1.25 Enhancements Update

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Priyanka Saggu

Jun 15, 2022, 2:57:17 AMJun 15
to d...@kubernetes.io

Hello, Kubernetes community!

We are now in week four of the Kubernetes 1.25 release cycle, which means that the Enhancements Freeze is just a week away on Thursday, June 23rd at 18:00 PST, as announced recently.

The enhancements team has now reached out to each SIG via Slack to remind everyone of the opt-in process, the deadline, and to confirm which enhancements are currently being tracked, for each SIG.

Please remember that opting-in is only the first part of what is required. All enhancements must meet the following criteria by the time the enhancements freeze rolls around:

  • Have a GitHub Issue in the k/enhancements GitHub repository.

  • Has a merged KEP in k/enhancements GitHub repository that:

    • Is marked "implementable"

    • Has a documented design — or put another way, it must have all relevant sections of the KEP completed.

    • Has a test plan (put link to test plan details here)

    • Has graduation criteria

    • Has an approved production readiness review

In addition, please note that the KEP Template  has officially been updated to incorporate more detail in the Test Plan section  to bolster our goal of increasing reliability across the project. Please be sure to include this updated Test Plan section in your PRs as you continue to work on them for inclusion in 1.25. 

The enhancements team has begun reviewing KEPs, and will continue to do so up until enhancements freeze, so please watch out for comments from the team.

As of the time of writing, we have 58 enhancements opt-ed in the release.

These include (by SIG):

SIG Api-machinery: 5

SIG Apps: 3

SIG Auth: 4


SIG Network: 2

SIG Node: 16

SIG Scheduling: 1

SIG Security: 1

SIG Storage: 21

SIG Windows: 3

(If a SIG is not listed above, then they have not yet opted for any enhancements into the 1.25 release, as of June 15, 2022.)

And by Graduation type:

Alpha: 26

Beta: 14

GA/Stable: 14

Deprecation: 1

And 3 enhancements have opted-out (after inclusion) & are thus, “removed from milestone”.

If you expect your enhancement to be opted in please check the 1.25 Enhancements tracking spreadsheet to verify it is present and tracked. If this is not the case then please reach out to your SIG to have it included ASAP.

Lastly, SIG leads will no longer be able to edit the tracking sheet after enhancements freeze.
Any changes after that point will require an

If you have any questions, please reach out to the enhancements team in #sig-release or #release-enhancement on Slack.


Priyanka Saggu, 1.25 Enhancements Lead

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