[ACTION REQUIRED] urbit-os-v2.131 upcoming on ~2023.1.31

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Josh Lehman

Jan 23, 2023, 2:42:04 PMJan 23
to urbit-dev

This release is planned for deployment to the network on Tuesday of next week (January 31st).

  • This release decrements the Kelvin version because it contains breaking changes.

  • The new Kelvin version is Zuse 415, Lull 326, Arvo 239, Hoon 139

  • App developers will need to account for the breaking changes by signaling compatibility with the new kelvin.

  • Most app developers will not be affected and can simply update their sys.kelvin.

What you need to do

You may (as of urbit-os-v2.129[1]) signal compatibility with both the current _and_ upcoming kelvins ahead of time. Your /sys.kelvin file would contain the following if you support the the last two kelvins too:

[%zuse 417]

[%zuse 416]

[%zuse 415]

What you can do to test

You can confirm your app works with the new changes you can get the pre-release by following the instructions below:

- Shut down your urbit

- Update your pace file in <pier>/.bin/pace from `live` to `soon` (without backticks)

- If you don't have a pace file in .bin you can create one with the word soon in it

- If you don't have a .bin directory, you need to dock your binary (see: https://operators.urbit.org/manual/running/vere#dock)

- Once the soon runtime release channel is set, upgrade your runtime to the pre-release via next

- <pier>/.run next

- Starting your urbit back up should show 1.18-1aab185 as the version number

- Update the sources for Tlon apps and base to the doznec pre-release moon

- |install ~doznec-dozzod-marzod %landscape

- |install ~doznec-dozzod-marzod %garden

- |install ~doznec-dozzod-marzod %webterm

- |install ~doznec-dozzod-marzod %groups

- |install ~doznec-dozzod-marzod %talk

- |ota ~doznec-dozzod-marzod

- |bump (you can also suspend and upgrade via the landscape UI)

With that you should have the pre-release running and you should be able to confirm your app works as expected on the new Kelvin.

The breaking changes

The breaking changes are as follows:

  • Removed +fact-curry from lib/agentio. This function was trivially broken.

  • The types of +hoon and +spec have changed slightly for the new doccords. If you're directly operating on them, you may need to account for additional cases.

If you are a developer and have questions about these breaking changes, or need help updating your apps to account for these, do not hesitate to respond here on the urbit-dev mailing list.

Release notes

  • Adds a system of "doccords", which is documentation parsed from comments in source code. Shoutout to ~datnut-pollen (Jonathan Paprocki) for doing the huge amount of work required in order to implement this system, which has been theorized about for years. To see an example of it in action immediately, run `# ames` in the dojo post upgrade. For the best current documentation on doccords usage, see the example file[2]. 

  • The Bitcoin wallet app is no longer included in the default distribution or the urbit/urbit repository, and this is the last release that will include a Kelvin bump. Future updates to the Bitcoin app will need to be community-supported. The code for the Bitcoin wallet app can be found here[3].

  • The new generator |ames-snub has been added, which instructs Ames to drop all packets from a particular ship. This can effectively be used to mute any communications with a list of ships.

  • Adds the $+ rune for specifying a shorthand type name used in pretty printing. 

  • Makes |rm recursive.

  • Makes +apt:in check that the set has no duplicate elements.

  • Remove broken chat-cli app from dojo

[1]: https://github.com/urbit/urbit/releases/tag/urbit-os-v2.129

[2]: https://github.com/urbit/urbit/blob/develop/pkg/arvo/lib/deco.hoon


Josh Lehman

Jan 30, 2023, 3:36:40 PMJan 30
to urbit-dev, Josh Lehman
Update: it looks like this release is fairly large. If you're self-hosted, for best results you should run |pack before the release hits tomorrow.

If you don't things will probably be fine, but there's a chance that your ship will run out of loom while applying the release and need to be packed from the CLI. 

Josh Lehman

Jan 31, 2023, 1:04:04 PMJan 31
to urbit-dev, Josh Lehman
Due to a bug in the OTA process, many stars that receive this update will likely not propagate the OTA to their children. This bug is fixed and slated to be deployed in the next release (~2023.2.7). If you're okay not having doccords support, you can wait until then. 

If you're running a planet and are concerned that your sponsoring star has not received the OTA and wish to apply it manually, run `|ota ~samzod`. 

If you're running a star and want to ensure that this OTA is propagated to your children:

1. Ensure that you've updated your binary to v1.18 via `./<pier>/.run next` at the CLI
2. Ensure that you've received the OTA by running `|bump` at the dojo, which suspends apps and upgrades Urbit OS
3. Run: `|merge %kids -:(~(gut by .^((map desk [ship desk]) %gx /=hood=/kiln/sources/noun)) %base [(sein:title our now our) %desk]) %base` at the dojo

All ~zod-based stars (e.g. ~marzod, ~litzod, ~samzod) have undergone the above procedure and will propagate OTAs as usual.


Feb 2, 2023, 3:51:46 PMFeb 2
to urbit-dev, Josh Lehman
|bump seemed to work, but on step 3:

> |merge %kids -:(~(gut by .^((map desk [ship desk]) %gx /=hood=/kiln/sources/noun)) %base [(sein:title our now our) %desk]) %base
auto merge failed on strategy %fine
"tried fast-forward but is not ancestor or descendant"



Feb 2, 2023, 4:45:28 PMFeb 2
to ~winter-paches, urbit-dev, Josh Lehman
You should be able to force is through by appending a =gem %only-that, like so:

|merge %kids -:(~(gut by .^((map desk [ship desk]) %gx /=hood=/kiln/sources/noun)) %base [(sein:title our now our) %desk]) %base, =gem %only-that

This will make it force its way past any merge hurdles and simply say "make the target desk have only and exactly the files from the specified source".

> —
> ~wolref-podlex
> https://urbit.org


Feb 2, 2023, 4:48:53 PMFeb 2
to urbit-dev, ~palfun-foslup, urbit-dev, Josh Lehman, ~winter-paches
thanks, ~palfun-foslup. that worked and i see the update already coming through to my sponsee (also me). :)
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