James Files And His Full-Of-Crap "Confession"

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David Von Pein

Jan 30, 2007, 5:56:42 PM1/30/07


Reviewer: David R. Von Pein (Mooresville, Indiana; USA)(TOP 500

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"Pro-Conspiracy Poppycock!" .... January 6, 2006:

"The following paragraph is a very astute and insightful quotation
from another author that I came across recently via the Internet. It's
a quote that goes to the very heart of the "James Files" matter, and
is certainly something that conspiracy theorists ought to consider
before swallowing (wholesale) the idea that a Mr. James E. Files fired
the fatal shot into President John Kennedy's head on November 22nd,

>> "JFK conspiracy believers don't care that the technical elements of their arguments are derisively rejected by almost all pathologists, criminalists, forensic scientists, ballistics experts, and historians who examine them." <<

In other words, except for perhaps Dr. Cyril Wecht, a conspiracy
theorist would be hard-pressed in finding a single pathologist
(including all three of the main autopsy doctors who examined
Kennedy's body on the night of 11/22/63 and concluded, to a man, that
JFK was struck in the head by only one shot from behind him), or a
single scientist, or any reputable researcher or historian who
believes that James Files (or anybody else for that matter) fired a
bullet into JFK's brain from the Grassy Knoll in Dallas, Texas.

In my opinion, that obviously-large list of Files non-believers is a
pretty big hurdle to overcome, even for the boldest of conspiracy
promoters. Even a goodly number of CTers regard the Files story as
pure hogwash. And yet this ridiculous book was published anyway. (And
604 pages of Files-related tripe, to boot.) Man, that takes someone
with some giant-sized gonads -- to place on the market something like
this book....I've got to give the author that much praise at least.
He's got guts. He's got no PROOF of any conspiracy, of course; but he
does own some industrial-sized family jewels.

In a recent Internet/Forum conversation with author Wim Dankbaar, I
was greeted with the following lovely, open-minded dialogue from Mr.
Dankbaar (which should give everybody an idea as to the strict
conspiracy-only agenda that Wim adheres to on a routine, daily basis):

"Hey Von Pein, another lying lone-nutter! Found an audience to deceive
here?" .... "I am never nice to lone-nutters, since I consider them
treacherous liars. Get used to it." -- Wim Dankbaar; January 2, 2006

A similarly-silly type of "All LNers Are Liars And/Or Crackpots"
comment was made by Wim after I asked him directly the following
question re. Mr. Vince Bugliosi:

"Can you tell me, Wim, what is your opinion of Vincent Bugliosi and
his pro-LN position (which equates, in essence, to an 'anti-Vary-
Baker' position)?"

Mr. Dankbaar responded with this infantile, knee-jerk, all-inclusive,
anti-LN remark:

"As you know, my opinion is that everyone who advocates a LN position
is either ignorant, talking out of his ass, or part of the cover-up."
-- Wim Dankbaar; July 23, 2005

And here's another brilliant comment (Not!) by Mr. Dankbaar (via his
own "JFKMurderSolved" Internet Forum):

"I have not substantiated two teams {of JFK assassins}. I believe
there was more than one team; probably three. ... But there were at
least 6 shooters." -- Wim Dankbaar; January 5, 2006

"At least 6 shooters". That deserves yet another replay -- "At least 6

And yet (somehow) -- Where does EVERY SCRAP of ballistics evidence in
the "Real" JFK case lead? Right straight into the Mannlicher-Carcano
rifle owned by Lee H. Oswald -- that's where.

And, regardless of the evidence that plainly says otherwise, Wim
believes there were "at least 6 shooters" in Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63
(one of which was the stealth-like Mr. Files, of course). What kind of
losers and blind-as-a-bat professional assassins made up this team of
"at least 6 shooters"? And, a better question still -- WHY in the
world would a "pro hit" like the JFK assassination possibly even
REQUIRE the use of so much extra firepower to eliminate just one
nearly-stationary target? Did they WANT to complicate their "plot"
needlessly and recklessly with so many shooters there would be
virtually no hope of having all these bullets and bullet holes in the
victim(s) funnel down to just their one "Patsy" (Oswald) in the
Depository? A "Six-Shooter Patsy Plan" is completely idiotic, and even
a lifetime CTer should be able to figure out why.

Therefore, via that theory of "at least six shooters", either EVERY
shooter other than a gunman using Oswald's #C2766 rifle totally missed
everything and everybody in Dealey Plaza. Or: A humongous amount of
trace evidence leading back to the OTHER FIVE-PLUS shooters' weapons
was all magically eradicated before a single Parkland Hospital witness
could gaze upon even ONE of these many non-Oswald bullets and/or

Is the above a likely or reasonable scenario? -- Only on Wim's planet
of "Conspiracy" is it likely. But in the real world of sunrises in the
east and snow in Minneapolis in the wintertime? -- No. It's not
likely. Nor is it even remotely possible (not even on the luckiest of
days for these "six shooters" could that large-scale "Patsy" plan be
successfully achieved).

Here's another of Mr. Dankbaar's despicable and blatantly-false
theories (this one regarding the supposed non-Oswald killer of Dallas
police officer J.D. Tippit). .....

This is supposedly a photo of Tippit's "real killer":


..... But a big problem anybody has in claiming this man in that
photograph was the "real killer" of J.D. Tippit (besides the
practically-endless wealth of evidence supporting the proof-positive
fact that Officer Tippit's murderer was Lee Harvey Oswald, to the
exclusion of every human being on the planet) is the physical HEIGHT
of this so-called "real Tippit killer".

I directly confronted Mr. Dankbaar with this height issue in 2005,
with Wim predictably skirting around the issue without providing any
reasonable kind of an explanation for it. That is to say, this so-
called "Real Killer" of Tippit is no doubt MUCH TALLER than Lee Harvey
Oswald, because James Files (standing next to this guy in the photo
above) is 5-feet-11.*

* = That 5'11" statistic can easily be confirmed by checking out James
Files' official "State Of Illinois Department Of Corrections" prison-
related documentation (link provided below). Files has been in prison
for years, serving time for attempting to murder a policeman. ......


So, since Files himself is 5-11, it means that this so-called "Tippit
Killer" is about 6-feet-4 (or perhaps even taller than that),
according to that picture of him.

Therefore, per this nutsville alternate-killer theory, not only did
all the Tippit murder witnesses identify the wrong person as J.D.
Tippit's murderer (via facial features, et al; and this other guy does
not look at all like Oswald, IMO) -- but the witnesses also (somehow)
positively IDed a man who was only 5'9" tall (Oswald) as the true
killer, when the "real killer", per Dankbaar and Files, was more than
HALF-A-FOOT taller than Oswald! A likely mass "mis-identification" (by
MANY different witnesses)? Hardly.

Plus: The conspirators have now DOUBLED the complexity of their "Frame
The Patsy" plot by making Oswald the unwitting Patsy in yet another
November 22nd murder (Tippit's). They now have to "frame" him for TWO
murders, instead of just one. And, what's more incredible than that --
these framers/plotters evidently convinced more than a dozen witnesses
(when combining the two killings) to FALSELY IMPLICATE OSWALD in both
the JFK and Tippit murders.

Conspiracy theorists would be much better off postulating that Howard
Brennan and each of the many Tippit witnesses were all "planted
witnesses", paid by the plotters/henchmen to point a finger at only
Oswald. Because to believe that ALL of these ordinary people (i.e.,
"non-plotters") lied about Lee Oswald being the person who killed both
Kennedy and Tippit is just plain lunacy and defies every aspect of
logical thinking. Not to mention how such conspiracy theories just
toss all the physical evidence against Oswald right into the nearest
trash bin, and for no real good reason whatsoever, other than one of
sheer "CT convenience".

In fact, the whole "Oswald Is Innocent Of Killing Tippit" hooey really
gets under my skin big-time. Because even if CTers want to make up an
excuse from whole cloth for Oswald not killing JFK, they still haven't
a single leg (or toe) to stand on re. Oswald's undeniable guilt in the
J.D. Tippit murder. None whatsoever.

And Wim's bold declaration of actually showing a PICTURE of the "Real
Tippit Killer" on his website is doubly insulting to the intelligence
of anyone who has even looked in a cursory fashion into the evidence
re. the Tippit murder.

Wim must have a poster of Lee Oswald hanging in his bedroom marked
with the words "I Love This Guy And Want To Help Him Get Away With
Murder". Why on Earth so many people seem to own that same poster of
Mr. Oswald, and regard this double-murderer so highly, is something
that is beyond my way of thinking. Way beyond it. Because conspiracy
theorists giving Oswald a SECOND free murder on November 22, 1963, is
utterly reprehensible! It stinks to high heaven. Always has; and
always will.

The conspiracy theorists have only the following items to bolster the
notion that someone other than Lee Oswald killed J.D. Tippit......

>> Twisted logic.
>> So-called "planted" evidence.
>> Tons of corrupt cops, who (for some stupid reason) WANT the real Tippit killer to go free.
>> Gobs of witnesses who either deliberately lied under oath (for absolutely no reason at all) or ALL of these witnesses somehow innocently misidentified the "real killer" as none other than Lee Harvey Oswald.
>> And Oswald-damning circumstantial evidence which -- in the hands of a CTer -- amazingly becomes EXCULPATORY evidence!

Boy, that's some fantastic pro-conspiracy case, huh? I'd sure love to
take that case into court some day. ~smirk~

And one very big reason (among others) to place Mr. Files' JFK
assassination story in the "unreliable" category is due to Files'
supposed "association" with someone who is purported to be the "real"
killer of Officer Tippit. Because as anyone with a brain can tell,
nobody murdered J.D. Tippit except the man who was charged with that
crime in 1963 (i.e., Lee Harvey Oswald).

Two additional huge reasons to know that Files is full of hot air are:
his claim of having seen Jack Ruby in Dealey Plaza during the shooting
of JFK .... and his silly boast about leaving a bullet shell with his
teeth marks on it on the Knoll fence as a "calling card".

The "I Saw Ruby" claim is easily debunked through various witnesses
who saw Ruby at a Dallas newspaper office at the precise time
President Kennedy was being assassinated. And the "calling card"
business is just too loopy and idiotic to even consider. Any
professional hit man who just shot the President in the temple and
then leaves behind his "calling card" in the form of a shell casing
with his potentially-identifiable teeth imprints on the thing must be
one of two things -- a suicidal nutcase or .... a liar.

Believe in the Jimmy Files nonsense if that's your bag. But I'll
choose, instead, to remain on the side of supportable "evidence" in
the case (and on the much-preferred side of "sanity" as well). And the
overwhelming majority of hard, supportable evidence in the JFK murder
case points the finger of guilt in just a single, solitary direction
-- toward a person named Lee Harvey Oswald."

David Von Pein
January 2006







Jan 30, 2007, 6:19:21 PM1/30/07

Here's the deal on Dankbaar. In the early 90's a slick promoted named
Bob Vernon conned Dankbaar into investing several hundred thousand
dollars in the James Files Story. Files sits in Joliet Federal Prison
convicted of the attempted murder of two police officers. While in
prison, Files confesses to be the grassy knoll shooter. As time goes
on Vernon, realizing Files to be a liar, departs. That leaves
Dankbaar holding the bag. As any good businessman does, Dankbaar goes
after a return on his investment. Doesn't matter if it's true or
not. People will buy anything! But Dankbaar has a problem. Files
has made numerous mistakes with his story. He claims to have served
with special forces in Cambodia in Operation White Star in 1959. The
White Star Operation wasn't until 1962. When asked where he did his
basic training, Files gives the wrong state. When asked the capital
of Cambodia, Files has no clue. Files and Dankbaar have been
discredited entirely by even the CT community. He was asked to leave
the Lancer forum for pushing this story. His book and dvd sales have
done poorly in the U.S., so Wim the promoter comes out with something
new. Hey, you want to waste $32 on this crap, be my guest. Dankbaar
is peddling lies....and he knows it but to Wim, a buck is a buk.


Jan 30, 2007, 7:14:39 PM1/30/07
> ...
> read more »

Oh how exciting, Dankbaar is back with another book...NOT! One
question for you Wim, does this mean your admitting James Files was
nothing more then a pile of crap you tried to make money off of? I
realize you didn't suceed with the Files story, you won't get anywhere
with this one either. Unless you keep it in the Netherlands where
people don't know any better. Send an autographed copy to Tomnln, as
we all know he reads nothing but official documents lol.


Jan 31, 2007, 12:58:01 PM1/31/07
I agree


Dec 22, 2014, 9:15:05 AM12/22/14
What of the doctors at parking hospital that told of an exit wound in the back of the president's head?

Sam McClung

Dec 22, 2014, 10:04:22 AM12/22/14
the closest files could have been to the assassination was the black hoodie man seen by evelyn king, files may have been
hypnotized to believe he killed jfk from the north (grassy) knoll

files' version of what happened in dallas is obviously pure baloney, either he was hypnotized and was black hoodie man
and he misremembers what happened, or he is intentionally not telling the truth, he impeached himself with the stories
he has made public, and the stories are so poorly concocted they are not even entertaining as fiction

roscoe white and james files both claim to have fired the head shot at jfk

one of them was not telling the truth; I find roscoe white entirely credible, and james files to not be credible with
the possible exception of being a hypnotized black hoodie man, in which case files misremembers what happened; this
scenario is highly unlikely, more likely files is a con-man

roscoe white's son (ricky) passed a polygraph exam about what ricky read in the roscoe's diary about roscoe killing jfk

files refuses to take a polygraph

who is not telling the truth?

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May 27, 2016, 5:38:01 AM5/27/16
David Von Pein you are either an idiot or some disinfo specialist...either way the evidence for conspiracy is overwhelming

Jason Burke

May 27, 2016, 5:48:49 AM5/27/16
No dipshit. You're confusing 'evidence for conspiracy' with your own

50+ years and you asswipes have zilch. Although it was only 43 years ago
that DVP posted this...

Now go back to mommy's basement and try not to hurt yourself.


May 27, 2016, 11:45:38 PM5/27/16

Jason Burke

May 28, 2016, 11:14:33 AM5/28/16
Says the man who can't compose a coherent sentence.


Feb 2, 2018, 1:08:18 AM2/2/18
James Files is VERY convincing. Way more convincing than this fool. Sounds like he has tunnel vision. Get some perspective on the world and you won’t sound so ignorant.
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