SoVo Sound Off: At Ford, bigotry is job No. 1

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Tom Dempsey

Dec 16, 2005, 11:48:14 AM12/16/05
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[Well, with Toby Keith as a spokesperson, what do you expect? - Tom Dempsey]

At Ford, bigotry is job No. 1
Re “Ford slams brakes on ads in gay pubs” (news, Dec. 9):

I for one will not beg Ford to accept or like me. If the Ford Motor
Company doesn’t want my money, I know how to vote with my checkbook
elsewhere. Let’s all start buying elsewhere.

I wonder how Ford Motor Company would react if the Ku Klux Klan demanded
that they stop advertising in African-American publications?

Enough is enough. I will join the LGBT fight as soon as the LGBT
organizations take the muzzles off, grow some backbone, stop catering to
the powers-that-be and start telling folks what we shouldn’t buy into
any longer. I suggest we start with the tax code and withhold 50 percent
of all our federal taxes as long as we are considered 50-percent citizens.

Henry Ford was an avowed Jew-hater and supporter of Hitler’s Nazi
regime. He invented a “Jewish conspiracy” to promote his anti-Semitic
beliefs, going so far as to purchase a newspaper to disseminate his
hate. With this stain on his family’s history, it is inconceivable that
great-grandson and Ford chair, William Clay Ford, Jr., could not have
seen the stark similarities between his ancestor’s lunacy and the views
of the American Family Association. Apparently, in the Ford family, the
apple does not fall very far from the tree.

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