HIDING Sex, Ruins Any Society, Group, Religion, and Relationship - Restore Civilization - {HRI 20110626-V2.2}

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Koos Nolst Trenite

Jul 26, 2013, 9:10:24 AM7/26/13

Hiding Sex, is RUINING Any Society, Any Group, Any Religion, and Any
 Personal Relationship - How to Restore Civilization

                                                        26 June 2011
                                                  {HRI 20110626-V2.2}

                                                        (Version 2.2
                                                      on 26 Jul 2013)

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                                               including white space)

                                                      (suits foreign
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            Hiding sex,

                  makes sexual feelings un-inspected; hiding sex

                  makes sexual feelings disconnected from other
                  feelings and ideals of Life; hiding sex

                  makes sexual feelings not freely selected and not
                  given according to your ideals about sexual feelings
                  and relations; and hiding sex

                  prevents the detection of those who are of a nature
                  to vampire on (also sexual) Life Energy of you and
                  of anyone.

            Hiding sex DOMINATES and INTENDS to dominate people's
            sexual feelings,

                  into becoming part of an unspoken, hidden world of
                  feelings and thus unexamined, falsely understood

                  to the benefit of Criminal Minds.

(summary end)




Restoring sex to again being a normal part of life

      - and thus naturally looked at and naturally inspected and
        naturally discussed, and UNDERSTOOD -

 is obviously a major task in restoring Civilization on Earth,

      in severely mutilated (and mutilating) societies or cultures,
      and in severely mutilated (and mutilating) religions especially.


Hiding sex

      - whether some Criminal Minds have managed to have a whole
        society hide sex, or made a whole religion hide sex, or made
        a whole group hide sex, and even made sex in a personal
        relationship to be hidden or not spoken about - hiding sex

      IS an intention to make people irrational and easily dominated,
      and hiding sex

 IS an intention to ruin people's life.


      The only people you SHOULD shield your sexual feelings from,

            and that you should protect your joy of life in general

      is from Criminal Minds because THESE intend - by whatever means
      and methods - to ruin your joy of life, ANY joy of life, as soon
      as they notice it,

            and to vampire on your (also sexual) Life Energy.

      THEY intend to make people miserable and manipulated, and they
      intend LIFE to be dominated by Criminal Minds.

      Due to the omnipresent LACK of Civilization, on Earth, I am sure
      that I do not have to give you any examples of that.

            For your information:

            Out of the seven billion people living on Earth, there are
            about a hundred million Criminal Minds ("Well-Adjusted"

            These are of any race, of any type of body, they are of
            any religion or denomination, of any nationality, of any
            age and gender, and they are of any level of intelligence,
            education or wealth, and in any social position;

                  which is not difficult to understand - should you
                  realize, that

                  a person is his soul, REGARDLESS of any social or
                  cultural or bodily difference, including age or





      Hiding sex, is INTENDED to carry out the purpose, of making you
      act and think and feel in very irrational ways,

      and to manipulate and dominate you, and to ruin your life and
      that of others.


A.    Hiding sex makes sexual feelings un-inspected

           (Criminal Minds WANT sexual feelings un-inspected);

B.    hiding sex makes sexual feelings falsely labeled and wrongly

           (Criminal Minds WANT sexual feelings falsely labeled,

                  for instance, as if sexual feelings do mean or are
                  equal to "Love for you" and "appreciation of you,"
                  and mean "social support for you");

C.    hiding sex makes sexual feelings not compared with the sexual
      feelings others give and receive

           (Criminal Minds WANT for instance, that you do not compare
            the sexual feelings THEY give, to the very fine and Loving
            sexual feelings, that others are capable of giving you and
            inviting you in turn, to create);

D.    hiding sex makes sexual feelings not connected with your other
      feelings and with your ideas

           (Criminal Minds WANT sexual feelings DISCONNECTED from the
            rest of your life and from your ideas about life);

E.    hiding sex makes sexual feelings not freely selected and not
      given according to your ideals about sexual feelings and about
      relations, [DOS]

           (Criminal Minds WANT, that you do not or can not freely
            select, to whom you want to give your sexual feelings,
            and, that you will not or can not follow the ideals you
            have for your sexual feelings and relations);

F.    and hiding sex prevents the detection of those, who by their
      very nature, do vampire on (also the sexual) Life Energy of you
      and of anyone

           (Criminal Minds WANT to have vampirism on your Life Energy
            not detected, not talked about).

            In fact, the whole of medical "science," is BASED on
            HIDING a hundred million Criminal Minds, living on Earth
            while vampiring, as these do, on your Life Energy (and
            also on your sexual Life Energy).  [TPAT]




Hiding sex makes sexual feelings dominated into becoming an unspoken,
 hidden world of feelings (and likely activities to follow),

 where THOSE are empowered and not stopped, who do thrive on hiding
 Ugliness and deception and who vampire on the Life Energy of others,

 and where these can freely project and exercise the malice THEY ENJOY
 - of making life Ugly and Dominated, of making in particular sexual
 feelings Ugly and Dominated by them.




As you know, it is so, that I write NOT to Criminal Minds, but to you:


      - which you can compare, if you like, with small and big flowers
        in all their diversity, and, for many, of great beauty and
        fragrance -

              which are Life Energy Particles that contain such
              feelings, and you share such feelings thereby,

      as in creating and receiving sexual feelings, these feelings

 are an IMPORTANT way of connecting or staying connected to people you
 love and that love you.


I could write - and probably will write - a book about that, about
 sexual FEELINGS, because I have seen the tremendous lack of even the
 most basic knowledge, in the society, of what is one of the most
 important parts of life!

      And I will be glad if you write one first, to give me possibly
      less work to do.


That connection and connecting - with sexual feelings - does in itself
 not require physical contact,

      because they are FEELINGS, they are Life Energy Particles.

      And these bridge any distance and penetrate any objects (and
      any clothing too, of course).


And these FEELINGS may have the desire for physical contact as well,

      but you have only one body, and on the other hand, tens of

            if not hundreds, thousand, millions or billions of
            people - should your Awareness extend to that -

      whom you love and who love you

            whom you are, or could be, to some greater or lesser
            degree, in love with, really.

     (As you know, I write not to Criminal Minds, but to you.)




      Sexual FEELINGS - which ARE Life Energy Particles that you can
      compare, if you like, to small and big flowers, in all their
      diversity and often great Beauty and fragrance - sexual feelings

      are an IMPORTANT way of connecting or staying in connection with
      or re-connecting again to people you love.

I have girls or women come up to me, 'asking for directions to find a
 street,' etc., or just saying 'hello,' who specifically projected the
 most wonderful, beautiful sexual Feelings to me,

      some of them connecting these to their genital area, others
      projecting these more directly from person to person, or both
      genitally AND soul to soul.


To create and share with another, such intensely beautiful 'Flowers'
 of Sexual Energy, is the basis also of the potent sexual attraction
 between loving people.

            NOT of course, "love" from Criminal Minds, NOT from those
            who vampire on your Life Energy:

            They have no love at all for you - but they DO have
            vicious means of deceiving you into sexual attraction
            and thereby obtaining (also) your (sexual) Energy.  *(b)




Let's examine the creation of sexual feelings, and in what ways that

1. You yourself (your soul, that means - you) and other people
   themselves, create sexual feelings; and your body, being alive,
   may (and if it is healthy, it will) assist in creating sexual
   feelings; and


2. your own body may present to you also (it may give you to feel
   also), sexual feelings, that however are projected BY OTHERS into
   YOUR body.

      When someone else is projecting sexual feelings into your body,
      YOU can feel these, and you can feel, that these are not your
      own, and you may feel also, from WHOM these stem:

            Feelings ARE Life Energy Particles, remember?

      And so - and it is important to understand, that you can do
      that - you can also block these Particles off and push these
      away, when these are unwanted by you

      ...making it clear to the sender, also thereby, that you do not
      wish to receive these, and that you do not wish to create and
      return to them, any sexual feelings of your own in response; and


3. then there are also the sexual feelings that your body by itself
   generates, at times

       - but if there is no soul amplifying these, then these are of
         lesser importance and much less strength (like they are in
         the realm of animals - a realm you can look at) -

   and you can block and oppose of course also these sexual feelings,
   that belong to your own body.

   That, ignoring or blocking these, may be compared if you like, to
   'not taking your most precious dog for a walk:'

           "It is not good for the dog, not to let it have a walk,
            and skipping it is not good for your own body's health,

            But it may be convenient at some times, to ignore the
            health of your body, and postpone caring for it, for later
            attention; *(a) and


4. then there are those sexual feelings, that your body generates when
   it senses another body that is sexually exciting (to) YOUR BODY.
   And also these are coming from your body to you, as your body's
   sexual feelings.

      Of course, this can equally happen to someone else, whose BODY
      is attracted sexually to your BODY:

            Sensing and feeling, is all done by means of Life Energy
            Particles, and so bodies - operating as they do on Life
            Energy, bodies - ALSO sense and feel things quite by

      A personal relation is however not between your body and someone
      else's body, but between you and the other person.

      So you - and the other person - might want to be aware of what
      is going on, in this particular case:

            that the attraction is not from person to person at all,
            but from body to body.

      This is then the impersonal form of bodily attraction,

            different from your own, PERSONAL attraction to a type of
            BODY, which thus is still not from person to person, but
            from your person to someone else's body; as follows here
            (below, in 5.)


5. there is YOUR OWN desire to be sexually near someone's BODY because
   it is "your type:"

      YOU see-feel-sense someone's body

           (with particular Energies, body shape, colors, way of
            moving and activity level, etc.) that makes you feel

      like it is "your type," and you feel a desire to have your own
      body sexually excited together with the other person who is
      "your type."

      And on the other side, of course, this will happen to someone
      else, too:

      Someone may feel your BODY's Energies and appearance etc., to be
      "their type" and they would like to feel their BODY sexually
      excited together with your BODY.  *(c)




The above, IF NOT understood and recognized, leads to the typical
 confusion of someone's BODY, with their SOUL,

      such as another person "falling in love" with YOUR BODY (and
      in love with the Life Energies, the feelings, connected to it)

      but NOT 'falling in Love' with YOU

                 (or rather 'rising in Love', would be the more
                  appropriate expression, if it existed, than the
                  common expression 'falling in love'),

                  in this case falling in love with YOUR BODY;

            and in the other direction, it leads to the confusion

      of you "falling in love" with someone's BODY (and its Life
      Energies, the feelings connected with it), rather than, again,
      'rising in Love' with some person.


For both persons involved, confusing someone's BODY for their SOUL, is
 often not merely disappointing, but becomes outright unpleasant or
 embarrassing, and


      - which is highly destructive to you,

        but that is what Criminal Minds (Sociopaths) are after:

            compromising your integrity.

           (Criminal Minds - "Well-Adjusted" Sociopaths - most
            strongly WANT that confusion to be in place,

             confusing soul with body,

            so that THEIR soul - their intentions and ideas about you
            and about others, their vampiring on you and on anyone -
            IS NOT DETECTED.  [FALEV] )




You want to be (to connect) with SOMEONE, and not just with a body,

      and - even when it could be, that your attention is mainly on
      someone's body -

      you still ARE with someone, and not just with their body.


After all, you are not a body but a soul - so all the things mentioned
 (and numbered 1. - 5. above), should not oppose each other, but work

 to achieve any actual joy of life - of course... [DSKEY]





      While at times it may seem, that your body is DICTATING you in
      the matter of sexual feelings, it is easily seen, that

 really it is HIDING SEX,

      that makes the matter not understood; it is HIDING SEX,

      that closes the gates to understanding; and it is HIDING SEX,

 that leads to those very disasters that Criminal Minds CLAIM "to want
 to prevent"

            - in fact they hide sex, to INTEND those very disasters
              to happen -

 ...by HIDING SEX.




That is as absurd, as hiding the nature of building materials for
 houses - with the result then, that

 the majority of houses is odd and unstable and may collapse, and not
 really what you desired to live in,

      while only a few houses 'miraculously' stand beautifully and
      for a long time.


It is my goal, as you know, for you to be able - and to have the
 possibility [DSKEY] - to fully enjoy life.


Koos Nolst Trenite 'Cause Trinity'
human rights philosopher and poet

                                            'Men of all nations came
                                       to listen to Solomon's wisdom,
                                  sent by all the kings of the world,
                                         who had heard of his wisdom.'

                                                        1 Kings 4:34


(a)   Your body is 'running on Life Energy' operating in structures
      of Life Energy, and acting upon the presence of molecules,


      and it is the LIFE ENERGY of your body, that must be kept in
      good shape, in order for your body to stay healthy.


      Simple, isn't it. But the medical profession is so much riddled
      with Criminal Minds, so deeply rooted in Criminal Minds, it has
      so many "Well-Adjusted" Sociopaths in its ranks and in its
      pedigree (in its past),

      that it (the health care profession itself and the wider income
      groups connected to it - it) REFUSES to assimilate and to use
      the data most vital for its patients,

            data that are known - AND REJECTED BY the Sociopaths in
            health care - since centuries, even since millennia.

      And (as their nature demands it - the nature of Sociopaths
      demands it, that) vital and simple truth is refused and denied
      forever, which again proves the point that is made here about
      the health care profession.


(b)   A danger alert about sexual attraction.

            [on Life Energy Vampirism]

      Criminal Minds are Vampires on your Energy, they have no love at
      all for you - no matter WHAT they may say to you, or no matter
      all the things they may do for you -

      they DO have vicious means of deceiving you into sexual
      attraction and into obtaining your (also your sexual) Energy,

            because they do not love you at all -  in fact, they could
            not care less about you, OTHER than to obtain your Energy,

      and they DO want you to be UNAWARE*(1) and to remain UNAWARE:

            They DO love to take your Life Energies away from you and
            to feel and use these "as their own," and as "not yours"

            - thus pretending YOUR qualities and YOUR abilities and
              YOUR feelings, to be "NOT YOURS but THEIR OWN" -

                  which means they are denying these to YOU, they will
                  deny it is yours, and it means they will DENY who
                  you really are, what YOUR qualities are.

                  This may be hard and very bitter to understand, for
                  you - as it was for me.

            It is the way they create their mask, and make themselves
            (also sexually) attractive to you

                  ...BY using your or someone else's sexual identity

                        which consists of Life Energy, that they
                        vampired off of others - taken from your very
                        best friends, or taken from you.  [PLDPE]

      Well, what else would you expect of a Criminal Mind? That he or
      she gives you your most precious, stolen Life Energies back?

            And that they "want to become normal now"

           "...if only you will now give him or her 'enough' (a vast
            amount) of your Loving and Caring Energy?" [PLDPE]


(c)   A musician (named Herve), once told me, that he had always been
      particularly attracted to women of a distinct body type:

      In Past Life Regression, he then found out, so he said, that
      HE HAD BEEN exactly such a woman, with such a body type that he
      always was attracted to.

      I knew him as an honest guy, and I had no reason to doubt his
      words or his Perception in this matter.

      'Herstel van iemands Herinneringsvermogen (ongeacht leeftijd,
       intelligentie, of opleiding)'
       (Fine Particle Physics of Memory: 'Repair of Anyone's Memory')
       {FPP 20121122-NL-V1.0}
        (22 november 2012)



(1)  'Unawareness, you know what that is? (Fine Particle Physics)'
      {FPP note 20110624-V1.0.2}
       (24 June 2011 - Version 1.0.2 on 24 Jun 2011)



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[DSKEY]' 'Purpose of Life' (Meaning of Life) Definition Complete Now
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Copyright 2011-2013 by Koos Nolst Trenite - human rights philosopher
 and poet
This is 'learnware' - it may not be altered, and it is free for
 anyone who learns from it and (even if he can not learn from it)
 who passes it on unaltered, and with this message included,
 to others who might be able to learn from it (but not to sociopaths
 specifically, because these vehemently oppose any true knowledge
 of life and about themselves).
None of my writings may be used, ever, to support any political
 or religious or scientific or artistic "agenda," but only to educate,
 and to encourage people to judge un-dominated and for themselves,
 about any organizations or individuals.
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