar by the time of Christ. Thus when Pilate announced it was the time of the Jewish feast there was an irony in that Roman custom and caprice was influencing how the Passover date was derived rather than Hebrew tradition. >>

Such a coincidence would justify the 18 and 22 November dates related to Blessed Grimoaldo, whose religious focus was on the Passion of Christ, merely leading into the 24th rather than either being a direct match. An unheralded anniversary of The Crucifixion would be difficult to surpass as an appropriate time for humanity to individually reflect upon committed sins.

Curtis Eagal

Nov 25, 2020, 4:17:37 AM11/25/20
The 24 November date for The Crucifixion had a media tie-in, if we're talking turkey. The previous three traditional presidential turkey-pardoning events of the current administration did not occur on that specific date: in 2019, it was 26 November, Butter over Bread; in 2018, it was 20 November, Peas over Carrots; in 2017, it was 21 November, Drumstick over Wishbone. When Thanksgiving fell on 26 November in 2015, President Obama held the event on Wednesday, the 25th, pardoning Abe over Honest, whereas it usually takes place on the preceding Tuesday. In light of current events, the remark for levity offered in 2018 has received attention, regarding the election being fair while a concession was not forthcoming from Carrots, who sought a recount – the exact quote can be read in the following link –

The symbolically merciful gesture has been extended to both turkeys, sometimes they were both eaten; in reality, turkeys that size are overfed and not likely to survive long anyway. My point is that making a spectacle of having the masses decide whom to spare between two turkeys, done on the 24 November anniversary of the actual Crucifixion, choosing Corn over Cob, has an inadvertent element of sacrilegious mockery, regarding the choice that Pilate gave that day, between a spiritual teacher and healer named Jesus, versus a murderous criminal rebel named Barrabas – the passage from Matthew 27:15-26:

<< Now it was the governor’s custom at the festival to release a prisoner chosen by the crowd. At that time they had a well-known prisoner whose name was Jesus Barabbas. So when the crowd had gathered, Pilate asked them, “Which one do you want me to release to you: Jesus Barabbas, or Jesus who is called the Messiah?”
For he knew it was out of self-interest that they had handed Jesus over to him.
While Pilate was sitting on the judge’s seat, his wife sent him this message: “Don’t have anything to do with that innocent man, for I have suffered a great deal today in a dream because of him.”
But the chief priests and the elders persuaded the crowd to ask for Barabbas and to have Jesus executed.
“Which of the two do you want me to release to you?” asked the governor.
“Barabbas,” they answered.
“What shall I do, then, with Jesus who is called the Messiah?” Pilate asked.
They all answered, “Crucify him!”
“Why? What crime has he committed?” asked Pilate.
But they shouted all the louder, “Crucify him!”
When Pilate saw that he was getting nowhere, but that instead an uproar was starting, he took water and washed his hands in front of the crowd. “I am innocent of this man’s blood,” he said. “It is your responsibility!”
All the people answered, “His blood is on us and on our children!”
Then he released Barabbas to them. But he had Jesus flogged, and handed him over to be crucified. >>

The global trembling event did not happen on 24 November, but the prophetic sidetracks into foretelling specifics of our current atypical political limbo status demonstrate that it is very close; focusing on the 24th when a numeric sequence from 18 to 22 November has been indicated through Blessed Grimoaldo of The Purification was deviating from the established mathematical progression of 'plus four' (18-22-26). The picture that appears in the Washington DC astrological chart from 26 November 2020 includes features that recall V.42 and X.35, going well beyond the Venus opposition with Lilith in the morning of the 24th for the 'contrary wind' of VI.45. The Capricorn alignment was partially risen from the Ecliptic when Juno was at the Midheaven point on 18 November, with the Saturn lunar conjunct at the Ascendant; from the 22nd to 23rd were the Vesta lunar opposition and Neptune lunar conjunct that appeared in line 3 of X.61, with the final line giving the timing hint of Juno at Midheaven to discover the alignment of four in Capricorn (Pluto, Pallas, Jupiter and Saturn), which repeats on successive mornings as a temporal confirmation. But there were other celestial elements fitting the prophecy manifesting, as the critical Juno-Midheaven day begins arriving, particularly from 26 November.

A major happening not covered by X.61's mention of the matron is Juno's conjunction with Mercury on 26 November at 11:25 pm EST. This made me recall X.35 –

Puîné royal flagrant d'ardent libide
Pour se jouir de cousine germaine;
Habit de femme au temple d'Arthemide
Allant meurtri par inconnu du Maine

The royal cadet flagrant in burning lust
To enjoy his first cousin;
Female attire in the Temple of Artemis
Going to be murdered by the unknown one of Maine

This seems to work with the last line of X.61, overlaying the conditions of a precise day for the Juno-Midheaven trigger to become activated. Mercury being the cousin of Juno is a somewhat dubious claim: Mercury is the son of Jupiter and Maia of the Pleiades, daughter of the Titan Atlas and Oceanid nymph Pleione; Juno and Jupiter were siblings with Saturn and Ops as parents, Ops being the daughter of Caelus and Terra. Yet nonetheless the subject of the first two lines of X.35 seems to be the Mercury-Juno conjunction. Mercury is close to the Sun for the 'royal cadet' designation.

The Temple of Artemis refers to lunar worship, so line 3 is giving a clue about the Moon's position, beyond a female member of the celestial pantheon, so association with Neptune for the Corinth perplexity was not intended for the ultimate manifestation. When the Moon is approaching Lilith and Uranus, only one of them is female: Lilith's lunar conjunct happens on 27 November at 7:05 am EST. So that morning's Juno-Midheaven arrival at 11:02 am EST has an odd quirk: the Taurus Moon will be nearly equidistant to both Lilith and Uranus – Lilith at 4 degrees 10 minutes; the Moon itself at 6 degrees 5 minutes (a gap of 1 degree 55 minutes); and Uranus at 7 degrees 38 minutes (a further gap of 1 degree 33 minutes). After this 'snapshot moment' of activation, Uranus has a lunar conjunction at 2:09 pm EST, shortly before Venus has its lunar opposition at 2:23 pm EST.

Because Venus is slightly beyond the Libra constellation region, the 'under the Balance' condition from the final line of V.42 relevantly connects to the brief Lilith-Moon-Uranus grouping in opposition, making those three celestial bodies the unnamed 'those' determined by Aigle, obviously meaning Eagal, to be considered attached to Venus.

La gent Lombarde fera si grand effroi
À ceux de l'Aigle compris sous la Balance

The Lombard folk will be made so greatly afraid
By those of Eagal included under the Balance

The Lombard connection seems to be holding from 26 September 2020. Another sustained association is Pannonia with 8 November for Biden being the apparent president-elect, used in VIII.15 to declare life and death would be reinforced for those supporters, rather than the terror predicted for the Lombard people. For the third line about two eclipses, there have only been two total solar eclipses that have been given significant attention since 1999 – the first was on 11 August 1999 (V.54's Armenia-piercing King), and the second was on 21 August 2017 (the Sardinian King of VIII.88).

For the final line of X.35, the fateful date of 27 November is feast day for the admittedly obscure Saint Bilhild (d. 710), a Benedictine abbess who founded the convent of Altenmunster in Mainz, Germany. Further mention of Mainz is in the first two lines of VI.40 –

Grand de Magonce pour grande soif éteindre
Sera privé de sa grande dignité

Towards extinguishing great thirst, the luminary of Mainz
Will be deprived of her formidable dignity

Conchita of Garabandal has described the Warning event in terms that do not seem lethal, so perhaps the 'murder' from the ending of X.35 is figurative, or calls for a mitigated translation such as 'wounded.'
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