Intent to Prototype: New @font-face descriptors to override font metrics

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Xiaocheng Hu

Jul 23, 2020, 11:21:22 PM7/23/20
to blink-dev Specification: Not TAG-reviewed yet at this very early stage. Introduce new @font-face descriptors to override the default font metrics (ascent, descent, etc.) 1. Improve interoperably across browsers and operating systems, so that the same font always looks the same on the same site, regardless of OS or browser. See [1] 2. Align metrics between two web fonts present simultaneously, but for different glyphs. This use case example comes from the crostini terminal [2] 3. Override font metrics for a fallback font to emulate a web font, in order to minimize Cumulative Layout Shift. [1] [2]
This new feature is still at a very early stage. We will follow the standards process and hopefully reach a resolution at CSSWG, so that the interop risks are minimized. Gecko: No signal WebKit: No signal Web developers: No signals
Yes No Will be added when the spec stabilizes.
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