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Cici Huang

May 12, 2022, 4:57:27 PM5/12/22
to d...@kubernetes.io, le...@kubernetes.io, kubernetes-...@googlegroups.com, releas...@kubernetes.io, sig-rele...@kubernetes.io

Hello Kubernetes community!

Hope everyone enjoyed the first Kubernetes release this year and it is time to start the process for the second release of 2022: Kubernetes 1.25[0].

The release will begin the week after KubeCon EU on Monday 23rd May, and we’re targeting Tuesday 23rd August for the release. The tentative major milestones for the 1.25 release[1] are the following:

- Release Cycle begins: Monday, May 23rd 

- Enhancements Freeze: Thursday, June 16th

- Code Freeze: Tuesday, August 2nd

- Release Day: Tuesday, August 23rd

My name is Cici Huang and I’m the Release Lead for 1.25. 

Jesse Butler, Xander Grzywinski, Grace Nguyen, and Leonard Vincent Simon Pahlke join me as Release Lead Shadows. 

With us, we have some amazing role leads:

- Priyanka Saggu as Enhancements Lead

- Arsh Sharma as CI Signal Lead

- Heba Elayoty  as Bug Triage Lead

- Kristin Martin as Docs Lead

- Carlos Santana as Release Notes Lead

- Kat Cosgrove as Communications Lead

We are happy to have Rey Lejano as our Emeritus Adviser. [2]

There are a few notable changes from 1.24.

  1. The KEP Template[3] has officially been updated to incorporate more detail in the Test Plan section[4] in furtherance of the goal of increasing reliability[5] across the project. Please be sure to include this updated Test Plan section in your PRs[6] as you begin to open and work on them for inclusion in 1.25. 

This was communicated to d...@kubernetes.io, le...@kubernetes.io on May 11th[7].

  1. The automatic release branch fast forward job is now running in nomock (live) mode as part of the v1.25 release cycle which means no manual cherry-picks to release-1.25 are required any more!

This was communicated to d...@kubernetes.io, release-managers, kubernetes-sig-release on May 5th[8].

Starting next week, we’ll send out some more detailed comms about the release.

Please feel free to ping us on #sig-release[9] if you have any comments, concerns, or questions.

Thank you!

Cici Huang,

On behalf of the Kubernetes 1.25 Release Team [2]

[0]: https://kubernetes.io/blog/2021/07/20/new-kubernetes-release-cadence/

[1]: https://github.com/kubernetes/sig-release/tree/master/releases/release-1.25

[2]: https://github.com/kubernetes/sig-release/blob/master/releases/release-1.25/release-team.md

[3]: https://github.com/kubernetes/enhancements/tree/master/keps/NNNN-kep-template

[4]: https://github.com/kubernetes/enhancements/commit/a86942e8ba802d0035ec7d4a9c992f03bca7dce9

[5]: https://groups.google.com/a/kubernetes.io/g/dev/c/6F3h0Z1QzVg

[6]: https://github.com/kubernetes/enhancements/pulls

[7]: https://groups.google.com/a/kubernetes.io/g/dev/c/2nSBeCWT_q0/m/NlH-qGbaBAAJ

[8]: https://groups.google.com/g/kubernetes-sig-release/c/7AilF-TcilM/m/cqV6m348AQAJ

[9]: https://kubernetes.slack.com/archives/C2C40FMNF

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