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Nov 6, 2010, 4:05:18 PM11/6/10

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    John SJ Anderson <> Nov 05 04:13PM -0400 ^
    Hey --
    What's the current consensus opinion on the best non-cloud-based
    PDF/text snippet management software for Macs? Basically I want
    Evernote but without the cloud storage/sync layer -- just local
    storage. Doesn't need to do the OCR thing; does need to support
    tagging of documents.
    I'm scanning meeting notes and various other things for $WORK with a
    ScanSnap and I'd like to be able to throw them in a big tagged pile
    and pull things back out later -- but due to the nature of what $WORK
    entails, I'm a bit leary about storing them with Evernote (more for
    perceptual issues than any feeling there's actual risk with doing that
    -- i.e., it's not worthwhile making a technical argument about how
    safe Evernote is, as that's not the actual issue).
    Thanks for any pointers.


    Tom Doubting <> Nov 06 01:11PM +0100 ^
    What's about Yojimbo. It's also a little bit snappier than Evernote.


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Thomas Shannon

Nov 8, 2010, 8:55:16 AM11/8/10
I concur with DevonThink.  Its the Cadillac when it comes to this kind of software and it fits your description pretty much to a tee.  Its designed to work directly with the Snap Scan, as well.

Good luck,
Tom S.
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