SSR WG Meeting 7/28

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Lucy Fernandez

Jul 28, 2021, 11:20:15 AM7/28/21
to HASS-WG-Rehoming
Hey SSR Team,

Unfortunately, no one was able to make today's meeting at 10am CST.  I 100% understand the demands of our work and personal lives, especially during the summer shelter and Covid unpredictability.   The Agenda for today contains the following which I hope you will all have time to review:
    • Reporting lead - April is stepping down to work on other projects for HASS

        • Any candidates to take over?
    • Leadership Meeting - August 2nd - see below for possible agenda

    • Module 101 review

    • Module 102 discussion

    • Best practices jamboard 

    • Agenda for Leadership Meeting on August 2nd (~200 attendees)

      • Daily cost of care in the shelter per pet?  Mandy

      • Pilot shelters existing use of SSR on their websites - spreadsheet  Are director levels aware of what's being used or efficacy?  Lucy

      • SSR website audit deck  April

      • The BUT List:  Mandy

        • But what about the needed adoption fees?

        • But what about competing with shelter animals looking for homes?

        • But what about the stigma around independent rehoming?  Bait dogs? 

        • Backyard breeders?  The evil layer of Craigslist???

      • No one size fits all solutions...lack of budget?  insufficient staffing?  There's a strategy to fit your org and community!  Lucy

      • SSR WG is offering consultations to ensure website and community implementation and optimizations are in place to be effective!

The updated Zoom meeting link is at the top of the agenda.  As always, please reach out to me if you have any questions or want anything added to the agenda. 

You're welcome to grab time with Lucy to catch up, ask questions, or share pet stories anytime.



Lucy Fernandez


Rehoming Without a Kennel Working Group Volunteer Lead

HASS is a coalition of 38 pilot shelters consisting of hundreds of animal welfare professionals, experts, and passionate members of communities that span throughout the US and Canada.  Each of the 36 working groups is dedicated to tackling a specific problem within an antiquated sheltering model system.  


Lorrie Nance

Jul 28, 2021, 2:44:42 PM7/28/21
to Lucy Fernandez, HASS-WG-Rehoming
Hey Lucy, I have resigned from McKamey animal shelter. I moved to Florida and am taking care of family. You all taught me a lot and it was a pleasure knowing you. Lorrie

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