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Gil Jesus

Apr 16, 2010, 6:56:05 AM4/16/10


Apr 16, 2010, 8:35:32 AM4/16/10
On Apr 16, 8:56 pm, Gil Jesus <gjjm...@aol.com> wrote:
> http://www.blackopradio.com/black470b.ram

LOL! I think that THAT effort hardly exposed him.

BTW, it was interesting in that it exposed that Jim DiEugenio doesn't
know what he is talking about.

After making some generalised statement about how it was ABSURD that
Oswald could've missed Maj. General Edwin Walker from a range of 25
yards, yet have hit JFK, DiEugenio claimed that General Walker said
that the bullet *he dug out of the wall* was not the same bullet that
the WC showed him.

Now, whilst Walker DID later claim that it was a different bullet, he
certainly never *dug* any bullet out of the wall. The bullet in
question went RIGHT THRU a nine inch masonary wall, after first
crashing through the crosspiece of a wooden screen covering a window,
through the sash of the window, nicking the glass and cracking it and
then slightly wounding Walker in the right arm with debris, before
hitting the wall above Walker's head.

In fact, the bullet ONLY came to rest because Walker had a number of
heavy boxes of pamphlets stacked against the other side of the wall in
question and this is where DPD officers found it.

Of course, the behaviour of the Walker bullet is a PERFECT precursor
for the behavior of the SBT, so DiEugenio has to make up some nonsense
that Walker *dug (it) out of the wall* LOL!

His other nonsense about how Oswald could've missed is adequately
explained by Walker himself, but DiEugenio is never going to tell a
novice like Osanic that.

These people barely know what they're talking about, LOL!


Tim Brennan
Sydney, Australia
*Newsgroup(s) Commentator*

David Von Pein

Apr 16, 2010, 11:15:27 AM4/16/10


I discovered today that James "OSWALD SHOT NOBODY" DiEugenio wasn't
satisfied with embarrassing himself in print form only, via his
hilarious CTKA.net article [http://ctka.net/2010/dvp.html], which is
Jim's so-called "overview of the Internet career of the man many call
Disinformation Dave" (that would be me).

No, Jim decided to embarrass himself (and his riotous "Oswald Was
Innocent Of Killing Both Kennedy AND Tippit" theories) even further by
traipsing out his CTKA.net article about me on "Black Op Radio" on
April 15, 2010 (linked above), two days after the article appeared in
print form on his website.

Now, I must admit, I actually did fully expect DiEugenio to talk about
that DVP article on Len Osanic's weekly retard-fest (aka "Black Op
Radio") when I first saw he had put it up on his website. He had even
informed the three Black Op listeners on April 8th that the article
was coming soon to his conspiracy-oriented site at CTKA.net.

But when I heard James D. starting to read verbatim passages of the
written article during the April 15th radio program (which he also
does, btw, with all of the parts of his never-ending book review for
Vincent Bugliosi's "Reclaiming History" as well--i.e., he usually
reads text, word-for-word, from his written articles on the air), I
could hardly believe my ears. It was very difficult to keep seated in
my chair, I was laughing so hard.

Why was I laughing?

Well, it's pretty simple actually, and if you saw my written rebuttal
to DiEugenio's smear piece, which is linked below, I think you'll
easily be able to understand why my weak urinary bladder was given a
hearty workout when listening to J.D. on the radio on April 15:


I'm beginning to seriously wonder if it is truly humanly POSSIBLE for
a person like Jim DiEugenio to NOT realize he's making a total fool
out of himself when he says things like the following (these are all
direct quotes from James "OSWALD SHOT NOBODY ON NOVEMBER 22"

"To understand Von Pein, one has to go back to his online, forum
appearance on the JFK Lancer site back in 2003. .... In July of that
year, he proclaimed Oswald guilty through what he termed a "mountain
of evidence." He then asked, how much of this overwhelming tidal wave
of proof would it take to convince a person out of the notion of
conspiracy? Quite a thunderous build up eh?

"But...Von Pein's "mountain of evidence" consisted of the
mildewed litany of discredited Warren Commission data. Which, of
course, is not a mountain. It's more like the San Andreas Fault. He
began with the...specious notion that Oswald owned the rifle; and he
ended with the equally specious notion that Oswald could have run down
from the sixth floor to the second in time to be seen by Marrion Baker
and Roy Truly right after the assassination.

"Some of the gems in between were that Oswald definitely killed
Officer Tippit and that he also attempted to kill General Edwin
Walker. My favorite point was this: "the Single Bullet Theory has
still not been proven to be an impossibility." I guess he thinks that
if it's not impossible, that means it happened. ....

"Von Pein even wrote that at Z frame 224, both Kennedy and John
Connally were reacting to the same bullet. .... In reality Kennedy is
reacting and Connally is not. With a straight face, at the end of this
"mountainous" listing, Von Pein wrote, "For aren't hard facts and
evidence always more believable than wild speculation and

[End DiEugenio Hilarity, for the moment.]

We should pause about three minutes here for the laughs to die down.

The laughs began when DiEugenio suggested, in essence, that all
reasonable people should just COMPLETELY IGNORE all of the evidence in
the John F. Kennedy and J.D. Tippit murder cases. That's essentially
what he just said in those quoted excerpts above.

In other words, per Jim, ALL of the evidence is fake and/or not to be
trusted in some manner. Every last piece of it is worthless to Jim D.,
including all of the following items:

1.) The guns that were used to kill JFK and Tippit (both of which were
Lee Harvey Oswald's guns, of course).

2.) The bullet fragments that were found right in the Presidential
limousine itself, which are fragments that were linked conclusively to
OSWALD'S rifle, of course. And virtually no conspiracy theorist that
I've ever heard of has ever suggested that these bullet fragments from
Rifle C2766 were planted or tainted in some way.

(Note -- I won't talk about Stretcher Bullet CE399 here, although I
certainly could include it in this list of evidence that hangs
DiEugenio's prized patsy, because there hasn't been a conspiracy
theorist yet who has come up with a single bit of PROOF to show that
CE399 was a "planted" bullet. But as this extensive list shows, even
WITHOUT Bullet CE399, there is still more than enough evidence that
proves Oswald's guilt beyond all reasonable doubt.)

3.) The bullet shells FROM OSWALD'S GUNS that littered the scenes of
BOTH murders (JFK's and Tippit's).

4.) The palmprint and fingerprints found on the C2766 Carcano rifle,
which were proven to be OSWALD'S prints [CE637; WC testimony of Lt.
J.C. Day; WC testimony of Sebastian Latona; and Vincent Scalice's 1993
analysis of the fingerprints found on the trigger housing of Carcano
rifle #C2766.]

5.) The fingerprints of OSWALD'S which were found all over the
Sniper's Nest on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository
(which is the place where JFK's killer was firing a rifle from).

6.) The paper bag found in the Sniper's Nest (with OSWALD'S prints on
it in two places).

7.) The fiber evidence on the C2766 rifle and inside the brown paper
bag (which were fibers consistent with OSWALD'S guilt, of course).

8.) And OSWALD'S own LIES that he told practically non-stop from the
moment he was arrested.


9.) I guess we're even supposed to IGNORE the fact that Oswald, a
person whom DiEugenio says didn't shoot ANYBODY on November 22 and
therefore would likely have had no reason to START killing cops just
35 minutes after Officer Tippit was shot and only 80 minutes after JFK
was assassinated, fought like mad and pulled a loaded revolver out of
his pants in the Texas Theater, while at the same time shouting "This
is it" and/or "It's all over now".

I wonder how Jim DiEugenio explains Oswald's odd behavior in the
theater at 1:50 PM CST on November 22nd, which is behavior that has an
ARMED Lee Harvey Oswald fighting the police like a wild man while
making statements like "It's all over now"?

Is that the behavior of an innocent "patsy" who didn't fire a single
shot at President Kennedy OR Officer Tippit? Jim DiEugenio apparently
thinks so.

And Oswald isn't armed with just any old revolver when he was fighting
with the police on November 22 in the Texas Theater. No, he had in his
hands the EXACT SAME GUN that was proven to be the gun that murdered
Officer J.D. Tippit just THIRTY-FIVE MINUTES before Oswald pulled that
Smith & Wesson revolver out of his pants.

And yet DiEugenio still thinks Oswald was innocent of shooting Tippit.
Pathetic, isn't it? Yes, it is.

DiEugenio, in both his written article and his April 15 Black Op
appearance, also spends considerable time trying to cast mysterious
shadows over Stretcher Bullet CE399, which Jim is convinced was
actually NOT the bullet that was found on a stretcher at Parkland

Apparently, then, in DiEugenio's mixed-up world of kooky (and really,
really bumbling) conspirators, a NON-CE399 bullet was evidently
planted by the "Let's Frame Oswald" crew of idiots on the WRONG

And, as if that act of stupidity wasn't enough, apparently those same
goofball plotters planted a pointy-tipped bullet that looked NOTHING
like a bullet from Oswald's rifle -- hence, these plotters evidently
wanted to plant a NON-CARCANO bullet (on the wrong stretcher!), even
though the whole point of "planting" any evidence in the first place
is supposedly to frame the man named Oswald, who owned a Mannlicher-
Carcano rifle.

DiEugenio, of course, fails to point out these absurdities and logic
gaps in the "patsy" plot when he rambles on and on about how terrible
and stupid Vincent Bugliosi and David Von Pein are (my name is
pronounced "VON PINE", btw, not "VON PEEN").

But, evidently, these huge holes in the "logic" department regarding
the so-called "planting" of Stretcher Bullet CE399 are supposed to be
overlooked completely by the "lone nutters" of the world, while being
embraced as some sort of "Aha! I told you that bullet was fake!" proof
for the conspiracy kooks of the world.

Go figure that. I sure can't.

As a side note to all of this bullet talk -- DiEugenio never seems to
want to come out and explain what he actually believes happened with
respect to this "stretcher bullet" topic.

He loves to dangle the suspicions in front of people, but I've never
heard him try to come up with a coherent theory about WHY a bullet was
found on the stretcher of Ronald Fuller, instead of being found on
John Connally's stretcher.

Maybe in the past he has trotted out some kind of feeble explanation
to tie all of these seemingly-incoherent and goofy things together,
but I've never heard him talk about it.

Let me also add this -- Bullet CE399 was deemed to be the "SBT" bullet
by BOTH the Warren Commission in 1964 and the House Select Committee
on Assassinations in 1978.

In other words, that exact CE399 bullet, the same bullet that Mr.
DiEugenio thinks struck NO VICTIMS in Dealey Plaza at all, was said to
be the exact bullet that struck both President Kennedy AND Governor
Connally on 11/22/63.

I'm quite sure, however, that the facts that reside within my last two
paragraphs don't carry a whole lot of weight with the likes of Jim

Jim undoubtedly thinks that BOTH the Warren Commission AND the HSCA
were filled with either total boobs who couldn't tell one end of a
rifle bullet from the other, or Jim thinks that BOTH the WC and the
HSCA were replete with a bunch of Government shills who wanted nothing
there, isn't it Jim?)

For more "LN" type logic concerning Warren Commission Exhibit No.
Three-Niner-Niner (i.e., for some stuff that makes much more sense
than ANYTHING James DiEugenio believes), go to the links below:



Yes, indeed, ol' Jim couldn't help himself. He had to take a few more
pathetic swings at author Vincent Bugliosi and Vince's 2007 book,
"Reclaiming History", during the 4/15/10 Black Op show. (What a
surprise, huh?)

Near the end of the program, DiEugenio said this about Bugliosi's

"The only person who believed it ["Reclaiming History"] was Tom
Hanks." -- Jim DiEugenio; 4/15/10

Well, Jim, let's just take a minute or two and examine the review
statistics currently at Amazon.com for Mr. Bugliosi's "Reclaiming

As of this moment on April 16, 2010, the book has received 187
customer reviews -- including my own (which, naturally, included a
deserved 5-Star rating, and can be seen at the link below):


And out of those 187 reviews, 99 of them are 5-Star (maximum) reviews,
while another 18 people gave the book a 4-Star rating, and another 16
people have given it a 3-Star ranking:


So, when doing the math, this means (based on Amazon's current crop of
reviews) that 133 out of 187 people have given "Reclaiming History" a
BETTER-THAN-AVERAGE rating (3 stars or higher). That figures to 71.1%
of the reviews.

So, almost 3 out of every 4 reviewers are essentially saying "Thumbs
Up" to Vincent Bugliosi's JFK book. Only 28.9% of the reviewers have
given the book a poor rating of 2 stars or 1 star. And 52.9% of the
reviewers think the book deserves a PERFECT 5-Star rating (99 of 187).

Now, considering all of the built-in things that Vince's book had
going against it from the get-go in 2007 -- such as the fact it's
absolutely enormous (2800+ pages, including the CD-ROM disc), and the
fact it has a high retail price ($49.95), and the sad-but-true fact
that 75% of the American public (per the 2003 Gallup Poll) believe in
a conspiracy in the JFK case -- I'd say that those stats for
Bugliosi's book at Amazon are remarkably good.

So, Mr. DiEugenio, what was that you were saying about only Tom Hanks
believing the things written in "Reclaiming History"?


When thinking about the absurd over-the-top insults that DiEugenio
heaped upon John McAdams in Jim's article about me, two familiar words
came to mind immediately -- "Pot" and "Kettle". Let's take another
look at what DiEugenio said about Professor McAdams:

"John McAdams...historically speaking...was the first person on
the Internet to exhibit critical thinking skills so stilted,
comprehension skills so unbalanced, cognitive skills so impaired, all
combined with a basic dishonesty about these failings, to the degree
that he almost seemed the victim of a neurological disease. Any strong
indication of conspiracy in the JFK case, no matter how compelling,
could not permeate his brain waves." -- James DiEugenio

Now, when mulling over the proven-to-be-false things that Jim
DiEugenio believes with regard to the JFK assassination --- e.g.,
Oswald was innocent of shooting BOTH President Kennedy and Officer
Tippit; Oswald couldn't possibly have gone from the sixth floor to the
second floor of the TSBD in less than 90 seconds; Oswald couldn't
possibly have ordered the #C2766 Mannlicher-Carcano rifle that Klein's
shipped to Oswald's alias in March 1963; Oswald couldn't possibly have
taken a pot-shot at General Edwin Walker in April of '63; Oswald
didn't carry ANY large paper bag into his workplace on the morning of
11/22/63; and both Linnie Mae Randle and Buell Wesley Frazier were
lying when they said they each saw Lee Oswald with a large bag in his
hands on November 22nd --- it's kind of difficult to read the above
paragraph which has DiEugenio raking Mr. McAdams over super-hot coals
(and then spitting on those coals with a smile on his face) without
bursting into fits of laughter. Isn't it? Well, it sure is for me

The more I listen to this conspiracy-thirsty kook named Jim DiEugenio
ramble on and on about how *I* am a person who misrepresents and
distorts and omits all kinds of evidence in the JFK case, and about
how John McAdams is an "idiot" (which is something Jim called McAdams
on an earlier Black Op show in 2010), and about how McAdams is the
"victim of a neurological disease" because of his "impaired cognitive
skills" (etc.), and about how Jim Garrison was right all along (i.e.,
Dave Ferrie and Clay Shaw WERE plotting to kill JFK in 1963 after all,
even though Garrison's nonexistent court case against Mr. Shaw
collapsed like a weakened bridge when the New Orleans jury acquitted
Shaw in less than an hour in 1969), and about how "Krazy Kid Oswald"
was actually completely innocent of shooting anyone in Dallas on
November 22, 1963, the more I have a desire to vomit uncontrollably
(in-between the laughing sessions, that is).

And when I'm not hurling or rolling on the floor, I'm merely shaking
my head from side to side the whole time I'm listening to Jimbo talk.
Because I simply have a difficult time believing that anyone could
have THAT strong of a desire to want to throw all of the physical
evidence into the trash can connected with the JFK and Tippit murder
cases, which is evidence that easily and irrevocably is telling any
reasonable and rational human being that Lee Harvey Oswald
(DiEugenio's favorite patsy) killed two men in Dallas on 11/22/63.

AND MORE STUFF (~sigh~):

I took note of DiEugenio and Black Op host Len Osanic repeating the
same outright lie about me on 4/15/10 that they started several weeks
ago on another Black Op show, which concerns the "DVP review" that
never existed in the first place. DiEugenio and Osanic are somehow
convinced that I wrote a negative review at Amazon.com for Rodger
Remington's latest book, "Biting The Elephant".

The only problem for the Black Op kook twins (DiEugenio & Osanic) is
this: I never wrote any such review. It doesn't exist on the
Amazon.com website now, and it never did exist at any time in the

Osanic, who hosts his Retard Radio program ("Black Op Radio") each
Thursday night from Vancouver, Canada, naturally laps up every single
word Jim D. says on virtually every Black Op show DiEugenio appears
on--which must number pretty close to triple-digits by now, dating
back to his first appearance on that show on February 27, 2003
(according to the stats presented on this webpage: http://BlackOpRadio.com/schedule.html),
with nearly all of those guest appearances coming since November 2007.

Footnote -- Wouldn't it also be nice if DiEugenio could just ONCE have
the decency to pronounce Vincent Bugliosi's last name correctly? I
know darn well he knows how to pronounce it the right way (with the
"G" silent), but he apparently has a willful desire to mangle Vince's
name many times on every "Black Op Radio" broadcast. It becomes quite
aggravating after hearing him botch it for the 40th time in a row.

At least he manages to pronounce my name correctly about 20% of the
time. So, he's only wrong 80% of the time there. That's not too bad
for Jim.

Well, such is the way with JFK conspiracy theorists, I guess -- they
rarely get ANYTHING right. :)

David Von Pein
April 16, 2010


Apr 16, 2010, 4:38:08 PM4/16/10

BUMP! Yoo hoo! Gilly! Why did DiEugenio claim on Black Ops radio that
Walker dug the bullet out of the wall?

Why did he pretend to have never read Walker's explanation for why
Oswald missed him?

It looks like ol' Jim doesn't even know what he is talking about, LOL!

The only people exposed (as ignorant) were DiEugenio and Osanic.


Apr 16, 2010, 11:22:20 PM4/16/10
> Jim undoubtedly thinks that BOTH the Warren ...
> read more »

Mr. Von Pein,

If you are so convinced that J.D. is such a fool on all of these
points then why didn't you debate him?
at least McAdams actually showed up for a debate but you are so
spineless you can't even summon enough courage to have an open debate
with your arch enemy,
J.D. has ripped your sorry lone nut arguments dozens of times but all
you can do is just make another post - show everyone you have some
guts and openly debate him.on some radio program. McAdams had the
balls to debate J.D. and Rossley on radio programs and you need to
grow a pair and do the same.

Message has been deleted
Message has been deleted

David Von Pein

Apr 17, 2010, 12:06:17 AM4/17/10

>>> "If you are so convinced that J.D. [James DiEugenio] is such a fool on all of these points..." <<<

It couldn't be more obvious that Jim "OSWALD SHOT NOBODY" DiEugenio is
full of shit. Surely even you must see that. Only a person who has a
willful desire to totally ignore a ton of evidence could possibly even
begin to side with JD.

Good Lord, Jim thinks Oswald was even innocent of shooting TIPPIT!
Even though the Tippit murder weapon was in Oswald's hands when Jim's
favorite patsy for all Nov. 22 murders was arrested!

Now THAT'S really called "denial", folks.

>>> "J.D. has ripped your sorry lone nut arguments dozens of times..." <<<

LOL. Yeah, right:


>>> "Show everyone you have some guts and openly debate him.on some radio program. McAdams had the balls to debate J.D. and Rossley on radio programs and you need to grow a pair and do the same." <<<


These things below just whistled right past AlKaline68, without Kaline
ever even feeling the breeze. Just because I didn't say these things
on the radio, they are apparently meaningless and nonexistent. You CT-
Kooks are amazing.




Apr 17, 2010, 4:33:35 PM4/17/10

BUMP! YOO HOO! VERM! Why did DiEugenio lie on the radio about the
Walker bullet?

Or did he just not know because he hadn't done his homework?

I say he DELIBERATELY glossed over it because the behaviour of CE 573
is simialr to that of the SBT.

And Jim wouldn't want anyone to know that, would he, Verm?

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