Inconsistency drives me nuts

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Charlie Veniot

Feb 5, 2023, 2:12:32 PM2/5/23
to TiddlyWiki
Strangely, I often find myself doing things differently from day to day.  Maybe mood-related, maybe because I do like to try things differently to test or firm up my understanding.

When I use something, though, in order to help me sort things out (i.e. getting intertwingularity to submit to my will !), I desperately need consistency.

Hence my slow and sporadic attempt to create TiddlyWiki documentation that works for me (

For example of an annoyance, the WidgetMessage: tm-modal documentation tiddler.

The top part of the documentation, in the table, defines one of the message's parameters as "param".

But in the examples, it is clear that the parameter is actually "$param" when the message is used with the $action-message widget..

And then, $param is for the title of a tiddler.

But in other widgets, "tiddler" is the parameter for the title of a tiddler.

And when we look at the parameters for various widgets, sometimes we have parameters with $ prefixes, other times we don't.

Inconsistency is confusing.

And creating documentation that works for me is slowed down because to get the documentation "right", I find myself having to wrap some of the widgets with macros, and suggesting the use of the macros instead of direct use of the widgets.


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