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Sandra Youssef

Jan 27, 2022, 12:07:45 AM1/27/22
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Hi Flyers,
Thank you for attending this week's sync up. If you missed it, watch it all here:

  • 📣 Community Update

  • End-To-End ML With Flyte [Stephen Batifol & Tim Bauer - Wolt

  • Flyte UX/UI Townhall [Jason Porter -]

Notes (Sandra): 

Community Update: Slides / Recording

Ketan starts with announcing Flyte’s LF AI & Data graduation, upcoming steering committee, following up with the updated v0.19.1 Eagle release, new beta releases, the upcoming v0.19.2, and topics lined up for the next sync up (Feb 8th).

Wolt: Slides / Recording

Stephen quickly introduces Wolt - a Finnish technology company with an online delivery platform for food and merchandise. The company’s basic ML needs were:

  • Tracking and versioning of workflows

  • Easily trained models and pipelines

  • Model registry, deployment and monitoring 

Flyte is currently being used for training models, which are saved to MLflow for model tracking and experimenting, updated by Python and finally deployed in real-time using Core. Wolt plans to use Flyte for all models that are not real-time, such as forecasting, in the near future.

Stephen then presents the ML overview at Wolt, handing off to Tim, who moves on with details of end-to-end integration, highlighting some actions to remove friction, and presenting a general ML project setup. Automated data access is discussed, followed by an ML funnel built to match features to domains.

Wolt’s ultimate goal is for Data scientists to only focus on writing the ML code to meet Flyte workflows. 

A discussion follows about the general persona of data scientists at Wolt, adoption of K8s, fast registration, and factors that lead to the replacement of Airflow by Flyte.

FlyteConsole UX User Feedback Town Hall: Recording

Jason presents several FlyteConsole updates that were applied based on user feedback in the last Town Hall:

  • Improved search UX - showing more information as you search, including last executions, inputs/outputs, where the individual executions were clickable for more in-depth information

  • A Bar chart for executions - showing the state of the execution and how long it took - enhanced with filters

  • Archive functionality (in development), where workflows can be hidden from the UX, but not deleted

  • Having more visibility into launch plans

  • Timeline view - showing the duration of each task in a workflow, followed by a demo of nested workflows on Flytesnacks

Jason asks those attending for our best feature

  • Upon launching workflows with predefined parameters, the ability to pick one manually and override it for testing

And what we’re still missing

  • Access control (to a project or a domain) - to prevent printing of secrets

  • Visualizing output media (e.g. accuracy or errors, or custom plugins for outputs)

And on Feb 8th, Blackshark will be joining us, so mark your calendars!

See you then!
Flyte Team
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