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David Von Pein

May 3, 2007, 9:25:48 PM5/3/07

>>> "Did you ever crave a Coke rather than a Dr. Pepper?" <<<


At the exact moment a President was passing by my front doorstep, you
mean? Did I ever crave one so badly at such a significant time in
Dealey Plaza history that I would choose that precise moment when the
President was driving by to go to the second floor to purchase a
beverage (even when a drink machine, with my favorite flavor, was
handier on the first floor)?

Is that what you mean, Peter?

Under those above-defined conditions, my answer would have to
be....No. I'm afraid I've never craved a Coca-Cola quite THAT much.
(But, then again, I'm more of a Pepsi-Cola kind of guy myself.) ;)

In addition, allow me to add this footnote to the "Oswald Had To Get
That Coke NOW" debate.....

Via the CT scenario that assumes the following things.....

Oswald was innocent of shooting JFK and was on the first floor at
exactly 12:30 when the President was shot.

.....We would also have to pretty much believe (even though this
timeline of events is, admittedly, very tight) that it wasn't until
several seconds AFTER the President had been shot when Lee Harvey
decided he wanted to go to the second floor to get that soft drink.

It stands to reason, since Marrion Baker and Roy Truly EACH said that
Oswald had "nothing" in his hands, that Oswald had not yet purchased
his drink by 12:31:30 (approx.).*

* = A CTer's mileage will, of course, vary on this point. But the WC
record is quite clear in this regard; and that record indicates (via
two witnesses) that Oswald had probably not purchased his drink by the
time the lunchroom encounter took place approx. 90 seconds after the
assassination. ....

DAVID BELIN -- "Was he carrying anything in his hands?"
MARRION BAKER -- "He had nothing at that time."



BELIN -- "Could you see whether or not Lee Harvey Oswald had anything
in either hand?"
ROY TRULY -- "I noticed nothing in either hand."
BELIN -- "Did you see both of his hands?"
TRULY -- "I am sure I did. I could be wrong, but I am almost sure I


ALLEN DULLES -- "Did he have a Coke?"
TRULY -- "No, sir."
DULLES -- "No drink?"
TRULY -- "No drink at all."



So, via this "LHO Didn't Shoot JFK" scenario, either Oswald was
walking slower than Grandma Moses when he began his short one-flight
journey from the first floor to the second floor....or he probably
didn't start that brief excursion until AFTER the President had
already been shot...i.e., AFTER OSWALD HIMSELF (IF INNOCENT) MIGHT

** = And he might have also seen some degree of the mass confusion
that erupted just after 12:30. Now, per this fairy tale version of
events I'm simulating here, we can never know for certain WHERE
exactly on the first floor Oswald was when somebody else shot JFK. Was
he really INSIDE the "Domino" room? Or elsewhere on the first floor?
Near the entrance maybe...within earshot of the bedlam outside? Could
he have heard the gunshots himself?

In any event, per this unsupportable CT scenario of LHO being
innocent, it would seem to me that Oswald--even a few seconds AFTER
the shooting had taken place--STILL HAD THAT BURNING DESIRE TO GO TO

And if he's a "patsy" via such a scenario (as some conspiracists
believe)....I'd then ask: Was he trying to set HIMSELF up (by getting
NEARER to the 6th-Floor Sniper's Nest when he decided to climb up one
additional floor, when he could have stayed put on the first
floor...or, better still, get the hell out of Dodge before the cops
started showing up)?

Or, was he just a freaking idiot who didn't know which way was up...or

Or, maybe he was really the killer of John F. Kennedy....and he just
invented the whole alibi of being on the first floor at 12:30 and
going to the second floor to buy a Coke at a most unusual time indeed.

I'll choose that latter option, thank you.

But, apparently many CTers think that November 22, 1963, was just
another humdrum, event-free day in the dull life of Lee Harvey Oswald.


The President is coming right by his working establishment (Lee
doesn't give a damn)....the President gets shot right outside the TSBD
(Oswald couldn't care less)....cops are running all over the place
(~yawn~; who cares; means nothing to Oswald)....bedlam ensues (so Lee
Harvey wants to leave this scene of action within three minutes of its

Meh! Who needs all that excitement, says Oswald. I'd rather go home,
get a gun, and then catch that great Van Heflin flick I've been
wanting to see so badly.

And before I sneak into the movie theater without paying for the cheap
ticket, I'll make sure I act a little "funny" and "scared" outside of
Johnny Brewer's shoe shoppe.

Oh, yes, I'll also kill a policeman on Tenth Street before I stroll on
over to the Texas Theater to watch Mr. Heflin.

Yes, indeed, it would appear that 11/22/63 was just another average,
ordinary Friday in the life of 24-year-old Lee Harvey Oswald.




May 3, 2007, 10:58:37 PM5/3/07

What was LHO's plans following work other than packing heat at the
theatre? He had plans, as we know he told Frazier on Thursday that he
would not need a ride to Irving following work Friday on the 22nd.
Did he anticipate on Thursday the 21st that he would spend the weekend
looking for an apartment for his family to move into & hopefully one
that needed curtain rods. Or did he plan on spending all weekend
installing curtain rods
in his room at the N. Beckley house having had a preminition that
Marina would reject his offer of reconcilliation before he even had a
chance to ask her? Was he going to try to get his learners permit as
he told Frazier he had tried to do on the previous weekend? If so,
why not try to do the same in Irving as he had tried prior & get the
added bonus of seeing his family? All unoriginal questions but I'd
like to hear what plans could he had have that he didn't inform Marina
& broke from his routine.

David Von Pein

May 3, 2007, 11:42:17 PM5/3/07
Of course Oswald told Frazier he'd need no ride back to Irving on
Friday. LHO knew he'd probably be in one of three places following
12:30 on Nov. 22....

1.) In jail.
2.) On the lam someplace, hiding from police.
3.) In the morgue.

None of those options requires the use of Buell Wesley Frazier's 1953
Chevrolet sedan (unless Lee Harvey wanted to be so bold as to ask
Wesley for a ride away from the assassination).


May 4, 2007, 1:13:44 PM5/4/07

They said this AFTER it was apparent that if Oswald had just purchaced
a Coke when Baker and Truly saw him in the lunchroom, then he could
not have been the assassin, because there would not have been enough
time for LHO to travel from the SE corner window on the sixth floor
to the lunchroom and buy a coke. They had to expunge Baker's
affidavit statement of "drinking a coke" from the record. And that's
exactly what Hoover's cronie, agent Burnett attempted to do by re-
writing Baker's 11 / 22 / 63 affidavit.



May 4, 2007, 1:15:51 PM5/4/07
Baker places himself in TWO Different positions when he spotted Oswald.

Baker places Oswald in THREE Different positions when Baker spotted Oswald


ALL HERE>>> http://whokilledjfk.net/officer_m.htm

"Walt" <papakoc...@evertek.net> wrote in message

David Von Pein

May 5, 2007, 12:13:27 AM5/5/07
>>> "David VP just ignores the meaning and context of my comments and implies I was asking who these individuals were. I asked no such thing. I did say in plain English without confusion: "I am befuddled however by his assumption that a conspiracy would have involved "so many individuals who live in the public eye"." <<<

Peter QUOTES (directly) Mr. Sevareid's comment and then wants to
change around the meaning (i.e., WHO the "many individuals" are) of
the specific quote to serve his own MORE GENERAL purposes.

"The Great Zapruder Film Hoax" -- TWENTY DOLLARS.

"Reclaiming History" -- THIRTY-TWO DOLLARS.

Watching a CTer fumble the ball time after time -- PRICELESS.

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