(rev 1.5) First Correct Human Rights Declaration - ARTICLE TWO and Preamble - {HRD-02 20100102-V1.5}

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Koos Nolst Trenite

Jul 8, 2010, 1:05:10 AM7/8/10
The First Correct Human Rights Declaration: ARTICLE TWO

2 January 2010
{HRD-02 20100102-V1.5}

(Version 1.5
on 8 Jul 2010)



Preamble and Article Two


ARTICLE TWO is, summarized:

Everyone has the right, audibly or visually to communicate
constructively - and in an educated, or informed, or observing
way - to others and to the society, about any matter and about
any person; and doing so, will by its very nature offend some
individuals and some, possibly even large, groups.

ARTICLE TWO consists however of all its sections, which are given

You and others might do well, to carry a copy with them
(in your own language, of course), in situations where
this Right might be curbed, but where you can bring about

by letting people of reason or people with respect for
reason, calmly read this, and then by demanding they act
with reason or respectably - because it does profoundly
appeal to the basic qualities of the soul of all respect-
able people.




Human Rights have to be well enough connected to Life itself,
in order to have any real value, in order to be followed and to
be enforceable and enforced.

Luck has it, for you, now, that - though YOU do not anymore
understand Life itself, I still do, or rather - I have regained
that understanding and knowledge,

due to my being gifted in Love, in Beauty and in Truth, above

So much so and solely because of that, it came about that
I desired and then could and then did, in two-third of a
life time, pull myself out of your very poor, and mostly
false and destructive "understanding" of Life.


While Ms Roosevelt may have played an active and admirable role,
to have the old 'Universal Declaration of Human Rights' ready
and adopted globally,

exactly at my day of birth, on 10 December 1948,

she, Ms Roosevelt, had no clue about Life nor about her famous
husband, 'World War Two president' "FDR" Roosevelt, to any
amount required,

but, one can run, one can speak, and one can love, without
knowing anything about how or why running, or speaking, or
loving, works as it does - and some even prefer not to know.

She, the 'mother of the old Universal Declaration of Human
Rights,' and her helpers of that time, are, in any case, very
warmly thanked for their enthusiasm and for their strong efforts
- they gave all they could, and they gave it with the best of
their intentions - which are appreciated.

But again:


Human Rights have to be well enough connected to Life itself,
in order to have any real value so that they can be followed,
and so that they are also naturally enforceable, and enforced.

So here we go (as I promised some time ago, I would write these
for you), with Article Two.



2. ARTICLE TWO {HRD-02} of the First Correct Human Rights Declaration



2.a. Everyone has the right to communicate audibly or visually
- in a constructive way and while being either educated in
or informed about or observing, the matter communicated
about - to those around him and to the society,

and regardless about what matter or about which person,

and whether that offends anybody in any position, has no
bearing on the action whatsoever, because it is a natural
and most valuable, constructive part of this Human Right:
the Right to point out especially those truths, that are
likely to make some feel offended.

Any such communication will ALWAYS be offensive to SOME
individuals or groups, and occasionally even to large

2.b. When the offended then turn violent, it does NOT mean, that
delivering the communication, or the communication itself
"is destructive," BUT it DOES mean, that the offended are
destructive - thus it is those offended, who have to be
censured, REGARDLESS of their social position:

A person who cannot hear the truth, or who even feels, that
he has to act criminally upon hearing it, must not be in a
position of authority, anyway.

And truth happens to be indelible, and thus absolute:
Truth is 'Who did what with what intention,' and that can
thus be spoken, and heard.

Criminal Minds however, want all that "seen in reverse,"
and THEY claim, for instance, that 'exposing the truth of
their Hate,' "IS an act of Hate ...AGAINST THEM."

You have to know about these types of individuals, that
they want to feel and see (and make others feel and see)
things and people with THE REVERSE of what is the truth
about those.

2.c. People who are deceived into actively fighting for the lies
of others, and are deceived into feeling "just and honest"
about that, those are most easily and "very righteously"
offended by any truthful statement on the subject, and they
are most likely, to express their feelings with Hate (with
violent Energy) or with their Hate turned into physical

In particular those, whose thinking and feeling and
perception in general, is strongly dominated and blinded by
Criminal Minds, and who thus admire, defend or even work
for Criminal Minds, will feel most intensely offended by
any communication to them, or to others, of the truth.

Criminal Minds by definition want to have truth kept
hidden, or not observed, or not understood, and replaced.

2.d. Also Criminal Minds themselves, will pretend to be heavily
offended, or will encourage others to feel very offended
(and will encourage others to express it by means of Hate
or physical violence) as long as those Criminal Minds
believe, that such a display or an attitude of 'being
personally or collectively offended,' will aid them in
continuing to dominate the perception and the feelings and
thus the actions of others.

2.e. Criminal Minds use "being offended" as a tool, to dominate
others into not looking at them and others, to not see them
and others as they actually are; and they use it as a tool
to prevent the exchange of observations and feelings
between people, to make people "keep things to themselves,"
and claim that to be a "virtue showing 'character' and
'social judgment'."

That (really looking at people, and exchanging observations
made, even when only telepathically exchanged) IS BY
DEFINITION offensive to Criminal Minds, and to their

Giving in to their demand, however, and thus NOT LOOK at
Criminal Minds, or hiding your observations, causes maybe
the most damage to yourself and to the society.

2.f. Nobody is, regarding all areas and all people, free of
significant lies taken over from others; and those lies,
that are of significance and importance, one will in some
way fight for; and you will thus initially oppose, and
quite possibly feel offended by, constructive - and
educated, or informed or observing - communications about

2.g. While destructive, un-educated and un-informed and
un-observing communications, may be ignored, or are maybe
tolerated to serve judging the originator accordingly,

that type of communication however, is NOT a Human Right,
and one can thus NOT claim, or demand or enforce such an
activity as "being one's Human Right" - or insist, that
someone else must be allowed that, as a "Human Right,"

ALSO NOT IN AN ASSEMBLY, nor when some local or national
"law," or a tribal custom, demands it;

because it would be the demand, that "others must not care
about the intention (and in this case the destructive
intention) of a person's communication," or

that knowledge of the true intention of a person's
communication, "must not be acted upon."

2.h. A considerable number of social customs are designed and
enforced by Criminal Minds,

in order to prevent, to smother or to crush the very
necessary and vital exchange of constructive - and educated
or informed or observing - communications between people:

The most vital communications, including your most compel-
ling feelings and your most fundamental thoughts and your
emotionally strongest observations,

are PREVENTED or SMOTHERED or RIDICULED, by means of social
customs that Criminal Minds have introduced - into the
society, or inside a family or group - and that they
enforce in their area of influence, by NOT associating the
originating or enforcing Criminal Mind with Evil, BUT the
very opposite, by associating the lack of following the
custom, with Evil.

2.i. The right to talk in a constructive manner, with knowledge
or observation, and regardless of the subject or of persons
- you know very well as a Human Right:

It feels very natural because it is anchored in your soul.

And you know equally, in your soul, if you are not fully
dominated by them, you know, that Criminal Minds will
REVERSE this natural right:

They intend and bring about, that "you have NO right to
observe, or to talk about your observations to others;"

and on the other hand, they are insisting, that "they and
their 'friends,' DO have 'the right' to give you or others
FALSE data and MALICIOUS viewpoints."

2.j. Criminal Minds will thus create, build up, and organize
opposition to this Human Right - they will enforce a
DENIAL of this Human Right - and they do so always by
painting 'an "outside" world' of "hostile people,"
of "opponents," that "you should not inform of constructive
viewpoints, nor of truthful data," but they always are
describing only THEMSELVES, Criminal Minds.

Criminal Minds have everything in reverse:

Others "must NOT be informed correctly" - not correctly
about Criminal Minds, nor correctly about decent people -
"because people will use such knowledge against us,"

and instead "people SHOULD be informed falsely, to give
them the illusion of 'being informed', and that is the way
to 'govern' them or 'handle' them."

2.k. Criminal Minds, for the same purpose, demand secrecy
agreements or secrecy laws to be abusively applied;

and similarly, they abuse emotional bonds to enforce
secrecy, between friends, or between professionals, or
between family members, or between members of the same
school of thought or religion, demanding "brotherhood."

2.l. And Criminal Minds go past merely demanding secrecy, they
devise and command activities that create and communicate
FALSE data and MALICIOUS viewpoints, in order thus to
effectively hide or oppose truthful data and constructive

They oppose this Human Right BY creating and demanding the
communication of false data and malicious viewpoints, and

by demanding THAT to be "a Human Right of free speech,"
they REVERSE the natural intention of this Human Right,
and so destroy it.


ARTICLE TWO can be summarized, for instance as:

Everyone has the right, audibly or visually to communicate
constructively and in an educated, or informed or observing
way, to others and to the society, about any matter or person

- a Human Right, that will by its nature offend those groups
and those individuals, who wish, that others (and even they
themselves) are NOT educated or NOT well-informed or NOT
observing in a constructive way about some subject or
regarding some person (or also regarding themselves).

ARTICLE TWO does consist however of the complete amount of sections,
given above, which in the current version are numbered 2.a. to 2.l.


Koos Nolst Trenite 'Cause Trinity'
human rights philosopher and poet

'Men of all nations came
to listen to Solomon's wisdom,
sent by all the kings of the world,
who had heard of his wisdom.'

1 Kings 4:34

Background note:

The First Correct Human Rights Declaration (HRD),
is the result of all the work given to you
as the Human Rights Issues (HRI's) and
as Fine Particle Physics (FPP).


(may be added as the text indicates)


'First Correct Human Rights Declaration - ARTICLE ONE and
{HRD-01 20091223-V1.1}
(23 December 2009 - Version 1.1 on 25 Dec 2009)
for instance at:

(more references as applicable)



Copyright 2010 by Koos Nolst Trenite - human rights philosopher
and poet
This is 'learnware' - it may not be altered, and it is free for
anyone who learns from it and (even if he can not learn from it)
who passes it on unaltered, and with this message included,
to others who might be able to learn from it (but not to sociopaths
specifically, because these vehemently oppose any true knowledge
of life and about themselves).
None of my writings may be used, ever, to support any political
or religious or scientific or artistic "agenda," but only to educate,
and to encourage people to judge un-dominated and for themselves,
about any organizations or individuals.
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