DevBoard Program Meeting, Thursday September 22, 2022

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Jeff Scheel

Sep 20, 2022, 2:21:20 PM9/20/22

We will be having our next DevBoards meeting on Thursday, September 22 from 8 AM to 9 AM Pacific Daylight Time (UTC-7).  If you'd like to add the meeting to your calendar, you can find it on the Technical Meeting calendar id (link) or find details about how to subscribe at the Calendars, Meetings, and Zoom wiki page.

Topics for discussion:
  1. Status of the program re-launch (Jeff)
  2. Around-the-room status discussions from attendees (All)
  3. Continued discussion on how to improve, re-energize the meeting (All)
  4. What's cool (All)
  5. Other topics as they arise
This rough agenda has been roughed into our Meeting Minutes document.  Feel free to add comments as needed.

I look forward to an engaging discussion!

Jeff Scheel (he/him/his)
Linux Foundation, RISC-V Technical Program Manager

Jeff Scheel

Sep 22, 2022, 3:37:21 PM9/22/22
It was a sparsely attended meeting today, but good discussion occurred.


Board Updates:

  • None

Program Updates:

  • Debian (Yu Bo)

    • 3 Unmatched boards were donated by Sam Grove (SiFive) to Debian and   Aurelien Jarno (aurel32)

      1. 2 to OSU/OSL

      2. 1 to person Europe

  • RISC-V (Jeff)

What's cool:

Action Item list (** for new items):
  1. How to simplify the “on-boarding” process?  We need a “single link”...  (Jeff, Thea) **

  2. Re-visit meeting times (Jeff, Thea) **

  3. Invite other OS/SW contacts (Jeff)

  4. Offer to help StarFive meet Debian developers (Jeff) **

  5. Explore Android development platform hardware (Thea, Jeff) **

  6. PolarFire SOC program engagement – Kits, pricing, projects, OS and tools (KK)

For additional details, see our Meeting Minutes document.

Please keep your eyes open for a new discussion on the mailing list about meeting days and times!  That's the next thing we need to get correct.

Jeff Scheel (he/him/his)
Linux Foundation, RISC-V Technical Program Manager
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