Yet more of my philosophy about the next industrial revolution and about,Exascale supercomputers and more..

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Mar 5, 2022, 12:26:04 PMMar 5

More of my philosophy about the next industrial revolution and about
Exascale supercomputers and more..

I am a white arab from Morocco, and i think i am smart since i have also
invented many scalable algorithms and algorithms..

I think i am smart, and as you have just noticed that i have just
posted about the Brian Wang's new article about China and artificial
intelligence and computer chips etc., you can read about
it on my thoughts in the following web link here:

And here is my other thoughts about the next industrial revolution and
about Exascale supercomputers etc. that are related to my previous post
on the Brian Wang's new article about China:

Behind Intel’s HPC Chip that Will Pierce the Exascale Barrier,
Ponte Vecchio packs in a lot of silicon to power the Aurora supercomputer

"On Monday, Intel unveiled new details of the processor that will power
the Aurora supercomputer, which is designed to become one of the first
U.S.-based high-performance computers (HPCs) to pierce the exaflop
barrier—a billion billion high-precision floating-point calculations per

Read more here:

And i invite you to read my following thoughts about the revolution of
Exascale supercomputers:

I have just talked about the next industrial revolution, read my below
thoughts about it, but i will talk now about the revolution of Exascale
supercomputers, so here is my thoughts about it:

More of philosophy about China and Exascale supercomputers..

China has already reached Exascale - on two separate systems

Read more here:

And in USA Intel's Aurora Supercomputer Now Expected to Exceed 2
ExaFLOPS Performance

Read more here:

But Exascale supercomputers will also allow to construct an accurate map
of the brain that allows to "reverse" engineer or understand the brain,
read the following so that to notice it:

“If we don’t improve today’s technology, the compute time for a whole
mouse brain would be something like 1,000,000 days of work on current
supercomputers. Using all of Aurora, if everything worked beautifully,
it could still take 1,000 days.” Nicola Ferrier, Argonne senior computer

Read more here so that to understand:

Also Exascale supercomputers will allow researchers to tackle problems
which were impossible to simulate using the previous generation of
machines, due to the massive amounts of data and calculations involved.

Small modular nuclear reactor (SMR) design, wind farm optimization and
cancer drug discovery are just a few of the applications that are
priorities of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Exascale Computing
Project. The outcomes of this project will have a broad impact and
promise to fundamentally change society, both in the U.S. and abroad.

Read more here:

Also the goal of delivering safe, abundant, cheap energy from fusion is
just one of many challenges in which exascale computing’s power may
prove decisive. That’s the hope and expectation. Also to know more about
the other benefits of using Exascale computing power, read more here:

More of my philosophy about the next industrial revolution and more..

Read my following writing and thoughts about the next industrial revolution:

Technology in 2025: Prepare for the fourth industrial revolution

Read more here:

Thank you,
Amine Moulay Ramdane.

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