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Kurt Seifried

Sep 6, 2021, 3:53:32 PM9/6/21
So I'm thinking about workflow and how do we make it easy for devs to get and use UVI's. It seems obvious that git hooks would be one way to go, what if we created a git hook and scripting that takes the applypatch-msg, looks for a magic string like "REQUEST_UVI_ID" and then goes and gets one instantly to insert it into the git commit? so we have the repo/message in the UVI at this point, then the commit goes ahead and then the post-rewrite gives us the git commit id to attach to that UVI-ID and we mark it as good to go? We could get fancier with other magic strings like "UVI_INTRODUCED_IN:git_commit" and so on, but I think for now just getting a list of commits and slapping a UVI on them easily would be a big step forwards.

Kurt Seifried (He/Him)
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