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Re: The "curse of inventors" which forces the progress along the "line of the highest resistance" (JP)

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Uncle Al

Oct 10, 2009, 2:39:24 PM10/10/09
"Prof. dr inz. Jan Pajak" wrote:
[snip crap]

> typical victims of the
> "curse of inventors" are all inventors of new peaceful devices which
> are vital for the progress of our civilisation,
[snip 300 lines of crap]

Pinch a soda straw. You now have a human-lethal weapon.

Shut up and ride the bus, shut up and get off the bus, or learn how to
drive a bus.

Uncle Al
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M Purcell

Oct 10, 2009, 2:49:27 PM10/10/09
On Oct 10, 11:39 am, Uncle Al <> wrote:
> "Prof. dr inz. Jan Pajak" wrote:
> [snip crap]
> > typical victims of the
> > "curse of inventors" are all inventors of new peaceful devices which
> > are vital for the progress of our civilisation,
> [snip 300 lines of crap]
> Pinch a soda straw.  You now have a human-lethal weapon.
> Shut up and ride the bus, shut up and get off the bus, or learn how to
> drive a bus.

A human-lethal weapon of mass destruction.


Oct 11, 2009, 11:37:13 AM10/11/09
On Fri, 09 Oct 2009 17:53:22 -0700, Prof. dr inz. Jan Pajak wrote:

> Fates of a number of quite famous victims of the "curse of inventors"

Prof. dr inz. Jan Pajak

Oct 11, 2009, 9:16:12 PM10/11/09
This post is an indication how viciously truth is persecuted on the
Earth and how difficult for truth is to break through blockades. After
all, this post explains persecution of people who morally advance
progress on our planet. This is probably why this post was forced to
be made twice. After the first posting it on 10 Oct. 2009, it was
available for one day only, amongst others at addresses
- for its English language version, and at
- for its Polish language version. Both these versions were deleted
already one day later (only that in the English version mischievous
comments with which this post was smeared were left). In turn it is
known, that in order to delete a post on this forum, it must be done
either by a person with rights of an administrator, or by something
with "supernatural powers" (e.g. I am unable do change or delete
myself any posts which I already uploaded onto the forum). So someone
with a significant powers does NOT want to allow that the truth from
this post is open to others. Of course, I am still going to try to
disseminate this truth. Therefore, herewith I am posting this message
for the second time. If it is also going to be deleted soon, then it
is worth to know, that a copy of this post is available on blogs of
totalizm - accessible through addresses listed near the end of this
post. So here is the content of this persecuted post about the
intentional suppression of moral progress of humanity:

* * *

The "curse of inventors" is a name to a paralysing avalanche of
continuous problems, disasters, and unpleasantness which falls on
heads of the most creative "progress makers". Victims of this curse
are all creative people who with their activities bring a real
progress to our civilisation. For example, typical victims of the

"curse of inventors" are all inventors of new peaceful devices which

are vital for the progress of our civilisation, discoverers of new and
productive phenomena, politicians and social activists who attempt to
introduce various more just and progressive social systems, managers
of institutions who try to make the production more modern, etc., etc.
For victims of this curse its action looks like a kind of very
vindictive and repressive "punishment" served to them by some
"supernatural power" for opposing to this power and introducing a kind
of progress to the humanity that is persecuted by this power. As such,
the "curse of inventors" is a highly mysterious phenomenon. After all,
it "punishes" with an iron consistency every morally acting "progress
maker". It is also responsible for stopping from introduction to life
countless urgently needed by people inventions, discoveries,
improvements, changes, modernisations, etc.

The extensive explanation of the "curse of inventors" is presented in
item #G1 from the totaliztic web page named "eco_cars.htm", and also
in item #K3 from the totaliztic web page named "fe_cell.htm". The
above description of this curse represent only a brief summary of this
mysterious phenomenon. The "curse of inventors" is also discussed in
items #B4 and #B5 of the totaliztic web page "will.htm", in item #B3
of the totaliztic web page "telekinetics.htm", in item #E1 of the
totaliztic web page "evolution.htm", and marginally it is also
mentioned on several further totaliztic web pages.

Fates of a number of quite famous victims of the "curse of inventors"

are also described on several totaliztic web pages. For example, fates
of (1) Rudolf Diesel (1858-1913) - the inventor of a most perfect car
engine, and (2) Jozef Ganz (1898-1967) - the inventor and designer of
an ancestor for the famous car "Beetle", are described in item #G2 of
the web page "eco_cars.htm" - the addresses of which are indicated
near the end of this post. The web page "newzealand_visit.htm" in item
#H1 describes the influence of the "curse of inventors" on fates met
by several inventors from New Zealand. The entire web page
"boiler.htm" describes the life and the struggle of another such New
Zealand victim of the curse. The web page "mozajski_uk.htm" explains
how, because of the action of this curse, the airplane must be
invented from the very beginning as many as 3 times by separate
inventors who did NOT knew about each other - before it became
acknowledged, repeated, and permanently implemented as the technical
accomplishment of humanity. In turn (3) from item #K3 of the
totaliztic web page "fe_cell.htm" describes how this "curse of
inventors" messed up the fate of inventor of the cinema camera - i.e.
someone named William Friese-Greene (1855-1921).

The principle of operation of this "supernatural power" which turns
inventors and discoverers into victims of the "curse of inventors", is
very simple. Namely, this power intentionally controls the fate and
the course of life of a given creative person in such a manner, that
this person in its path through the life continually encounters the
greatest possible obstacles which is able to create the society in
which a given inventor lives and works. In other words, this
"supernatural power" forces a given inventor to move in his life along
the so-called "line of the highest resistance". This forcing to follow
the path of the "highest possible resistance" depends on placing such
a creative person under the control of superiors, and on making him
depended on people, who in the social circle in which this inventor
lives have the lowest level of morality (i.e. who in their personal
lives practice the philosophy named "parasitism" - described on the
web page "parasitism.htm"). Means, the entire creative life of such an
inventor or progress maker is ruled by people who either have small
minds, are simply stupid, jealous, or bullish, have some personal
complexes, phobias, or metal problems, or they tend to scorn at
capabilities of others, etc., etc. This forcing depends also on such
directing a given inventor, that he experiences all resistance and
obstacles which exist in a given society. For example, it may depend
on continuous putting a given "progress maker " into life situations
which are the least suitable for implementing goals that this person
tries to achieve. In the result of such an intentional directing the
life of a given "progress maker ", in his path through life he is
encountering and forced to overcome the highest possible resistance
that the society and conditions in which he lives is able to create on
his path to the goal.

On a separate web page named "totalizm.htm" is presented a new
philosophy of everyday living called "totalizm". The extraordinary
aspect of this philosophy is that it explains the dependence of the
fate of people from a level in which these people implement in their
actions the work of three moral quantities - which by the philosophy
of totalizm are called the: "moral field", "moral energy", and "moral
laws". (The most brief explanation possible, what are these three
moral quantities, is provided in item #C1 of the totaliztic web page
named "stawczyk_uk.htm".) One amongst principles of acting (laws)
which iron obedience in human lives the philosophy of totalizm is
recommending to us, states that every human action is morally the more
correct, the more steeply it climbs uphill in the "moral field " along
the so-called "line of the highest intellectual resistance". (This is
because the "line of the highest intellectual resistance" represents
the most steep slope of the so-called "moral field" - for the
comprehensive description of the "moral field" and the above principle
of action that is recommended by the philosophy of totalizm, see
subsection A4.1 from volume 1 of the monograph [8/2] entitled
"Totalizm" - available free of charge from the web page
"text_8_2.htm".) The same philosophy of totalizm explains also that
progress making for the good of human civilisation is one amongst the
most morally correct activities. Because every morally correct action
must climb uphill in the "moral field" (means it must follow the path
along this "line of the highest resistance"), this means that on the
path of every person which makes progress for the good of humanity,
continually must appear various obstacles which form such a "line of
the highest resistance". In turn such obstacles continually placed on
the path of people who make progress, cause this unpleasant phenomenon
that is described here under name of the "curse of inventors".

Philosophical deductions of the previous paragraph clearly indicate
that from the point of view of the philosophy of totalizm this forcing
the "progress makers " to follow the "line of the greatest resistance"
is only a kind of continually repeated moral "lesson" or "message"
which tries to realise to people that there is such a thing as "moral
field" and that tries to illustrate the operation of "moral laws"
which require 'every moral action to climb uphill in the "moral field"
- means every moral behaviour must be implemented along the "line of
highest intellectual resistance" '. Because in the human society this
"line of the highest resistance" is always formed by actions of
individuals with the lowest level of personal morality, this
stubbornly repeated moral "lesson" or "message" states something along
the line that "what you people can accomplish as a society or a
civilisation, is defined by the level of morality amongst least moral
members of your society". In other words, this stubbornly repeated to
us "lesson" or "message" tries to illustrate to us that the "level of
life of all people does NOT depend on the level of morality in people
at the top, but on the level of morality of people at the very
bottom". Therefore, in order to lift the level of living of the
humanity, is NOT enough to concentrate (as so far) on the increase of
morality of the people at the top, but on the increase of morality of
people at the very bottom of the social pyramid. This is a shocking
moral lesson the acknowledging of which, as so far, the humanity
refuses decisively.

In my opinion this "supernatural power" which stands behind the "curse
of inventors", and also behind all other phenomena which hold back the
progress of humanity, will trouble people with this "line of the
highest resistance" for as long as we all comprehend finally the moral
lesson which is expressed in this way, and we all start to implement
this moral lesson in our everyday lives. This practically means, that
soon the technical progress of humanity will diminish completely.
Instead of creating and implementing new inventions and principles of
operation, scientists and engineers will just "churn" repetitively the
same old ideas and principles. After all, already now in some
countries no breakthrough inventions can be implemented to mass
production, because the moral level of the society so escalated the
"line of the highest resistance", that creators of breakthrough
inventions in there are unable to break themselves through obstacles
which hinder their goals. Even if an inventor builds there a working
prototype of his breakthrough invention, still these amongst his
countrymen who form the "line of the highest resistance" are rendering
his life so unpleasant and so difficult, that he is unable to
implement his invention to a mass production. In the result, instead
of breakthrough inventions and discoveries that constitute a "real
progress" described in the next paragraph, only the "false progress"
is introduced in there. Also it is clearly visible, that the
escalation of the "line of the highest resistance" is just occurring
in practically all countries of the world. Thus, the impossibility of
implementing new breakthrough inventions and discoveries, and the
replacement of "real progress" by just a "false progress", soon is
going to prevail on practically the entire Earth.

A problem with "progress" depends on the fact, that - like everything
in our physical world, it can be "falsified". A best example of the
"false progress" which we see almost everyday, is the "progress" in
the so-called "car industry". This is because when we watch television
or read newspapers, we are bombarded with noisy claims of supposed
"progress" that various car producers introduced to their models. But
if we scientifically analyse what their "progress" really is, then it
turns out that it represents just a different use of the same
principles of operation and phenomena which we already well knew for
at least one hundred years. In other words, the "false progress" is
the name which we can use for all improvements which represent just
different applications of principles and phenomena that are known to
the humanity already for a long time. The "false progress" is "looking
in past" and instead of lifting our civilisation to a higher level of
development, it causes that the civilisation continually trots in
almost the same place. Of course, the example of the "car industry"
indicated here is just one amongst countless examples of the "false
progress". In reality almost everything that "new" happens around us,
including into this all present "cosmic programmes" and the huge
majority of scientific research, practically represents another
examples of such "false progress". Of course, creators of the "false
progress" do NOT experience the action of the "curse of inventors".
Rather opposite. They are rewarded by the "curse of inventors" because
due to forming with their activities a "smoke screen of a false
progress" which keeps decision makers and politicians in belief that
there is a progress in areas where the true progress is none, they
actually prevent the occurrence of the "real progress" on the Earth.

A completely different matter is the "real progress". This one does
NOT "chew" again and again principles and phenomena that are already
known to us for a long time. It discovers and introduces to the use
completely new principles and phenomena. Therefore, instead of drawing
from the past - as this is done by the "false progress", it provides
for the future. Unfortunately, examples of such "real progress" appear
on the Earth extremely rarely. It is its creators that are always
heavily punished by the "curse of inventors".

The learning about the existence and work of the "curse of inventors"
is the source of various benefits for every person. Thus let us list
here at least the most vital out of these benefits:

For inventors and progress makers, learning that such a curse does
exist, and getting to know how it works, brings a significant relief
from "tortures" which they experience. After all, it realises that
such their "tortures" are justified, that in spite of affecting
painfully every inventor, these "tortures" serve to a higher good and
goal, and that in spite of the taste of "punishment" and "injustice",
problems of these inventors are going to be "compensated" one day.

For those awaiting the completion of specific inventions and
discoveries, learning this curse allows to understand why development
of even small inventions, or dissemination of even insignificant
discoveries, takes so much time and encounters so many obstacles.
After all, the implementing these inventions and discoveries must
overcome countless obstructions and problems which immoral people
continually erect on their path.

For people of good will who intend to improve the situation of our
civilisation, the learning of principles of the "curse of inventors"
allows to understand, that the situation of all of us is going to
improve only when the morality of people with the lowest moral stand
and with the "parasitic philosophy" is improved. Thus, instead of
separating with borders the rich from poor, rather borders should be
removed. Instead of exploiting the weak and defenceless, they rather
should be supported and helped. Instead of cutting off the access of
underprivileged to knowledge, rather this access should be made
easier. Etc., etc.

* * *

The above post is adopted from items #G1 to #G7 of the totaliztic web
page named "eco_cars.htm", update dated on 7 October 2009, or later.
The latest update of the web page "eco_cars.htm" can be viewed,
amongst others, at following totaliztic web sites:
It is also worth to notice that practically all totaliztic web pages
are available at each web site of totalizm. Therefore, independently
from the web page "eco_cars.htm", each address (web site) indicated
above also offers all other web pages of totalizm - unless some of
these web pages just were sabotaged, or are so new that I had no time
yet to upload these at a given address (server). (But in a case when
for some reasons a page is unavailable under a given address, still at
this address a MENU should be available which has links to all other
totaliztic addresses (servers), on which a given web page should
already be accessible.) Thus, if someone wishes to view descriptions
from any other totaliztic web page, e.g. from a web page listed in
this post, or listed in other totaliztic posts, then in the above
addresses the name "eco_cars.htm" is just enough to exchange for a
name of the web page that he or she wishes to view, e.g. for the name
of web page "prophecies.htm", "bitwa_o_milicz_uk.htm", "healing.htm",
"oscillatory_chamber.htm", "eco_cars.htm", "boiler.htm",
"fe_cell.htm", "free_energy.htm", "telekinetics.htm",
"dipolar_gravity.htm", "nirvana.htm", "totalizm.htm", "evil.htm",
"god.htm", "god_proof.htm", "bible.htm", "evolution.htm",
"wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm", "malbork_uk.htm", "memorial.htm",
"newzealand.htm", "partia_totalizmu_uk.htm", "fruit.htm",
"text_1_5.htm", "explain.htm", "day26.htm", "ufo_proof.htm",
"katrina.htm", etc., etc.

The above post represents another item in a long series of discussions
on most vital extensions and improvements introduced to totaliztic web
pages. Each improvement to a totaliztic web page is always subjected
to a public discussion, so that readers can contribute towards making
it even better. The addresses at which readers can find all threads of
discussions carried out so-far on improvements introduced to
totaliztic web pages, are listed in item #E2 from the web page
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the web page "faq.htm" can be viewed at following totaliztic web
I invite to use these addresses in order to find faster and to read
quicker the outcomes of discussions on newest topics from totaliztic
web pages.

Each topic of totaliztic discussion, including this one, is also
repeated on several blogs of totalizm (this post carries in there the
number #174E). These blogs of totalizm can be viewed through following
internet addresses:
On these blogs were already published other posts which concerned the
"curse of inventors", e.g. see there posts #114E or #164E.

With the totaliztic salute,
Jan Pajak

Prof. dr inz. Jan Pajak

Oct 12, 2009, 9:57:46 PM10/12/09

Problem with the present definition of "progress" is that it includes
everything that is newly developed. This is why in my post I indicated
that there is a "real progress" - which moves us uphill in the "moral
field", and a "false progress" - which slides us downhill in the
"moral field". The "false progress" is detrimental for the humanity.
Examples of damaging for the humanity cases of such "false progress"
could be: the introduction of cigarettes and smoking, the introduction
of pesticides in agriculture, the introduction of MMP ("Mixed Member
Proportional") electoral system in politics (which opens doors to
government for non-elected politicians), the theory of relativity
(which blocks the progress in many areas of physics - for details see
caption under "Fig. #G2b" on the totaliztic web page "evil.htm"), the
development of new kinds of deadly weapons, and many other. The "curse
of inventors", which I am describing in this post - and also in items
#G1 to #G7 of the totaliztic web page "eco_cars.htm" (e.g. see ), is "punishing" makers of the "real
progress" only. But the same "curse of inventors" is "rewarding" the
makers of "false progress" - because these ones hold back the
advancement of humanity and escalate barbarism amongst people. This is
why, amongst others, effects of the "curse of inventors" can be
utilised, amongst others, for determining a real value of something
newly introduced to our civilisation. Namely, if the creator(s) of
this something newly introduced is/are rewarded by the "curse of
inventors", it means that this new development is actually detrimental
for our civilisation and in a long-run will cause much more damage and
destruction than good.

Autymn D. C.

Oct 13, 2009, 10:13:46 PM10/13/09
knew -> know
metal -> mental
which makes -> who makes
he or she -> one
faster -> swifter -> shortlier

Supernatural can't interact with natural.

supernatural -> præternatural

Prof. dr inz. Jan Pajak

Oct 14, 2009, 8:59:55 PM10/14/09
On Oct 14, 3:13 pm, "Autymn D. C." <> wrote:

> Supernatural can't interact with natural.

Thank you for voicing your opinion. Unfortunately, your statement that
"Supernatural can't interact with natural." is just that - i.e. an
opinion unsupported by any evidence. I am aware that many people
adhere to such an opinion, and this is why I published this post and
also indicated evidence which certifies otherwise. Namely, the "curse
of inventors" is one amongst best examples of evidence which confirms
the shocking truth that the "supernatural does interact with natural"
in much more ways than we can imagine. The problem is that this
"supernatural" carries out these interactions in almost undetectable
manner - after all, this is why it is called "supernatural".
Therefore, if we look at cases when this interaction happens, we
believe that these cases are just "unfortunate coincidents" or
"accidents". However, if we review a whole history of similar cases
which affect numerous individuals with the comparable behaviours, then
we begin to detect clear "trends" which cannot represent just
"coincidents" because they are too persistent and work repetitively
with an "iron hand". Just such persistent "trends" form the "curse of
inventors" I described in my original post. Thus, these "trends"
constitute the evidence that "supernatural actually does interact with
natural". I can certify for this interaction, because I myself am an
"inventor" - e.g. I invented (amongst others) the interstellar
spaceship called the "Magnocraft" and the energy accumulator called
the "Oscillatory Chamber" - you can learn about these my inventions by
typing their names for keywords in any search engine, e.g. in,
and then look at web pages which are to be indicated. In addition I
developed the "theory of everything" called the "Concept of Dipolar
Gravity" (also described in Internet), which explains to us "what
supernatural actually is, and how it interacts with humans". Thus, the
evidence concerning the "curse of inventors" I know "first hand" from
my own experience, and only later I extended it by analysing fate of
numerous other inventors. It is the "curse of inventors" that stopped
me from completion of NOT only the "Magnocraft" and the "Oscillatory
Chamber", but also my "time vehicle" described e.g. on web pages and

Marcin B.,Bydgoszcz

Oct 22, 2009, 2:12:14 AM10/22/09
I have observed some important things which are in opposition to
theory,that "Maximal troubles which inventors are meeting in all their
life are caused by God's intention" This are information from the most
important ufologists,like RIP. Carla Turner,Budd Hopkins,John
Mack:conclusion of their investigations is :Our planet is an area of
invisible war -totalistic,good cyvilisations versus confederation of
occupation aliens,like Greys,Reptilians.Nowdays bad side of this
"conflict" is dominating over our political leaders,world goverment
(yes, It really exist!)and sending to them anti-totaliztic
philosophy,named New World Order(modern kind of facism).Each
inventor,and each revolution in technology ,like free
energy ,magnocrafts and many others are disturbing to them.Their (our
leaders inspired by ufo-occupants) philosophy is "NO ANY
CHANGE" .Changes are dangerous for our ufo-occupants ,because it make
people of the world closer and closer to undercover fact of OCCUPATION
our planet. They are afraid of this .And this is the reason of big
inventors trouble .Modern technology of ufo-nauts can mannipulate of
global thinking,and their main aim are minds of inventors .Alien
mannipulations give effect ,and every inventor has big trouble to
propagate and improve new,revolution technologies.Author of this
article ,J.Pajak is an example of this(to read describe of his
troubles look at his internet pages)Sorry,but I don't see "God's
hand"in this situation.M.Bliskowski,Bydgoszcz,Poland
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