RISC-V Development Board Program

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Welcome to the new RISC-V Development Boards Program community!  

This group manages the RISC-V Developer Board Seed (see riscv.org/risc-v-developer-boards/) program which strives to advance the open-source software ecosystem for RISC-V platforms by providing boards to operating system vendors and community projects.  The meeting attendees are operating system vendors, community enthusiasts, and platform providers.

To-date, we have shipped the following boards:
Other projects are always being planned.

Our group meeting minutes are kept in Google Drive (link).  Comments welcome!

To see our archived messages from our previous works, please visit the CTO: Development Boards community in Groups.IO.

To join future meetings, please see our schedule on the RISC-V Technical Meetings Google calendar.  Directions on how to subscribe can be found on the RISC-V "Calendars, Meetings, and Zoom" wiki page.

If you have questions or are looking for more information, please reach out to devboard-seed@riscv.org.