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Welcome to the AliefLife Messaging Distribution 

The AliefLife message system, in cooperation with Alief Super Neighborhood Council (ASNC), provides this distribution system as a communication tool for Alief volunteers and community leaders. ASNC is committed to community programs for local improvement, and ASNC and Alief residents use the AliefLife email system to distribute information about upcoming events and information. It is provided free of charge for community leaders, volunteers, and Alief Residents to freely send out “On Topic” emails.

If you know someone that wants to send and receive messages about the Alief Community, send them this link:  AliefLife Google Group 

“On-Topic” Messages

This email list is moderated and only specific types of messages are considered “On Topic”. They include:

  • Official announcements from local community organizations
  • Volunteer announcements from organizations within the Alief Community
  • Publications from community leaders and officials, related to the Alief community.
  • Notices of public meetings by official organizations in Alief and the City of Houston if it affects Alief residents.

Not all organizations submit emails directly, usually they are forwarded by fellow community members such as yourself. We appreciate you sharing announcements that qualify as “On Topic” with your fellow Alief community members by sending them through AliefLife.

“Off-Topic” Messages

The following topics/subjects/emails are not permitted, and considered “Off-Topic”:

  • Sales or marketing of any products or services*
  • Requests for political support, donations, or campaign announcements,
  • Requests for support of, or announcements of, personal opinions,
  • Unverifiable/”false” news,
  • Misleading information about public health,
  • False information about safety in Alief,
  • Complaints about a specific person, situation or entity.
  • “Reporting” issues that need to be addressed with 911, 311, or City Council

* Companies that provide or support volunteer efforts may post about those efforts, but must not include product or service advertisements. Examples of “On Topic” posts made by companies: food drives, free document shredding, shelters during weather events, etc.

Responsibilities and Limitations

The content of each email submitted to the AliefLife message list is assumed to be the opinion and position of the person and the organization they represent. Anyone who needs clarification on the content of an email can first address the issue with the sender PRIVATELY, and then with the AliefLife moderator(s).

AliefLife, the moderators, ASNC, or anyone else, is not responsible for the content posted by others. AliefLife will moderate email submissions for “On Topic” content. We reserve the right to delete content that is determined “Off-Topic”, as well as ban or mute members who frequently disregard the intent of the AliefLife mailing list.