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Kasey Spain

Jan 28, 2022, 12:59:20 PMJan 28
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We want to tell the stories of your communities, and if you follow Human Animal support services on Facebook or Instagram, you'll know we try to tell as many of your stories that fit in line with the HASS ideas as we can. 

As animal care organizations, we are frequently focused on telling the stories of pets, showing photos of pets alone...mainly because for years, we've been focused on getting adoptions and fosters. We also have the easiest access to stories of individual animals. I completely get that. BUT, I want to encourage you to think a little differently when it comes to some of the stories you tell. 

Who are the PEOPLE in these stories? When our animal services officers help a person with their pet so the pet never has to enter the shelter, or an adopter has such a good experience that they send follow up stories of their new pets at home, loving on them, or when a person is given a little support so they can keep the pet they love, instead of surrendering– how can we tell some of those stories, really showing the animal-human connection and the bond between the two of them?

These are three of my favorite stories we've shared from some of your organizations lately: 

In all of these stories, no, there is no adoption ask, or even a call to action. But these stories are so powerful because they demonstrate the love between people and pets that all our organizations can agree, we want to preserve that relationship whenever possible, no matter someone's circumstances.

With that said, I would love to be able to share more photos like this, and to see more of these types of stories shared with your audiences. These are the stories that will drive the movement of change to reimagine animal sheltering.

Here's a folder to add photos to. If your org name isn't listed, make a folder and drop your photos in. We use these in all the things we do for HASS. 

If you have special stories along with photos to share like this, please email me or tag me in the comments of your posts so I can see them! You can also use the hashtag #animalshelteringreimagined 

Thanks and Happy Friday!

Kasey Spain (she/her)

Marketing & Communications Senior Manager


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