Page Speed Insights incorrectly reports insufficient data for the origin

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Kevin Farrugia

May 9, 2024, 4:30:43 AMMay 9
to Chrome UX Report (Discussions)
I ordinarily collect CrUX data using the CrUX API or the CrUX dashboard, both of which work well and report data for the origin

However, when testing the URL using Page Speed Insights I receive the message "The Chrome User Experience Report does not have sufficient real-world speed data for this origin".

Thank you

Barry Pollard

May 9, 2024, 6:57:20 AMMay 9
to Kevin Farrugia, Chrome UX Report (Discussions)
Hi Kevin,

I see the following from the CrUX API:

Mobile home page: available
Desktop home page: unavailable

Mobile origin: unavailable
Desktop origin: available

And this is exactly what I see on PSI:


Now I'll admit it's slightly unusual to have URL-level data but not origin-level data, but this can happen in one of two cases:
  1. Data is borderline
  2. The root page redirects and it's difficult to tell if the origin should be indexed (we've had some problems with this recently for some origins).
It looks like a combo of both these issues for this. For the home page it seems to drift in and out of having enough data especially for desktop:


While for origin it looks like it dropped off recently in the last week (so after the CrUX dashboard was last updated last month):


Checking the no-index status I can see it redirects to and that seems to have caused the noindex flag to have been raised (despite neither the nor being no indexed). As I say, a few sites that redirect experience this and we've not been able to get to the bottom of it yet. Is this redirect new out of interest?

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Kevin Farrugia

Jun 14, 2024, 7:46:16 AM (2 days ago) Jun 14
to Chrome UX Report (Discussions), Barry Pollard, Chrome UX Report (Discussions), Kevin Farrugia
Thank you Barry for the response.  

Yes you are correct, the CrUX API stopped reporting data for the origin since 01 May 2024, suggesting it is a reoccurence of the root page redirect. I was following a previously reported incident on this group that was also affecting this website, but it was resolved in the June 2023 release. Since then, I had origin-level data. It stopped working on 01 May 2024 and to date I still do not have origin-level data.

The page level data included in your link refers to the page before the redirect. That page is only available to users outside of Germany, so we do not expect it to have a lot of traffic. All German users (> 95% of traffic) should be redirected. The correct URL for page-level data for the home page would include be—which is available on CrUX API.
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