Triage meeting 2020-02-26

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Dan Andreescu

Feb 26, 2020, 11:37:22 PM2/26/20
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Notes from TechCom's triage meeting on 2020-02-26.

Present: Tim Starling, Alex Paskulin, Dan Andreescu, Niklas Laxstrom, Timo Tijhof, Roan Kattouw, Daniel Kinzler.

RFC T216308: 2019 Process amendments

  • DK: I’d like to discuss changing the RFC culture away from an approval-based model into a more feedback-centered process where the RFC author is given greater autonomy.

  • TT: I added an Objective section to T216308 where I’ve described a similar goal.

RFC T193613: Stable interface policy

TechCom T240000: Config on RequestContext may differ from main config

  • TT: Question was discussed last week. I forgot to submit my comment. Done now.

RFC T241180: Adopt a modern JavaScript framework for use with MediaWiki

  • DA: Vue had breaking changes in the past and plans more in the future. I suggest commenting that semantic versioning covers the requirement and putting the RFC on last call.

  • RK: Vue 3 will have breaking changes, and we’ll want to migrate to it eventually. It both adds and removes behavior; there’s no smooth migration path.

  • TT: The subset of semver I recommend for this is major version bumps only to remove features that were deprecated in a previous release (e.g. 1.9 to 2.0). New behavior is adopted during the last minor version. But, if we only have a few impacted features initially, it might be OK to skip this for Vue 3. 

  • TT: Vue following 2.9-style semver is not a deal breaker if they commit to doing it after 3.0.

  • DA: I’ll ask if Vue can commit to using a forward-compatible policy starting with 3.0. Last call once sorted out.

RFC T242835: Standard method for feature-management in skins/extensions

  • DA: Ongoing discussion. Marked as high priority. I’ll ask if they’d like to schedule a public or internal discussion.

RFC T40010: Re-evaluate librsvg as SVG renderer on Wikimedia wikis

  • DK: Latest comments imply that we have files on Commons that would break if we switched to a different renderer. Accommodating this would be a defacto requirement.

  • TS: In my experience, the Commons community would be open to fixing broken SVGs to get new features.

  • DK: If we knew what to look for and had an easy way to find these broken files, it would be doable with a bot. For instance, we don’t have a list of examples or an idea of how many files we’re talking about.

  • DA: I’ll ask how we can detect these bugs.

Implementation of RFC T240307: Hook container with strong types and DI

  • TS: I submitted a patch that adds hook interfaces, as generated by a script. I propose splitting hooks out into their own subdirectories, contrary to the RFC. Mixing hooks into the parent directory seems cluttering. Are the people who advocated for hook interfaces in the parent directory OK with that after seeing what it’d look like? (Patchset 1)

  • DK: It would be nice to have a convention compatible with PSR-4. In theory, it would be preferable to defer merging this until after T166010.

Next week IRC office hours
  • No RFC meeting is scheduled for next week.
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