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Richard Wright

Mar 20, 2013, 12:37:05 PM3/20/13

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Topics to be discussed for NCAnet 2.0:

·      What can NCA do to be more relevant and useful for partners?

·      What can NCAnet partners do to better engage with each other?

·      Who are we missing in the network?


Thoughts for the Built Environment Affinity Group. 


How can we: (1) guide practice before standards are updated to account for climate change, (2) learn from experiences with changing climate and extreme events, (3) conduct needed cooperative research  involving building, climate, engineering and social scientists, and (4) conduct  studies supporting standards development.   The following is a rough, preliminary draft (mine, not ASCE’s) for such recommendations:

·      Leading private and public sector owners and their professional consultants should be encouraged to produce and publish case studies of their designs, evaluations and renovations addressing climate change effects.  Summaries of such case studies should be made available to built environment practitioners.

·      Leading private and public sector owners of constructed facilities, in cooperation with researchers and design professionals, should conduct “post disaster” assessments of responses and vulnerabilities to climate/weather conditions and events.

·      Research organizations and agencies should support the involvement of built environment organizations and researchers with climate and weather scientists in observations and modeling of climate, weather and extreme events in order to improve their relevance and transparency for use in the planning and design of the built and natural environment.

·      Organizations responsible for research and/or standards for the built environment should: (1) assess climate change effects, (2) review the relevant climate/weather science observations and projections, (3) evaluate the resulting effects on relevant design conditions and extreme events and (4) consider life cycle costs and benefits to arrive at a consensus on changes in their specific standards.


NCA and the US Global Change Research Program currently involves federal agencies with climate research related responsibilities.  Federal agencies responsible for federal facilities are major users of such research and uniquely able to sponsor or conduct studies of how constructed facilities can adapt to climate change.   It would be valuable to involve these agencies in NCA.

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