Stop discrimination against Aztec code users!

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Nov 13, 2021, 10:02:10 AM11/13/21
to zxing
Iʼve got the application «Barcode Scanner+ Simple» from Play Market in
 order to scan Aztec code for easier Wifi connection. But! It did not works! I am pointing and pointing camera towards code, and unsuccessfully. So disappointing. After that I looked into the settings and discovered, that Aztec recognition is turned off by default. It is not fair, that people, who wanna scan e.g. DataMatrix, they can use your application immediately, but people who wanna  scan Aztec need to check settings.
So, please, enable all codes by default (like in other applications, from which I prefer «Barcode Commander»).
I understand, that enabling many formats may slow down recognition a bit depending of CPU power, but better to recognize code slower than not to recognize at all. And experienced user, who knows, that they donʼt want Aztec could easily turn off it in settings, but unexperienced user, who even not know differences between formats, they not so easy guess to turn on option in program settings.

Another way of discrimination is that flashing “ghost” image of code on the camera screen of your application have an alternating shape of one 1D code and a shape of QR 2D code. (I believe, that you understand, which “ghost” I mean, so I add no screenshot.) When in settings I turn on Aztec and turn off QR and all 1Ds recognition, that “ghost” image began to display only the shape of QR (not 1D), while QR was disable by me. It is a bug, that is no “ghost” shape indication of currently enabled DataMatrix and Aztec. It is a bug and pity disinformation, that QR shape is displayed as “ghost” even when QR codes are not being recognized!

And the third way of discrimination is underrepresentation of Aztec codes in many screenshots of your programs on PlayMarket.
The «Barcode Scanner+ Simple» has only two screenshoots, but the «Barcode Scanner+ (Plus)» has 5 screenshots, from which two contains 1D EAN_13, three contains QR, but none contains nor Aztec nor DataMatrix!
The «Barcode Scanner» by ZXing Team have all the same flaws, mentioned before.

May be offtopic, but please tell, why as there is written, that «Barcode Scanner+ Simple» and «Barcode Scanner+ (Plus)» will not be updated since 2016. I had searched this group by keywords and found no explanation. «Barcode Scanner» updated lastly in 2018, so will it updated? On the webpage there is invitation to download this old software.

Thank you for making your work free, but you may do better, and the other free applications, derived from your library, they shows more respect to Aztec using people, like me.

Your Aztec OCR is far from perfect, as Pascal G demonstrated year ago in the topic Aztec code not reading . But improoving OCR algorythms is hard work, and make software polite to Aztec users is not hard, so I expect changes.

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